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  1. Not having to hide all just to protect the little ones? Much support! Not too different from my current 100% hiding in terms of click-click-unhide-hatchery-rehide, but at least offering breeding would be more of a possibility... Would also appreciate trade protection, but waiting till they are hatched/stunning has been working out well enough, I s'pose. Rather not rely on BSAs, though.
  2. I think the first eggs didn't make it. RIP. Messy AP Green! She was my first survivor. There were a ton of green and pinks on the AP at the time, so it makes sense. A CB Purple No BSAs yet, super common. The description sounded pretty. Messy AP Winter Seasonal The egg looked interesting, couldn't resist. CB Guardian I just wanted a fourth egg and grabbed the first new thing that popped up. ^^
  3. Thanks, Dolphin232 for a cool 3G (Technically 13G) Graveborn Flamingo Anon for 2G Gold Floret Shimmer-kin Very pretty! Had to do a double-take when the page said I actually got the hatchie. Lesh4573 for a 2G Green Gemshard, which gendered male. Have been trouble getting the right color/gender combo on these, so it's a big help. Could be a nice rainbow lineage starter. Hakumei for a very pretty 3G Green Copper Milhent for Purebred Kingcrowne which gendered properly for a scroll goal. This awesome lineage made possibly by herk's AP egg & an egg s/he kindly bred as a mate!
  4. Really lucky w/ CB code names lately. russy, Izzon, and Kiemi!
  5. You're welcome!! Glad the lil guy found a good home. A (somewhat belated) Thanks to... herk for some impressive 3G and 5G not wi-fi, but Geodes. Also this cool frillscale. dragonpuck for beautiful 5G prize/copper alternating stair. Tigacat for this purebred red. I <3 reds. anon for 5G Tri-horn Wyv/Silver alternating stair. Awdz for a really cool 4G shimmer/black stair. Rosesky_Sunset for purebred vines. Always collecting lovely vines! hyuugasuzuki for this 2G Risen, perfect mate for one of mine.
  6. https://dragcave.net/lineage/ES048 Garland Hatch https://dragcave.net/lineage/zpLDp Bolt on CD https://dragcave.net/lineage/UsEv4 Aeon on CD https://dragcave.net/lineage/Fvc7K Aeon on CD https://dragcave.net/lineage/0JPSf Floral Adult https://dragcave.net/lineage/4eN54 Floral Hatch
  7. Yes, they have a green version! Edit: The event is over, so now there's a screenshot to remember the cool green versions.
  8. Getting preparations going for -four- birthdays and Easter celebration combined.
  9. Got the tipped mint. Wrong gender, though, and all my lovely pinks are on cooldown. Guess she'll be choosing a different mate!
  10. Nice, a chance to get flipped minty! Also, I find these blaringly green pygmies freakin' adorable, for some reason.
  11. Fluffy pillows! The kind with soft fuzzy cloth. Of course, if I had scales, I couldn't feel the plushy softness, bwrrr. So maybe lizards, instead. This kind!
  12. Last 2? vamps repulsed. This week several failed breeds for gift/trades. Getting a lil better luck today, though.
  13. Eh, I agree, just throwing whatever pops up incase someone can make something out of it. Just really want to see sickness be the scroll owner's fault instead of being caused by harassment. Are there some other ways a scroll could be neglected to cause sickness? Something only inexperienced owners might do, and learn from, but can still be an issue if not paying attention? I remember leaving my scroll the full 7 days at first, because it said "Hatches in 7 days", and I took that at face value, which is why the extra 2. was in the list above. Due to the harassment, I'm forced to un-hide scroll, add to hatcheries, re-hide scroll. Then ward & fog individual codes which were picked up somehow and got sick. Then un-fog, un-hide scroll, re-add the egg after it isn't sick, and re-hide the scroll again. Being hit this hard, it would be a net lower amount of clicks. An extreme suggestion/reaction to a currently extremely frustrating (at times) system. Edit: That said, over the past week or so, I've had a bit less of the bombing/sickness issue. I think the reason I was hit so hard is that my scroll name begins with a number. So if these people are attacking an alphabetical list, it's on top. Regardless, the eggs haven't been getting sick quite as early as before. Could just as easily be an effect of constant scroll-hiding, though (and I still had a few -instantly- added to Sherwood, seems to happen at night).
