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  1. First Alt Undine! Picked one from AP and it hatched a lovely yellow https://dragcave.net/lineage/zL9hW
  2. Had someone offer an interesting messy egg, so I took a minute to check whether I needed that breed/color. Only three minutes after they offered the trade, it was gone. Gold x astra wyrm made a gold. Would have preferred another astra wyrm, though. Still need a male.
  3. I had a lot of trouble with the codes, too, a while back. If you have not already, could you try right-clicking directly on the desired image-> and clicking "Copy Image Location"? After that, paste. This usually works on my end. If it doesn't work that way, click "insert other media" at bottom right, then "insert image from URL" and paste it in there.
  4. I really enjoy the Trading Hub and appreciate that it was added. It has allowed me to adopt a lot of interesting lineages that I would probably never have seen otherwise. Some generous traders have also helped push me closer to that platinum trophy! That said, "Have" input area would be my first vote. Would simplify posting lineages, of course, but the current way can also be a bit frustrating for newer players. Say someone would really like a Purple Dino. She has gathered enough rare hatchlings to overpay by a bit, and just wants to trade. Well, she can't, because 1. She hasn't had a Purple Dino to unlock the egg, and 2. She didn't find enough Dino eggs in the hatcheries in time to unlock that type of Dino for drop-down searching. This leads to... Multiple pages/option to shuffle listings. Due to the above, the newer player would need to post her rares & ask for the Dino in her listing. This wouldn't be a problem, except.. During the time of day when there are the most people online to see the listing, it may, within minutes, get pushed back by the same 10 or 20 people re-posting the same trades over and over. Or even just new posts which flood by so quickly, her trade is not visible for long enough for a Dino-catcher to see it. More pages, listing shuffle, or really anything to help show more listings would be nice. A newer player with rares to offer could "luck" into seeing a new type of rare to offer on. For the more whimsical among us, it offers more variety of trades to surf. I often look at the trade page without really knowing what I want, and something will just strike my fancy. Or I'll see someone needing a specific 2G or bloodswap, and breed one up, because why not. Most of the time, though, it'll only be half (or none) of the page being of interest, since the same stuff is getting pushed to the top. Quick lineage link and any already-known genders being listed would also be very helpful. I suppose the second could be implemented in another way, though, which would be good for more than just trading. Some sort of notepad (wishlist) may also be of use. Checkbox to "show wishlist on trade". Honestly, not sure if I'd use it, but many people know -exactly- what they're looking for (and it is probably at least a little longer than the Wants box allows). At the same time, I like how having a shorter "wants" box can streamline things. And looking through too many long lists can become exhausting. Username's Trade - Wishlist Has: Chicken S1 Hatchling Wants: See Rare or For Freeze section of my wishlist. Other offers fine.
  5. Another nice name code. https://dragcave.net/lineage/Iyzla
  6. Remembered to use fertility...on the wrong dragon. I really need to gather more purples!
  7. Thanks, anon for this 3G Bronze Eastern Prize x Celestial stairstep. Terces & Singalana whos APs made this even-gen possible. anon for Falconiform x Holiday checker.
  8. Several codes recently, after a long while of bad luck. Let's see.. https://dragcave.net/lineage/myEMS A supporter of their local Emergency Medical Systems https://dragcave.net/lineage/1xBye This one likes to say "bye" exactly one time https://dragcave.net/lineage/RHWoe A bit too real; woe caused by RH factor https://dragcave.net/lineage/VUNSA & https://dragcave.net/lineage/ZUFJY Possible "name codes"
  9. Gifting: Black Zyumorph / Lineage(2G Pure) / Claim my egg! Yellow Zyumorph / Lineage(2G Yellow+Sino) / Claim my egg!
  10. Finally caught a CB gold. Have been determined (for years) to catch, rather than trade, for my first CB. Wasn't looking for one, though. Was looking for fun codes!
  11. Looking for Encyclopedia stuff, meanwhile...
  12. Gosh I like these guys. Awesome colors. The xBlack Tea and xWitchlight above look great. I was thinking of crossing them with the most purple blend of Carinas. Then again, I pretty much use anything as an excuse to breed more Carinas... Their eye color makes them look really nice with just the female Ridgewings, too!
  13. Some interesting ones just lately, here's ubShy and DjDub. Another one wanted to 7Suck your blooood, but unfortunately was killed. Finally, one fun food dragon: (removed, gifting).
  14. Good to know. I'll drop off their creepy-but-adorable babies to the AP or gift them, then.
  15. Hmmm. So do '09 CBs count? I've been calling mine "Cave" vampires, since they have no "bitten by", are CB, and have Cave as location. Didn't know year had any importance, since these three statistics remain the same & the only thing I saw requested in relation was "bitten by a CB vamp". Want to be accurate when trading or gifting. Edit: I guess the logical answer is to just call it '09 Cave or '10 Cave. Here's that awkward '09 middle-ground.
  16. Stun Bolts: https://dragcave.net/lineage/zpLDp https://dragcave.net/lineage/iWyVs Glowy Aeons: https://dragcave.net/lineage/UsEv4 https://dragcave.net/lineage/Fvc7K These BSA dragons will be active as soon as I see the cooldown is over. If they aren't, check back in the next day.
  17. Thanks to: s0r0k4 for Graveborn Silver Prize anon for Red x Bronze Prize Heimdal & Lesh4537 for Royal Crimson x Red Dorsal - this one also has a nice code!
  18. I finally saw a CB gold. Missed it due to sudden 😸, but hey, now I know there's a chance.. Silver and Lunar accepted & bred a Silver on first try, so the lineage may continue. Will have to wait 'till Halloween and hope CB Shadow Walkers are a thing again for next gen. If not, they are still a pretty pair.
  19. Pleasantly surprised while looking for zyus: HAcKS!
  20. Hey, a blob! https://dragcave.net/lineage/uBLOB Aww, it's a dud. ☹️ https://dragcave.net/lineage/DUDqx
  21. Thanks, Singalana for pretty hellhorse. Terces for Undine from Guardians.
  22. Thanks perzephone for very pretty soulpeace.
  23. What a charming smile on Murray Kapris is a very cool looking snake. A little scared to have one personally, though. Those cavs are so cute!! Got to petsit one for a while, spirited girl wanted to play fetch all day. Here's old Tux, my rescue kitty. Still acts like a kitten, zooming across the house pouncing toys as he does... ...but I caught him sitting still, at last.
  24. Forgot fertility on an extremely important pair. Again. Arrgh. Luckily, they liked each other! Next generation will be more forgiving at least if I make the same mistake.