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  1. Well, from what I read a few pages back you were mentioning game design and how the lottery fits into that. If we wanted to make the lottery work with good game design, increasing the chances players have of getting a prize dragon simply by rewarding them for being active players would work into that. As a system to keep players coming back to the site, collecting and raising dragons, which is the point of DC, it might fit in really well with that.
  2. As someone who loves to gift shimmer babies and shimmerkins, this sentiment really breaks my heart. ): While a lot of people here are against the raffles because they are luck based, it is worth pointing out that it's not hard for players to increase their chances from month to month simply by being active on the main site. I'm not really a numbers person, but say if you were to enter every raffle in a year, your chances of getting picked do go up. Especially in the months where the site is less active and you have less competition. I'm not sure if anyone's mentioned this, but a few times when we had the once a year raffle, it was possible to get multiple raffle tickets to increase your chance. Well, maybe that's something we could reimplement? So raising 3 dragons get you your first ticket, then raising a total of 7 get you a 2nd ticket, 15 gets you a 3rd... and so on and so forth. Players have a whole month to raise dragons, so it's feasible to do something like that and regular DCers get increased odds for being active dragon collectors. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This is my perspective when it comes to value in terms of dragons on the dragon cave site. The only reason you give it value is because you allow it to be a priority for you. This is the same for regular golds, silvers, neglecteds and other such things. I breed dragons for beautiful lineages and value them because of the time, creativity and effort spent to build them. When I offer one as a gift or try to trade for breeding stock, there's a chance no one will see its worth in the same light I do. This is coming from someone who doesn't care for tinsels and shimmers at all. If it's not a pretty lineage or can't be used for such, it generally has no value to me. My Shimmer is only important to me because I love to make people happy with his babies. I imagine that was the thinking behind TJ's raffle from the beginning. Not to make everyone argue about it, but to make everyone smile and have fun.
  3. I will show you just how passive-aggressive I can be! Taking THAT off TJ's Take-Leave page without putting anything on it makes you SCUM! And I will sure as get that message across to you. Even if it means I have rename my dragons.
  4. Bumping. Requests will only be open for about 5 more hours before everything gets bred. I'm still able to take 2nd gen requests on mistletoes and ribbondancers. List is up to date and whatever hasn't been crossed off hasn't been bred and is available.
  5. Happened to pick this little guy up and remembered I have a stripe from years ago who would make a wonderful mate. Thank you @wanderingwind
  6. Taking breeding requests for Christmas Dragons! If there's anything on this list you want, PM me a message and I'll breed it for free. Check it out here! Requests will only be open for the next 24 hours before I breed through every Christmas dragon I own and throw stuff into the ap. ***** Keep in mind, solstices only breed rosy wings between 6pm - 6am cave time. And 6am - 6pm is the time for breeding blue wings. Requesting a specific wing color will be time dependent on when you get it.
  7. Er... That's endearing? Him laughing at a religious sect's icon? I don't know which to be more offended by. Obama laughing or that the parents thinks its O.K. to dress up a child as the head of the catholic church for Halloween. Would it be as funny if the kid were the Dalai Lama or buddha or a hindu god? No? That would just be ignorant and religiously intolerant to make fun of? *takes a quiet sip of tea* Certain styles of humor are only funny so long as you're not the butt of the joke. I know I can be just as guilty as this as the next person. So... I'm not trying to be all self righteous, only pointing my feelings out.
  8. Well, that just goes to show how overworked and tired I am.
  9. Have: 5th gen Winter Magi x Summer Seasonal checker ~~~~ Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Want: 2nd gen Snow Angel from White Wings x GON
  10. I just read a webtoon called My Boo by Jeongseo. Overall opinion: It's a tragic romance story about a woman who can see ghosts and falls in love with one. It actually had me crying at the end and I don't cry easy.
