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  1. Is that last slot for walking trainers taken? Trainer: Green Pokemon: Tododile <3 Direction: Let's be different and go left!
  2. Does anyone know yet if the different patterns on the lush green egg means anything? And also, I just noticed this, but the dawn/dusk egg can't be bitten by a vampire. :/ I wonder if that means it's only breedable with itself...
  3. Oh, so this is why. I bred a magi today and dropped in the ap and I think I got whiplash, seeing it go so fast.
  4. Ok, not a dragon sprite, but the sprite aid thread in dragon requests said to go here if it's not for dragons. I need some advice and constructive criticism. Here's what I have and here's what it's suppose to look like. http://images2.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb2008...4/Chapmon_b.jpg
  5. Cool! The forums is all better now! Thanks TJ for fixing it!
  6. Yes! That would be awesome!
  7. Daydreamer09

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    It's called a Sunsong if I remember correctly
  8. Daydreamer09

    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Oh, wow! That's the S**s**g egg, right? You sir, are psychic. That's the one dragon on the completed requests page that I always looked for. :3 Unfortunately, I grabbed the wrong egg and scroll locked myself for 5 hours. *sigh* Thanks so much for your hard work TJ. And thank you to the spriters for their wonderful additions to the cave.
  9. Ahh... I was looking for that thread. Thanks.
  10. Line work of Kila's Erichan Planning on coloring and animating it at avatar dimensions (100x100) If anyone else wants to practice on her, you have my full permission to use these lines. Partially since the original was offered freely by Kila.
  11. For those currently enrolling and anyone else who wants, there's a Saint Patrick's Day egg contest being held by maniakit10. It's a great way to test your skills and put to work those new techniques you've learned so far. http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showtopic=83694
  12. What would a "tic" be? Would a strange eye twitching be one?:/
  13. Ok, here's what I have so far: I'm having problems coming up with an interesting personality to give him. At first I thought he would have an outward appearance of cunning, secretive and sly. But now that I think about it, a quieter, more docile appearance outside of his room would make him seem quirkier. So I'm a little confused as what I should do.
  14. I've seen bits and pieces of Spirited Away but never watched it straight through from beginning to end. :/ And Howl's Moving Castle I bought the anime-manga books. And then I read the ACTUAL book. That one was so much better and the characters were so much more believable. *highly recommend if you love this movie* I've also seen Princess Mononoke(sp?), which was amazing.
  15. Hmm... I like the sibling personalities. I can imagine Ivy having a self-conscious problem if she hates her "flashier" wings. Probably thinks they're gaudy and makes her look horrible. And I can see your sweetling cooking ALL the time. Maybe whenever he gets nervous or stressed he would randomly begin whipping up brownies, cakes, cookies.
  16. Maybe he played too many video games where Mario had to save Peach? That's the first thing that came into my mind. And then you could go into detail about how he wants to be a bad guy just like Bowser or something :x Just thoughts...
  17. Woah, I have that car! o_o White, '95 model. 0DlN- Wanderer Sigfodr Looked up on wiki, Sigfodr is another name for the norse god Odin GOGL- iGoggle
  18. Males Rune Essence Wolfsbane Dorkface Lonefang Female Sansenoy I might go for another female vamp if I get the chance.
  19. My male pink's code is "aHo0" So I came up with the name "Horton Hears a Who"
  20. You're the only one who can create a poll. To do so, at the intro post there should be writing at the top that says something like "Add a Poll" in black script. Edit: It says "Attach New Poll"
  21. Hey, Goikuchan? What would it take to ask you to create an Ochre plushie? You see, I don't want to buy one because I'm saving up my money, but I REALLY want to see one. :x So..maybe if you're not too busy...and would be willing to? Could you so sew a quick one up?
  22. Username: No matches Real Name: An adult female white stripped dragon :3 Never knew I was so pretty...
  23. Oh, so you're the ones who came up with those chicken descriptions I saw those it the "Review User Descriptions" and thought they were hilarious! Something about chickens hoarding eggs to reach their mother ship and what not. Very nice whomever wrote it.
  24. I would love to have scroll descriptions! It WOULD be the perfect place to put usernames for the forums. I want people to be able to contact me if they saw my scroll and wanted to trade or something...