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  1. Yes, but... Let's pretend that we don't. *shivers* And so this doesn't go off topic. I found a kid in the ap.
  2. Yeah, pretty is very subjective. We could do breeds that all share a key word either in their names or egg descriptions. So, say we chose to do the word, 'Bright'. That can work with Arias, Bright-Breasted Wyverns, Crismon Flare Pygmy, Flamingos, pinks, tangars, Lumina, morphodrakes, nhiostrifes, red-finned tidals, spitfires, stripes, greenwings, sunrise/sunset. We don't necessarily have to do that list. In the dragon wiki egg page you can ctrl/cmd+F to search through words. 'Color', 'Shine', 'Glow' also show up a lot. (Although with glow, it'd be cool to add Glory drakes. )
  3. So my bad luck just got worse. Whoever grabbed the eggy killed it. B-But why? You could have just sent it back... It wasn't ugly lineage, just a common turp. Probably a failed vamp attempt. ;_; *sigh* Now I gotta wait to try rebreeding. Turps are easy to get thankfully.
  4. I don't have any kids, but definitely would like to should I ever bump into Mr. Right. Girl: Evelyn, Fable, Fern, Chicory, Laurel, Rosemary, Cordula (Cordie for short), Rosaline, Loreley Boys: Flynn, Leon, Orion, Weston, Tobias, August, Caspar, Aramis, Rowan Rosemary's pretty high-up on the list as my mother's name is Mary. Tobias, Cordula, August and Leo are also family names.
  5. I approve of this reference. *points to siggy* https://dragcave.net/lineage/YyePp
  6. Thank you rinoa26 for kindly sending the kingcrowne I was looking for. Also thanks to Xerozia who pm'd me about grabbing that shimmerkin from the departures thread. It meant a lot to me to know who adopted the little guy.
  7. Accidentally auto'd an egg I need for a breeding project. But, at least there are some funny names in the lineage now. (At least temporarily)
  8. I think that's fine. Easter's the 16th and there's gonna be more site traffic because of the festival of eggs. Maybe it can be scheduled in a way to coincide? Personally I'd like to see some bright pastel colors in the ap for the festival. ;p
  9. April Updates Completed: XXX Project added: XXX August Updates Thanks to the whole debacle with photobucket, all the images in on my personal lineage projects list needs an overhaul. Current projects have been fixed, but I'll still need to go through the list of my finished projects. Completed:
  10. Have to make room for a gift, so unfortunately I have to give this up. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  11. I have an old CB Winter that is from the cave. She produced a spring, but I can try again next week for a xenowyrm.
  12. I actually like the both the Mageias and Thalassas. They have a nice contrast.
  13. Dark Luminas have been showing up in the biomes more and I think it's based on the ratio change with the new releases. It's wonderful because I need them for a breeding project. I caught 3 today.~
  14. Woah, that is really unique. I like it. Here's me most recent acheivement. Woohoo! 5th gen celestial checker. ;D
  15. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  16. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Please let me know if you claim it.
  17. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! edited to add: Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  18. INFP; Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling and Perceiving It's a result that I always get so I'd say it's pretty accurate.
  19. I was working yesterday at the Jewelry counter and near the end of my shift a pair of guys came by wanting to look at watches. Now it'd been a long day at that point and I was both tired and frazzled. Well, one of them I guess picked up on that and made a joking comment, "Doesn't anyone around here know how to smile?". After explaining how hectic it'd been that day, I was hoping that'd there wouldn't be any headaches with him. Alas... As he was looking at some watches we had on clearance, he noticed similar things that were marked at regular price still. Often times with customers we have to explain that merchandise gets marked down based on the shipment and how long its been in the store. So even though two things might be identical, only one piece may be marked down while the other stays the same simply because it's newer. Well after I explained that to him, guess what he asks? "Well can't we just swap the boxes?" "Uh, no. We can't" "Oh, come on. Nobody will know." Excuse me. Who's job do you think would be at risk? Not yours. Mine. There's seriously a camera set up specifically to watch my counter, so not only I would know and he would know, my boss would too. He also wanted to swap pieces around between different watch sets which I had to deny him. After he finally bought a watch, I was helping him cut a tag off with some scissors and the guy suddenly flinches like I actually snipped him, just to mess with me. I was about ready to slap him at that point.
  20. Since today's the last day of winter breeding for seasonals, I went through and bred as many as I could. I'm not really sure if it'll be enough to be noticable, but I figured it'll be a good treat for last minute grabs. :3
  21. You're very welcome. I was very surprised you knew the first one was from me. This little guy's from the recent massbreed. Thank you Purplehaze. It's influenced female and hopefully her intended mate will color correctly and they will make beautiful checker babies. x3