  14. There was another suggestion that could be combined with the Ice/wind/elemental dragon idea to prevent (instead of combat) sickness in a "makes sense" sorta way. Have the dragon summon a cloud of frost/swirling wind which keeps the egg's temperature from becoming too hot (cap views per hour). Or the dragon could sit, regulating the egg, much like the Red's incubate. It could be an action like "unfog" to remove after it is applied. Others (applied "sickness" to them): 1. You must click to confirm the dragon aging up. If not done within a time limit, the egg/dragon gets sick (which could be more deadly). 2. True neglect. If not visiting the scroll at least 1x during egg/hatchie stage, it gets sick.
  15. Hmm, in that respect, could we have an Ice themed dragon cool the young? Slow or reduce overall views, as someone mentioned for the other dragon. Would make frostbites more desirable. I understood sickness on joining so many years back as a punishment for over-eagerness in hatching your young. With so many being bombed, it has just become a hassle. Enter scroll, un-hide scroll, add to desired hatchery, re-hide scroll, and add individual fogging if someone snagged a code. Trading is especially dangerous. Plus, no one can see what you could breed for them, because the dragons are all hidden! Maybe have a reverse of the "hide all grown dragons" option, but that still wouldn't solve the "un-hide, add/remove hatchery, re-hide" shuffle. Eggs can't hatch before a certain period, regardless. I could understand sickness if eggs could hatch earlier, but with the time limit, can't see the point. If clicks are what is desired, perhaps the owner could be required to appear on the scroll at least 1x while the young is in egg stage & 1x while they are in hatchie stage (otherwise, sickness). Or require the owner to "confirm" each growing to the next stage (1x extra click per young, per stage).
  16. Same, directly after posting in trades thread. Only AOND and DragHatch, though.
  17. A couple commons, didn't grab them for the codes, but happy surprises: https://dragcave.net/lineage/FAT55 https://dragcave.net/lineage/HairQ
  18. Cleaning the kitchen counters & testing software to see if common crash is fixed. Problem with the latter is it can take up to 14 hours. Gosh. Guess it's time to clean the counters.
  19. Thank you! If you want any specific flowers for your collection, just say the word Sent out some bombs, bwah-hah-hah.
  20. Have received a lot in return, but many are missing. Could anyone help with the following? All flowers have arrived! Huge thanks to maratrekkan, who sent a TON, Draconic-Entity, who also sent a TON, whydog, Drageta13, and GiratinaOF.
  21. Sending to people on last couple pages + this one. Ran out of fun messages, though! So they'll mostly be flower descriptions. I like dark colors if you want to return. <3
  22. I also have a dragon referencing cigarettes, so will watch this thread in case it is a bad thing. Figured since there are many G and PG related programs showing smoking that it would be okay, as long as it isn't a brand name or glorifying the act. It also makes my dragon's rude code a lot less rude.
  23. Sorta make sense: Centipedes. The ones here are harmless, but...they look like four spiders stuck together. Realllly creepy. Logic thrown out the window: Kissing, ticking, or chewing sounds. Make it stop! Wet hands. Just washed them? Clean? Nope, grosses me out. Talking one-on-one. Nooo thank you. Groups or presentations, though? Just fine.
  24. - Pets sitting on me - Parrots talking - That rare warm day of winter
  25. Big thanks to... Anonymous user for this Tri-Horn/Silver Checker. Terrafreaky for a beautiful Thistlecrowne lineage. Couldn't influence in time, but she'll be welcome on the scroll always. lulu_witch for a couple purebred reds with red-colored names!