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  1. Loving the color palette on the new Holiday dragons! They go well with so many breeds. Especially like the combo x Blusang.
  2. Support! Very much! Edit: Even another solution would be welcome. Since the event is 7 days long, perhaps 2 or 3 of those could be "truce" days - so we can thoroughly enjoy the decorating aspect of the event! Or have an option that unlocks at level 50 "Raise White Flag", which permanently removes the user from the war. A warning, of course, that they can also no longer take part in war after raising the flag. Maybe double the hourly drops (1 rock/bush/tree, 1 present) for those no longer participating, or just allow them to freely decorate.. I'm pretty close to my resource goals now, thanks to Update 4, so will probably be dismantling the war machines tomorrow. Hoping for some sort of option for peaceful building for everyone. Sorry to whomever the "random" option has sent me to hit - it's all in a "necessary evil" sort of way.
  3. There were a few minor drops after sleeping last night, but it really seems scant. The drops were just enough stone to repair my walls. Huge agreement on the lack of stone and timber. We can't really "retire" from battle mode & the attacks, even though no one gains anything (but a lack of resources) from attacking people at level 50. Think I'll just tear down the fort and hoard to make a cute village later on.
  4. I have the same issue. Sister suggested trying Opera, but that didn't help. It's happening in my Firefox too. Edit: Seems to be working again at moment of edit.
  5. I would love the info to be shown where it can be comfirmed by any party, as mentioned earlier. When they get sick, there's a little note at the bottom of the description. A similar note to appear for used BSAs seems possible. (This egg has been influenced to be ____.) Then there's no constant worry someone has or hasn't, and if someone has and it failed, the blame is on the BSA itself failing. Having to have yet another BSA to confirm whether the first BSA worked seems excessive, however. Just a note as basic functionality to aid trading (and as a reminder for the forgetful among us) would be very helpful.
  6. Late, but... Really awesome hatching sequence! Cute tricks and treats as well, the chocobo is adorable. Now, back to (not so) patiently waiting for adult sprites and trying to dent the AP wall.
  7. Very pretty Frostbite x Shadow Walker spiral, just on time for Halloween, thanks tjenni https://dragcave.net/lineage/bSCzJ Beautiful colors in this Silver x Thalassa checker, thanks anon https://dragcave.net/lineage/eTwgi Lucky enough to find a needed CB Cavern Lurker before the new eggs were dropping, thanks a lot to the one who left it https://dragcave.net/lineage/6PYOE Cutie cute starter Aria x Shadow Walker, thanks anon https://dragcave.net/lineage/qeHgy Cool looking Green Siyat x Shadow Walker starter, which also has a name-like code, thanks Varnayrah https://dragcave.net/lineage/Ceydm
  8. Yes, please. The gold's position looks SO much better!
  9. Probably missed something, but here's an attempt: Beware, massive image dump below...
  10. Thanks to whoever was dropping CB Boreals during the ER egg phase recently. Very very helpful towards a couple of my planned lineages.
  11. Abandoned an egg while flip-flopping about which lineage I wanted to work on first. Then realized the first egg would have helped with two lineages. Whoops.
  12. Dad: https://dragcave.net/lineage/0Sdad Dawn: https://dragcave.net/lineage/BDAWN My second number code! Too bad they can't breed, this one's a pygmy,: https://dragcave.net/lineage/29139
  13. Agreed, this would be extremely helpful. I have several common couples that create plenty of eggs...but always the wrong breed. Wouldn't mind if it impacts rares too, as long as it's weighted for balance, such as the great example above.
  14. Buying new catnip & finishing a short project.
  15. Such a stubborn couple. Bleh. They'll make a Skywing someday...eventually..maybe.
  16. Yes, please. I spent a lot of time on my scroll order, and to have it reflected in groups (default or option) would be really helpful, especially since some of my lineages are ordered in a particular way. Otherwise, I have to repeat the ordering per-group, and a couple of them are getting quite large!
  17. Looks like they might be nice with Boreal (waiting patiently for adult sprites), but I'm hoping for them to complement Bleeding Moons. Probably look great with Silver Shimmers...as usual. Edit: Those two put on paper now that the sprite is out! Someone has already put together the shimmers below, Looks like Boreals bring out the fur color nicely, after all. I like the pose w/ Bleeding Moons, but not sure about the colors yet. Have to look at it a while...
  18. The smollest of boops... New pygmies are so dang cute arrrgh!
  19. Support, I would love to have each gender and 1 Ungendered/Gendered freezeling. Even pairs would also be great for breeders, of course.
  20. New pygmies?! 🎉 Gusties looked pretty first time around, been curious about them for a while. Thank you, artists!
  21. Two successful breeds in one day for my Siyat Mirror line + 3 AP Shimmers in one from my xCelestial this month. Good breeding, hope my Carinas are taking notes.
  22. Thanks for the dead ND Naraku, finally hit 5. Green Dino Egg if anyone needs that for unlock, https://dragcave.net/lineage/ufXJe
  23. Caught an adorable tail boop, as well! Well, the moonstone looked super interested.. The ice is just "let's get this over with..." Sapphire is really into the conversation,