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  1. Saw a paper last night, had 6/7 eggs and 21/21 with a hatchling in some ERs for several minutes. It didn't grow up in time to get the paper.
  2. I joined in 2009 after seeing someone post about it on the Horizons, now Istaria, forum. They actually began posting about it in 2008. I had a hang-up about how many sites/communities to be active in at one time, though. I saw all the cute little dragons flying about in the signatures for an entire year. Eventually, I gave in and joined in 2009. Always regretted waiting to join; missed some earlier-release stuff. Took a long, long break after a while, since I couldn't keep up with the new dragons coming out (college). Came back at the end of last year, at the same time that I decided to revisit Horizons/Istaria. Trimmed my scroll, which was another mistake. I had no idea that the trophies and BSAs were a thing now. So I made the trophies harder to get & let go of a lot of my Pink collection - they were extremely undesirable blockers alongside greens at the time, but they were very cute, so I had collected them (and had a miniature frozen army of them). I was cleaning with the intention to have two of each breed and the frozens, but that went out the window when I realized 1000 were needed for Platinum. Decided to mark this extremely silly scroll-cleaning as a fresh start. I will clean it again, probably, after unlocking Platinum, since numbers won't matter. (Edit: Maybe not, then, as reply below says. Guess Plan B will be initiated, which involves a LOT of freezing!) Will finally be able to focus on a goal other than collecting. But I'll always miss those pinks.
  3. This is a great feeling! Congrats. Reached 900 dragons sometime earlier today. Platinum is within sight!
  4. Yes! Even if it takes a slot for a while, I would love to have these preserved eggs alongside the other beautiful sprites. A day of the month where holidays are breedable. Ability to 'counter-offer' on trades, mostly to uncheck something. 4 GoN limit so I can have each gender and both frozen sprites. Hiding for x amount of time guaranteed to cure sickness. Extremely unreasonable: 20 or so more adorably Pygmy breeds. Zombies can BSA infect hatchlings with a low chance.
  5. Your Forum name: 13310 Your Scroll name: 13310 The Egg/Hatchlings five digit code: RzciJ Egg type: Siyat Time of Unfog: 12:50 Time of Death: 12:55:14 Amount of current V/UV/Clicks: 0/0/0 Edit: Died at 776/78/4, s3 crack, did not turn.
  6. The xMagelight might look a bit better size-wise the other way around (female Magelights). Female Mimics just look so huge in the previews. Guess it's the pose.
  7. I donated Gift report: 13310 -> WolvGirl19: Nhiostrife Wyvern Egg Is the Giftee on that list? Yes Do they need/wish to be removed? I don't know How was the gift offered? Via PM
  8. Another cutie conga line (with bonus apprehensive red zyu). "Give me that SHINY!" "Umm...hey, are you not dead?"
  9. Sure, another grown purple Siyat Here! Also new zombies (leviathan and eastern) at the top of my unbreedables list (in sig). Edit: More purples grown. One - Two - Three There's a temporary Siyat group in my signature, where more will be growing up fairly soon.
  10. Gifting: Gold / Lineage (2GxSnowAngel) / Claim my egg!
  11. Finally got a green nebula! Doesn't seem like much, but it's the last alt I was missing. Now just missing ones that require time & planning...and many a dead subjects.
  12. Another dragon with purple? Better get the Carinas rounded up again... Their coloring mechanic, can't decide how to feel. It's reliable, so that's awesome. But trying to keep track of all that, maybe not so awesome. Will make lineages with them very impressive to look at, knowing all the work that went into them! The way their colors interact with the various breeds is also fun. On one side here, they bring out the green in the shimmers. Then try with a purple, and boom, the bluish-grey pops out beautifully. These go well with way too many dragons. I just can't decide. Arrgh. I think these are my favorite... But there's many many more in spoilers below, because they were fun to experiment with. More Lovelies/Non-Holiday: Siyat/Holiday: They do go well with those Hellhorses! But I put purple as a personal preference. It also helps balance out the early-stage purple from the Horses. Finally: Instant Headacheā„¢, just add Gemshards. Would be super impressive to see, though.
