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  1. Seems I found his distant cousin. Naughty Ribbon Dancer
  2. New ACC Dragon(s) Never looked too closely at codes back in the day, so here's some oldies (and a few newer 5-letters) I was so close to being a eool code, DrNiT! There is no dragon here, you see only ajUg. Aww, the cute dragon is so FUff-y! After playing too much Final Fantasy, he is now a member of the ExFF8 group. Pffft, she's just geIi that he got the prize instead. Hello there, my name is EL0I. OMG, she is so LQZY! That cute little dragon is SPoY-led rotten! It's Christmas, so I'm going to eat like a PIgk! Hey, it's time for bed! Turn the lights OFFiu! Such a kind soul, may he jRiP. (Kind of want to zombie this one.) You think the monster only ate them? No, he 8YEWt-oo! Can you find him online? Yes, he's onFB, just send a message. You tha real Mvipi. Hey, I'm not Ev1J, I protect eggs!
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    I have a chihuahua....well, actually she's a ratonero bodeguero andaluz, but with light brown spots instead of black. Her previous owner spoiled her rotten, so she refuses to eat anything but a specific cat food or freshly cooked meat. I also have a puppy with puppy mites/puppy mange. She was born with a weak gene that made her susceptible to them. So, she's missing a lot of hair and looks exceptionally ugly, but still manages to be adorable. She has pretty green eyes and weekly vet visits. This is pretty much what she looked like before she started showing symptoms. This is an example of what is happening to her fur. & 2 parrots; not much to say about them, except they are LOUD when they want fed.
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    Oh, no! I never said I didn't like it at all Only that I hadn't given it a fair chance (yet). It only has to do with scent; if the scent of the tea is rather dull, I won't be inclined to try it out. Good call on the Lady Grey, though (I hadn't heard of it); from what I'm reading right now it is listed as subtle, but nicely fragrant and herbal enriched.
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    My non-tea-drinking father was converted by Star Trek. Specifically, to Earl Grey tea (and ONLY Earl Grey). I still wonder whether he actually likes the tea, or only drinks it because it was Jean-luc's tea of choice on the show Myself, well...I've not given tea much of a chance, really. I have a very strong sense of smell, and tea isn't very attractive by means of it. Maybe one of these days..
  6. The sugar substitute in most sugar free candy.
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    I forgot I even posted in here (I don't visit this forum much), and missed the debate. Zarrexaij, I simply meant that humans have evolved as omnivores. We've got the capability to eat, and gain nutrition from, both plant life and animal life. Some people will choose to eat meat, some not. I eat grain, fruit, and dairy only, given choice. It's lovely to have choice, and that's what life is about. If I offended you, that was not intended, although I will admit I was purposefully vague to instigate a debate, and it seems to have worked in my absence although it was a bit more heated than I would have imagined. To the new topic, and I'm not addressing anyone in particular: Cooking. I agree, people should really learn how. It's useful, it's a life skill, really, and there are situations which could throw you into having to fend for yourself (not rely on something pre-made or frozen or somesuch). There's a lot of different techniques for cooking, but just the basics are enough to make a few boring ingredients into an appealing, or at least edible, dish. It's not very difficult; hell, there's plenty of recipes to follow from all sources, if you don't want to make your own.
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    It's the natural order of things, given humans are omnivores. However, I hate the taste of it...try to get me to eat prime rib, sirloin steak, filet mignon?...a hamburger, roast beef, or beef wellington? Heh. Yeah. I'd rather starve, honestly. Friends look at me funny when they find out; ah well, more for them. I can stand dried out stuff like beef jerky, or highly-processed pepperoni, but that's about it. Chicken is sometimes okay, but it literally makes me sick if I eat too much of it (more than about a half-cup full).
  9. Have these little guys all around outside the house. They're adorable. Sometimes I can catch one, but they are great at jumping! Peek-a-boo!
  10. Grabbed 1 last one so my rows would be even. Couldn't get on yesterday, logged in too late today, but any eggs are better than no eggs at all My thanks to the artists, these are all beauties. Now....must sleep....or I won't be able to function tomorrow.
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    The increasing complexity is starting to push me away from the site rather than add fun...still, I stick around for the new pets and gather them up. Here's my snake collection(I'd like more): http://www.unicreatures.com/areas.php?id=100615
  12. Female: Yasha Venau Uku Male: Vvladimir Dorkface
  13. Incubate a magma egg. Freeze an ice dragon. Freeze a magma dragon. ... If one dragon made an earthquake, I'm sure the others would have a not-so-friendly reply for said dragon's shenanigans.
  14. Real name: Old pink, no children Username: none have it, not surprisingly. Real nickname: Female white dragon, one child which is male. Real nickname #2 (Elf): Male vine dragon, caveborn, no children. Real nickname #3: A matured purple hatchling, I think it's frozen.
  15. There's an arcade now. Not horribly interesting, but easier way to get prey points (so I guess I answered my own question from a day or two ago). Got a Christmas cat
  16. I don't know a lot of scrolls that honestly have 8 of each gender, though. Most people don't want 16 pink dragons, I guess.
  17. Shylana opened her eyes Is there any more efficient way to get prey points than clicking cats nonstop?
  18. I just adopted some cats. I have never read warrior cats, though...I just thought the adoptables were cute
  19. It just depends on when you look at the AP Frilled dragons are also a problem though, I agree w/ the person who brought it up. Sometimes they're not too bad, but at times they take up just as much AP space as the pinks.
  20. I attempted a banner [URL=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=45321&st=0][IMG=http://i571.photobucket.com/albums/ss156/zalunaya/evil.jpg][/URL]
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    Egg Drop Soup

    Thank you! It most definitely works now Very easy-to-use site - favorited.
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    Egg Drop Soup

    Can't add my scroll - it's all numbers so there's an n/ before the username. (Scroll over scroll in sig if you don't understand what I mean.) On Soti's I can type "n/username" and it will add OK. On EWBD I can type "username" only and it will add OK. Neither of those processes work here Maybe your site does not allow a / to be typed in the username field? It gives me the same error either way: Sorry, an error occurred! We have to go back... back to the index! Inbreeding checker *does* work, and I like it; thumbs up for this feature For the record, I had the exact same issue on The Dragon Cave Fansite. Adding n/ did not work there either.