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  1. 2nd gen Ridgewing with an interesting code. (It's what your car runs on)
  2. Here are my stats for BSA eggs that were punted to the AP. There's quite a bit of these bred from non BSA mates. 2 - Green (Earthquake) 11 - Purple (Fertility) 17 - Red (Incubate) 24 - Pink (Influence) 4 - Shallow Water (Splash) 8 - Magi (Teleport) 5 - Bolt (Stun) 1 - Aeon (Precognition) (Summon) 2 - Thunder 7 - Magma
  3. I grabbed number 2. Think I'll try breeding it a mate for a checker. :3 Oh, and thank you for the little guy.
  4. More things from test breedings Aegis (Enraged) x Gold Lunar Winter Magi x Frill Mint x Shadow Walker And some bred-for-fun pretties Gold Lunar x Ribbondancer Gold Lunar x Spirit Ward
  5. From a test breedings Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  6. The seasonals switch based on when the calender has the seasons change. This is only based on the northern hemisphere however. So winter seasonal will stop appearing on the spring or vernal equinox when it's officially spring.
  7. You're very welcome. I'm glad to see it's found a good home.
  8. When it comes to tracing, there's a time and place for it. A lot of people discourage it, however there is really no harm in it so long as either 1)You have permission from the original creator, 2) It is your own picture or 3) You are using it in a purely educational, noncommercial way and little to no one will see it. There's a technique in animation called rotoscoping where reference video is literally drawn over. A lot of animators have used the technique such as Don Bluth and to even some extent, Disney. If you ask me, tracing over things is a good way to get a feel for the 'gesture' of something (for lack of a better word). In the past I've had art teachers that asked their students to trace over people in magazines and breakdown their body into shapes. In that way images are used more as reference. Tracing over something in that regard is great for learning anatomy. But tracing exactly from photos/video can make your work feel rigid. With the animation/rotoscoping example, the movie Don Bluth made with rotoscoping felt stiff, rigid and moved too mechanically. My personal suggestion to you is use tracing as a learning tool if anything. 2D reference isn't bad, but really the best way to draw something is from life if you can. Life drawing is always best. Course there are no real dragons, but the anatomy for them comes from real world critters.
  9. I'm having horrible luck trying to trading my eggs and hatchlings. I have some things I've been trying to trade since the 23rd and I've had a whopping 1 offer. Thing is, most of what I'm asking for are 2nd gen commons for my holidays.
  10. So I work in retail at a store that has a jewelry counter and lately I've been scheduled to work in that section of the store a lot. There's this one customer that the jewelry people know named Janet. Not exactly for positive reasons however. She has a really bad shopping habit. Often times she brings in several pieces of jewelry to return. Which is fine, but it takes her forever to find her receipts as she has wads of them in a giant zip-lock bag. And to top it off, she often wants what she returns to be put back on hold for her to come in later and rebuy. Well, I had to attend to Janet today at work. It took her about 20 whole minutes to find her receipts. Meanwhile she's sitting in front of the jewelry register and I'm literally unable to ring other customers out the entire time. Then when I finally get to ringing her return she's also purchasing something, so in the register I processed it in the same transaction. Halfway through she wanted to jump ship on the transaction. I had stared putting her tender in and at that point... You can't cancel a transaction. A manager ended up having to come to the jewelry counter to help. Of course at that time my shift was over and I had to explain to the person taking over what was going on with Janet. I have never had a customer drive me as insane and batty as this lady did today and I felt awful basically dumping her on my coworker who had to figure all this confusing crap out. The whole time she kept asking me about what her total would be and, lucky me without a calculator. *sigh* I had to constantly do it in my head while she debated whether or not to purchase certain things.
  11. 3rd gen tan Ridgewing from Mutamore x T. Ridgewing checker