  13. Ok, mine just hatched blue at exactly 12:46:5?. Fogged for protection. It hatched at 4 days left. No BSAs used. I unfogged and it only got 2 views/uvs between 4d1h and 4d/hatch. Exact stats at hatch time (and showing non-influenced) in spoiler below:
  14. I just clicked one with a hole at NDD and it hatched blue.
  15. 2/5, which is exceptional, considering my previous luck with these (last success: Dec 2017). Total of 3 zombies now. Adult Lindwurm & Adult Eastern
  16. Has anyone tried stunning one? I doubt it would be BSA linked, but you never know...
  17. I really like this one! Oh cool, had no idea. Lieutenant Arf!...or an ARF Trooper ala Star Wars, https://dragcave.net/lineage/LTArf This one is a little humorous for europeans, but may look insulting in America https://dragcave.net/lineage/bumEw I think this new guy is related to Gimli....and my ax! https://dragcave.net/lineage/MY5AX
  18. Got all egg-locked with things I didn't want to abandon. Keep forgetting there's releases happening. Used up my freezes (except one, but it is reserved for a specific hatchling). So new release forever-hatchies will have to wait. A shame, the new s2 pygmy is cute! Clicked rapidly trying to get a new Alpine egg. Grabbed a nebula, instead. Guess it's not the worst, still missing a green.
  19. Not ideal, but...can't you just put in the group's number? People who use them know how to make the rest of the link & paste your number at the end. Want: Mates for group 51282 or Cheese. They simply paste 51282 at the end of https://dragcave.net/group/ Anyhow, a massive YES to adding clear rules on "Wants" box acceptable behavior. On-site. I've seen some people use it to post a short note to help complete a trade, which seemed innocent enough, but it is not the intention of the "Wants" box. However, for such a small thing, it would be a shame to see their priveleges revoked, especially since there are no clear rules on what can and can not be placed in said box. That goes for many situations, including links, "haves"(I am guilty of this one), etc. It's all up-in-the-air what's allowed and what's not, and is frankly making me a bit paranoid about using it.
  20. I just noticed this guy's awesome code parents. Thanks Alectrona https://dragcave.net/lineage/VCJFP Another pretty herk lineage, these colors are beautiful! https://dragcave.net/lineage/3Xju9
  21. Full support, seems simple enough & definitely wouldn't want to bite the wrong egg!
  22. I wouldn't mind at all the slower-growth of sickly dragons. As long as they have a chance to un-sick (in fog/shows you're 'caring for' the dragon) before their timer runs out. It's really very realistic, as sickness doesn't necessarily mean doomed. On the farm, my mother sometimes had sickly calves. Yes, some of them didn't make it, but many grew to lead a normal life. They just took a little longer to catch up.
  23. Here are two, but there are maybe more. https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/122957-lineage-gifting-requests-and-trading-centre/ https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/123059-even-generations-trading-and-gifting-centre/
  24. Anyone getting a lot of "stubborn" eggs lately? This egg had the full "hole" sprite (and around 2000v/400uv), so I figured it was ready to hatch (4d 3h). I incubated, then clicked it. Usually, a hatchling pops out! Not this guy. It stayed in the egg for three hours with all those views, until the 3 day marker. I also had this happen with a prize, purple, and a few others. Only five or so, but they were very demanding & make the Incubate feel slightly wasted (I usually use it to free a slot now, when the egg has a hole, then go do whatever activity was planned for that egg spot). Edit: Thanks for the answer below, Kaini. The last time I hatched a Sunrise/set was about...7 years ago, so I forgot about their hatching times. Still a lil confused about the other guys, but it's not a huge deal. I might try to track it better if it happens again with another common that doesn't have a special hatching feature.