  11. Forum name: Daydreamer09 List of Christmas Dragons I Can Breed: Hollie ~~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x1) - 3rd gen Albino checker (with tombstone) - 4th gen Yulebuck x Albino checker mix (with tombstone Yulebuck ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x1) - 3rd gen White checker - 3rd gen Winter Seasonal checker - 4th gen White checker - 4th gen Winter Seasonal checker - 4th gen Stripe checker White Snow Angel ~~~ - 3rd gen Terra checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 3rd gen Gold checker - 3rd gen Pyrope Pyralspite checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 3rd gen Avatar of Change checker - 4th gen Terra checker - 4th gen Pyrope Pyralspite checker - 4th gen Gaia Xenowyrm checker - 4th gen White Stripe, Terra checker mix Ribbondancer ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) - 3rd gen Gold checker - 3rd gen Gold Lunar Herald checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 3rd gen Winter Magi checker - 4th gen Gold checker - 4th gen Gold Lunar Herald checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 5th gen Gold checker Winter Magi ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) - 3rd gen Summer Seasonal checker; (Line1) (Line 2) (Line 3) (Line 4) - 3rd gen Silver Lunar Herald checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) (Line 3) - 3rd gen Heartstealing checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 3rd gen Ribbondancer checker (see ribbondancer list) - 3rd gen Frill checker - 4th gen Summer Seasonal checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 4th gen Silver Lunar Herald checker - 5th gen Summer Seasonal checker Wrapping Wing ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) - 3rd gen Shadow Walker checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 3rd gen White checker - 3rd gen Mint checker - 4th gen Shadow Walker checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 4th gen White checker - 5th gen Shadow Walker checker (SA) Solstice ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) - 3rd gen Silver checker (all rosewing) - 3rd gen Sweetling checker (all rosewing) - 3rd gen Green Copper checker (only rosewing base) - 3rd gen Avatar of Change checker (all rosewing); (Line 1) (Line 2) - 3rd gen Thalassa Xenowyrm checker (only rosewing base) - 3rd gen Blue Stripe checker (all rosewing) - 4th gen Silver checker (all rosewing) - 4th gen Sweetling checker (mixed wings) - 4th gen Avatar of Change checker (all rosewing); (Line 1) (Line 2) - 5th gen Silver checker (mixed wings) - 5th gen Avatar of Change checker (all rosewing) Mistletoe ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) - 3rd gen Imperial Fleshcrowne checker - 3rd gen Silver Lunar Herald alternating checker Enraged Aegis ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) - 3rd gen Gold Lunar Herald checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 4th gen Gold Lunar Herald checker Snow ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) - 3rd gen Imperial Fleshcrowne checker - 3rd gen Gold Lunar Herald checker
  12. *reading a story where a husband cooks dinner for his wife* "...This is where things stopped going well." *long pause* ! What happened?! Did Shinra catch fire?! Did the house burn down?! Has the fire nation attacked?! Damn, don't just leave me with that ominous statement!
  13. *sighs with relief* They liked each other! Haha!
  14. Oh please let fertility work! I don't want to keep hoping and praying for hellhorses to pop out. No more hellhorse breeding, please.
  15. Forum name: Daydreamer09 Lineages you made: Ten Minutes Ago (Cinderella Waltz) For the Dancing and the Dreaming The Broken Road Song of Loreley The Hanging Tree Just Around the Riverbend Because we can Be a Man Fireflies Stable Song Bright Born to Fly Desert Lullaby Heaven's Light Fields of Gold Burning House I Run to You Some Nights Nothing Ever Happens Add to front page? Yes Will you breed siblings for others if requested? Yes I just realized I have a ton of lyric lineages. Too many probably. Oh! And I thought I should mention this handy little thing that I use for counting characters in spreadsheets like in google docs, excel, open office calc when working out my lineages. If you type =LEN() into a cell and put the row and column info into the parenthesis, it counts the character of the defined cell. So, for example, =LEN(A1) will tell you how many characters are in the cell in column A, row 1.
  16. Thank you Ramani: https://dragcave.net/lineage/wnIUx
  17. Finally! I kid you not, these two have been breeding since November 2014. Almost three years of not producing a single gold! I'm about to cry right now.
  18. I have an in-law married to a cousin who posts shoes/clothes to sell on facebook. Things she's maybe only worn once if at all. She's apparently a US size 2 or 4 in pants, a small with tops and wears US size 8.5 or 9 shoes. I know this thanks to her posts... She posted Lilly Pulitzer short shorts today.
  19. How do I express one long, drawn out, exasperated sigh on here? *exhales painfully slow*
  20. Nice! That reminds me that I need to get back to working on my purebred autumn seasonals once breeding starts. Last couple years I haven't really been trying to progress at all. And finally I can say this is finished! So glad it didn't take a whole bunch of rebreeding attempts to get a compatible pairing. *slips in a teleport* As well this got completed a few weeks ago. I think once all the celestials in the line get off cooldown, I'll corporialize them all at the same time! I hope it'll look pretty. x3
  21. Hello, I just wanted to pop on here to thank ARK for adding me onto their list, as well say thank you to the kind person who nominated me. DC's a wonderful community and I'm really grateful to be a part of it.
  22. Been having dreams lately of being on sinking ships. The first time I was on a ship with my mom and suddenly it flipped upside down in the water. I remember making it out alive somehow, only to realize my mom was still in there. The second time I dreamed that I was on a cruise ship which somehow sank in shallow water in a way that it sat 90 degrees sticking up. Somehow I was going back and forth from the ship getting people out and onto the shore.
  23. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good place to host an art portfolio? I kind of have one set up with wordpress, but I'm finding it really confusing to arrange and set up my portfolio how I'd like it. I'm also not really liking the format of tumblr and of course can't use deviantart. If possible I'd like to find a site that's pretty intuitive.