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  1. Sooo many Truffle/Carina fails! Someday this lineage will make progress...I hope.
  2. Gifting: This Chicken Egg. https://dragcave.net/teleport/1ca98b5cace0ea4b13022e5dc8cf47ce
  3. Thank you Feesh and best of luck to everyone still in! I will treasure this precious broccoli sprout!
  4. Still steaming that broccoli. Good luck all.
  5. Platinum done. Now let's see if this Carina-Truffle lineage will ever cooperate.
  6. Congratulations winners & good luck to the next round.
  7. Curled, https://dragcave.net/lineage/riXU Adult, https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ts72 https://dragcave.net/lineage/gvUM
  8. Does frozen count for Raffle requirements, since they matured (counts for Grown #), or does it need to grow up fully? Only asking since my frozens all count as adults, as far as scroll-count is concerned. Otherwise I'd go by the face-value, which obviously says adults. I'm just going to take @purplehaze's word for it, rather not waste a slot.
  9. Hmm. Pretty indifferent about the requirements, really. It's still just three dragons, but it's three dragons I wouldn't normally collect more of. Wonder if freezing them counts, I always do love frozens... Guess I'll breed the rest of my wyrms for the AP. Good luck, everyone.
  10. That Ultraviolet does look nice! Below: Silver, Shimmer(Silver), TriHorn Wyvern, Silver Lunar, Script, Xeno Thalassa, Striped River, Moonstone, Mistletoe, Storm, Diamondwing, Spirit Ward
  11. Both new guys looking good with Silvers. Below: Nocturne, Caligene, Swallowtail, Desipsis, Storm, Copper(Sulfur), Floret(Gold)
  12. You need to have, 1. Owned that type of egg OR 2. Clicked on 5 of that type of egg, owned by anyone. Need Eggs Observed: 5
  13. I was assigned this number a long time ago, while making an account for the adoptables site "UniCreatures". The site no longer exists, unfortunately. It did give the option to change the number assignment to a chosen username, and encouraged it. I just decided that I may as well keep the number, as we're all faceless online, anyhow. People do seem to recognize it as a proper username after a while, though, despite it being just a random number.
  14. This one is probably my most messy, 34th Gen https://dragcave.net/lineage/ADRGG ADRGG has 545 dragons that appear in the lineage more than once. Unfortunately there is a dead relative, so you have to click the gravestone to see what a hot mess this line is.
  15. Very cool! Happy upcoming 10th. Hmm, broccoli? Steamed is fine, or plain with dip.
  16. Dogs are amazing! The girl I posted about many, many years ago on this forum (maybe 9 years ago, she was already 5-6 at the time) is still alive and doing very well! She was a rescue, emaciated, hips and ribs all poking out. Scared, unfriendly, horrible bill of health, but full of potential. She's at least 14 years now, still jumps around like a puppy. Loves the family, now, despite her rough beginning (untrained, left on the street). Due to her breed, she will always have the skinny legs, but the rest of her is filled out, and she is maintaining a normal weight. Her only problem is a little arthritis (and a fear of the veterinarian's office - how does she KNOW?). Of course I won't withhold a picture of this wonderful little trooper! (Mommy, I rolled over! Give belly rubs now? Now? Ok, you took the picture...now?!)
  17. This is exactly what I've been hoping for, since the huge viewbomb a while back. That is, the option to hide growing things in one swoop, rather than one at a time. And without hiding the adults, so if anyone needs my adults for Encyclopedia or breeding, there's no trouble there. The scroll name thing would just be an added bonus..
  18. rave2 H0NG0 A name and a mushroom, JIN0B wOOee This one is really excited, and also has code parents, 44921 My first number code.
  19. Really a shame, if so. Guess I'll continue the hunt, but hold off on clicking until finding that elusive 5th (well, 6th). They'll still get UVs, though, so I guess that's something.
  20. I was in Silvi's yesterday and clicked a low-time egg. It turned into a Neglected Egg. I was hoping that this would increase my "Eggs Observed" from 4 to 5, since it is really hard to find these particular eggs. However, it did not register in the encyclopedia. I tried clicking to the parents and clicking back to the egg through the lineage page, but it still didn't register. I re-clicked it through the hatchery after it turned, as well. It changed scrolls in this short time, so that could also be a factor. So the main question is, did the encyclopedia Observation not register because I viewed the Neglected's breed before it turned? Should I avoid that? Is there something else which could keep an Observation from registering? I like to give the low-times extra attention, but if that's what kept the final Neglected I needed from registering, I might just have to wait on the <1 days...
  21. Pretty stressful. We moved to a new climate zone recently, and my sinuses absolutely hate it. Wake up with a raging headache pretty much every day since summer hit. Found some pills which sort-of alleviate the problem, but they take a while to kick in, and I need to show an extra positive/patient outlook at the time of day the headaches tend to start. On the bright side, my cat has finally fully warmed up to everyone in the household. He includes us in his grooming (grooms us) and has learned to sit for treats.
  22. Finally caught a CB all-number code. It happened to be a breed I need more of, as well. 🤗
  23. Good to hear. I haven't really gotten into using descriptions yet, but perhaps later on. On other writings, I tend to make 'average' characters, or counter-balanced if they do have any powers. Thanks for the answers, obelisk and Kaini.
  24. Is it ok to use ingame lore stuff? Something like "_____ of Valkemare". It seems harmless, but some other online games have been very particular about using ingame names, locations, and whatnot. Just want to be sure before naming my planned AoC stair.
  25. 13310

    Z Project

    z-code 3G Bleeding Moon x Mutamore. It only had an hour left when I grabbed it, so I don't know if it will gender properly. Claim my hatchling!