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  1. Late response but... Thanks for reading. I think the thing was they expected more than what they got. Fauvism (basically artists who go color wild) didn't really have anything to do with what I was drawing. I just felt like an art snob for a moment as a sort of defense mechanism. "Oh, you don't even know what tenebrism is?" (Tenebrism is a technique of creating dramatic lighting in artwork. Strong contrast in the shadows and highlights to draw focus. Rembrant's a great example of artwork with tenebrism) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ "I'll have you know, I am a person of the internet! I can be triggered by everything." ... I have no idea how to interpret that statement. Is that even suppose to be something to gloat about?
  2. Oh, yeah. That little guy was from my rebreeding attempt I like his/her name. "It is how it is" Yep, so true.
  3. Despite using fertility, these two decided to refuse. *goes to cry in a corner* http://www.allureofnds.net/NDER/Lineage.php?dcode=CRXnP&gen=4&mate=V4qks On a different note, since you guys are talking about xenowyrm checkers, here's a few I've bred and can share. There's not too many combinations as I'm not particularly focused on them. Gold x Astrapi Astrapi x Harvest Gaia x White Snow Angel Chrono x Heartstealing @Fly-by-Night : That Mageia x Lumina checker is gorgeous.
  4. *Spends about 25 minutes drawing a caricature of a couple* Customer: "Um, we actually don't want to pay for it. It doesn't look like us at all." Me: *Looks at half finished drawing, looks back at customer* Inner Voice: "The hell you mean it doesn't look like you?! I spent all that time getting your features in and you can't see the resemblance?! What were you expecting?" Me: "I was planning on adding some details in when I got to the coloring part so it might look better later." Customer: "We were actually thinking it'd look like those over there." *points to examples on the wall* Inner Voice: "You little-! Me: "Ah, ok, well I should let you know that every caricature artist has a their own style. There is another caricature stand over by flamingos. I can also see if another caricature artist can come here to draw you." Customer: "No, that's alright." *Awkwardly watches customers leave* Inner Voice: "The hell they mean it didn't look like them?! Did they go to art school for 3 years?! I spent all that time getting a degree! So how in the world can it not... ARRRGGGHH! Hmph! Everyone's a critic. Probably doesn't even know what fauvism is. Well... at least I can put that on the tally sheet as a demo and show I got some practice in." ...It's hard not to have your pride hurt as an artist. *sigh* Plus this was my first rejection at my new job. I may be angry, but I'm plan on continuing to improve.
  5. I can't post this to facebook how I'd like without stirring anything. So I'm gonna put it here to get it off my chest.
  6. GOD ! The last thing I wanted to do was take down that post. It was the only way I could do ANYTHING to my father to get him back for all the hell he put us through. For a moment I could stand my ground against him. WHY THE DID MOM HAVE TO ASK ME TO TAKE IT DOWN!? I could scream right now because again in the end, my father gets his way! I don't know whether I should scream, cry, punch a hole through the wall!
  7. If INFPs are bad about being stuck in horrible relationships, THEN HOW AM I THE ONE TALKING AN INTJ OUT OF THIS?!
  8. ^Oh, wow. SPS, I'm also praying you stay safe. I should get going. There's nothing I can do now about this. Will have to call in tomorrow.
  9. Listening to Othello on an audiobook. I honestly haven't heard much about it before hand. But I love it so far. Surprised by how invested I'm getting into the story. It's SO GOOD!
  10. Oh come on! Seriously?! Is it SO HARD to ask for a common offspring?!
  11. You're welcome and yes, both of those are from my scroll.
  12. Just please don't do hellhorses. Seriously, I've been trying to get a hellhorse out of three of these lineages for almost a year now for a project. Hellhorses are not super common and don't need a massbreeding to help their ratios. If anything I'd suggest breeding Sinii Krais and Scimitars since they were recent releases.
  13. No. Just, no. I should not be posting about this. As friendly as DC is, that is the only thread where you will be attacked for speaking against the majority.
  14. It's finally here! Summer seasonal breeding's here!!!! Haha! I've got another summer breeding project I started last year with CBs that I need to get my butt in gear for! I'm super excited to get to working on it.
  15. You're welcome. I'm glad to see that they've found good loving homes.
  16. Well, that freaked me out. Either that person's watching or has incredible timing. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Wine sounds good right about now...
  17. I've noticed that prizes, metals and rarer dragons in general produce really well during and right after these massbreeding events. That's why I always love seeing them every month. I was able to breed this guy after 2 years of attempts thanks to massbreeding. I'm about to go through all my orange dragons. There are actually quite a few orange lineage projects that I'll do too.
  18. No, it's not just you. Seragammas breed a lot of... Seragammas. I've been trying to get a MAGMA out of a Seragamma since July of 2013. Here's all the Magma fails (Everything bred to Jenryu) I've thrown out. It's one of those breeds people forget about and unfortunately never get massbred to help even out their breeding rations. Speaking of massbreeding... The massbreeding events, in my personal experience, help tremendously with getting 2nd gen prizes from commons. I've had amazing luck breeding after one happens. They are awesome and are a CB prize owner's best friend. Just a bit of advice to the new raffle winners.
  19. I'm just going to emphasize these parts that TehUltimateMage mentioned because I feel they've helped me the most personally. For gesture drawings, make sure you have a timer and to do them quick, getting all the important features. A great source for these is Line of Action. I've heard from artists that just sitting down every day for 30 minutes to draw helps them improve dramatically. Try to make it a daily habit if you can. TehUltimateMage mentioned anatomy books, but I'm going to advice that you also look for books and tutorials on techniques as well. Tuesday Tips by Griz and Norm is one of my personal favorites. And lastly, don't be afraid to take an art class or attend a workshop. Seriously, if you can get in on some free classes or afford it, it is definitely worth it. There are even art courses you can take online where you can video chat with your instructor. A lot of professors and instructors are incredibly talented and have had years honing their skills. Having a mentor to teach you and give you feedback along with regular class sessions really helps.
  20. Oh, I noticed the change too. I actually think the change in the progeny page is really smart design-wise. Before the way it was set up, the page length was longer. This update makes use of that empty space off to the side, making it feel more compact and less empty.
  21. This is going to occur every month and codes that already exist can't be used. So it should be noted that rather than having TJ manually check the submitted codes every month for the winners, maybe a system could be created similar to the name checker when giving dragons a name? I'm thinking that this might have been part of why TJ did away with it because he always seems pretty busy. The options here are how it was pretty much set up for the 2014 raffle. If you add the same sort of mechanic as the name checker DC has, but change it for codes... Honestly, I'm not a coder, but theoretically it seems plausible.
  22. Feel free to look through some of Monet's offspring if you're curious about other combinations with male Silver shimmers. Personally I think they look best with cool colored dragons. Greens, blues and purples.
  23. Is this seriously my web browser? *sigh* If so, it's making me look like a crazy person.
  24. Just massbred all my seasonals. About 200 pairs. And massbred about 50 spirit ward pairs and 75 albino pairs.
  25. *sigh* Really should stop playing with lineage mock-ups. I don't need to add more projects to my plate. But I want to make these SO BAD.