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  1. Absolutely support just using Freeze the same old way, limits intact, for eggs. I've been wanting to collect the beautiful eggs in a more permanent way for years.
  2. Great! Hope to see new winners celebrating soon
  3. Been using this Lineage previewer for ages and appreciate all the work you put into it. Thanks for adding all these lovely new breeds to the list!
  4. Managed to catch a replacement for that market gold and influence it the gender I was actually looking for this time. So now the pair is complete! That was...fast? Are golds getting more common? Spotted 4 in the last week (including this one). Not complaining!!
  5. Ahh, ok. Then I really, really fluffed up! That'll teach me to influence in groups. Already working on a line with him, though, so all is fun. Plus, something to keep hunting for.
  6. I forgot that Influencing can fail, since I haven't really had it happen. So the market Gold I saved up for (bought only to complete the non-bred pair) turned out as male. Bleh. Guess I can make cool checkers with him, so silver lining and all that.
  7. 4x Precog/Aeon and 3x Zap/Bolts on cooldown starting now: https://dragcave.net/group/59720
  8. I kept typing FREEZE over and over, finally realizing I was in the naming menu. Whee, sleep deprivation!
  9. I just kind of assumed we were human, since it looked so much like screenshots of Hatoful Boyfriend. Then Tsoko mentioned the player going away to Magi school, there's a few references to our "arms", as well as how much smaller and weaker we are (in Olivia's story). And I think there was a reference to their being mages in training alongside the dragons. Of course, we could just as well be a small dragon such as Wilda. Since I was playing for "friendships" anyways, I'm going to go with "human mage".
  10. I think you can go ahead and skip it after getting the basic badge. Unless something's changed later, there's just the 2019 heart after passing through many of the dialogue trees (incl. unintentional dances) on my scroll.
  11. Go any location other than Valentine's
  12. Yeah I also had a little trouble with Ion's. Was actually just trying to get "friends" with everyone, but my magi just jumped to asking them to the dance. So I went for a "successful" route there, the option leading to a straight-reject was: I couldn't find a friend-only option for them. Olivia's friendship story Astronomy: Longest Others: (Except Nurse) Medium Nurse: Short
  13. Name Code(Zyzfa), a pretty CB Terrae. Name Code, also a place in Greece(Voroi) from one code-worded parent & a neat lineage. Yet Another Name Code(Yipaw) this time CB and in cute pygmy form. This little frozen likes visiting a certain Telvanni town in Morrowind.
  14. I wouldn't mind this. Even with hardcore rules, lower chances, it could still be helpful. Easier to remember, at least, for some of us. And we still have to put in the usual amount of death effort & timing into getting that first zombie.
  15. It's a Coastal Waverunner from Holiday 2008 x Waverunner. The Waverunner's name contains the Chaotic prefix. It may be a couple days before he or she appears, as I just made this mistake. See other message's edit for update.
  16. If anyone finds a very messy egg on the AP soon from my Chaotic line, could you please kill it or return it? I didn't realize I was at max (vamp fails) and it was abandoned automatically. This line isn't meant to leave my scroll at all, so it would mean a lot. Thanks. Edit: A big thank you to @Lagie and anyone else who may have been aiding in the search. I didn't get it, but appreciate the help anyhow. The grandparents can start a different branch of this personal line & all will be fine. Plenty of time to re-progress, and I'll be more careful to double-check my egg limits in t
  17. This would be very helpful. I have also had a couple trades in the past that had to be passed over because of the little extra. Also great around CB limit holiday season..
  18. 1. Finish another two planned Siyat lineages. So many stubborn dragons, but these two lineages are possible, dangit. 2. Tone up/gain & eat healthier. The foods I choose are not providing the necessary nutrients, apparently..eating is such a chore. 3. Deal with trauma instead of ignoring it. More PTSD nightmares incoming in 3...2..
  19. Sure, https://dragcave.net/lineage/NzaPm https://dragcave.net/lineage/dQz9P
  20. I have that too. Also, the white dragon statue is offering to repair my undamaged Timber roof. I built a new one, and it still highlights it in green.
  21. Appreciating various Fort posts from Page 4 & 5: Page 4: Page 5: Finalized version of mine below. Tried to keep it somewhat minimalistic. Had to add a couple of the new items, though! Also moved wreaths, since the left one conflicted with the ginger wall. The new placement isn't very practical for smaller visitors, which is fine. Claudius doesn't use doors. Feel free to bomb it if you need levels/gifts, I'm done decorating.
  22. Wow! After 9 years, some strange new button appeared on the Raffle page. Then a cute little bronze egg appeared. Very nice end to a rough week. Congratulations to the rest who won, and best of luck to those still trying. You never know when it might happen...
  23. Happy new years, everyone. The new (old) decorations are really nice. I'm thinking of a cute little ginger village around an ice pond, surrounded by trees. But I just don't have the heart to tear the current one down and start decorating again... If anyone is in need of supplies, I'll be trying to keep a temporary ginger wall up for the next hour or so. It's at the bottom of my lot along the ice wall. Bomb away!
  24. Guess this is it. Had another idea in mind, but there's not enough room. Bit of clipping with that left wreath, but oh well. Enjoyed this minigame. 🙂 There's way too many pictures, so I'm just going to post the fort names I'm really loving the look of {page 2 & 3}: