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  1. I will say a seperate text box to describe lineages, precognitions, influences and such things on what I have on trade would be a nice thing to have. Something seperate from the want box as that really limits space. And it's probably already been mentioned, but being able to go through pages of recent trade posts of the trading hub and flip through to see older ones would be nice.
  2. Does 'any photos' include non photography images? Wording it as photos is throwing me for a loop. Say I make something in photoshop on a desktop/laptop and uploaded it? Would there be GPS showing where the image was created then?
  3. Ok. So I'm not a photographer, and I'm assuming that only relates to photos taken on phones and not digital art. Right? This is for a professional portfolio for job hunting, so Deviantart is definitely a no. I'll look into Artstation as I've never heard of it before.
  4. Add a lineage! Forum name: Daydreamer09 New lineage: Weaver of Lies
  5. White-wing snow angels A 2nd gen Thuwed Swallowtail Several 4-digit code dragons 4-digit coded Zombie (Used to be a CB Canopy picked up from the cave before biomes) A Neglected CB Prize with a custom code 2nd gen Gold tinsels bred from tombstones before a site change; Tombstones lack codes & viewable lineages LOTS of seasonal dragons; I have a ton of autumns that were used to help breed a 9th gen purbred Autumn Seasonal line A VERY old line of Purebred Ochredrakes that produces 19th generation offspring
  6. Thank you so much for the nomination for ARK. It was a really nice surprise to find in my inbox a few days ago. I'm not really sure what else to say except that I am very grateful for the recognition.
  7. Oh! You're right. I forgot they were mixed like that last year.
  8. Go to any biome in the cave and it'll pop up. So I'm not sure why, but I got a mint from the dilemma by not saying anything and the egg is rightside up. Did I miss something?
  9. You're so welcome! I'm really glad to hear you like it.
  10. Yeah, I sort of agree. I don't know if it's because they're so extremely detailed or just the green-pink/red colors. I think green colored dragons in general would look ok.
  11. Have: CB Val '09 - Make an offer! CB Rosebud - Make an offer CB Arsani - Make an offer 2nd gen Heartseeker from Royal Blue - Make an offer! 2nd gen Arsani from Red Firegem - Make an offer! 2nd gen Arsani from Green Copper - Make an offer! 2nd gen Heartseeker from Mistletoe - Make an offer 3rd gen Sunsong x Rosebud checker - Make an offer 3rd gen Purple Nebula x Arsani checker - Make an offer 3rd gen Spring x Arsani checker - Make an offer 3rd gen Radiant Angel x Spessartine Pyralspite - Make an offer! 4th gen Purple Ridgewing x Arsani checker - Make an offer! 4th gen Radiant Angel x Sunstone checker - Make an offer! 5th gen White x Rosebud checker (2x SA in base) - Make an offer! Want: (Exchange 2nd gen & higher swap) 2nd gen Val '09; any combo //// 2nd gen soulstone; any combo (You would make my day with a 2nd gen from terra) (For Anything I have listed; Willing to do multiples for below) 3rd gen Heartstealing from Winter Magi checker 3rd gen Mutamore from Tan Ridgewing checker 4th gen Heartstealing from Chrono checker ***Feel free to PM me about other offers
  12. I'm going through and compiling screenshots of most of the dragon dialogue (there's some I've missed). I'll be sending you a link to an imgur folder once it's done and you can use those if you want.
  13. For references... How do you feel about undertale? Don't know anything about the total list of flowers, but feel free to send me ones that are blue. eta: Wow! So much blue is filling my event page! Thanks guys.
  14. *Playing a dating sim* *Main character sees her husband of 3 months cheating on her* Choices: >>>> Get a Divorce >>>> Don't get a Divorce Me: "Girl, we are going to drop his so hard. Then, after that we're going to do what Carrie Underwood sang about. I hope he has a car." Younger brother: *sings* "I'm gonna go home and load my shot gun, sit by the door and light a cigarette..." Me: "No! No! No! Not that! Wrong song! Wrong song!"
  15. I've been told that when it comes to breeding dragons in general, there's a difference between "no egg" and "no interest". When the message reads that there's no egg, you can always rebreed the pair to try again after cooldown. A "no interest" message however means the dragons won't breed for some time. Now this is just from word of mouth, so I honestly have no idea if it's true or not. I think this is why prize breeders tend to swap mates around. Anyways, here's my prizes progeny to show his luck with shiny breeding. https://dragcave.net/progeny/Monet In general with common mates, the newer the breed, the harder it is to produce a prize. You have to wait for ratios to balance out. (Although trying your luck never hurts. I bred a prize from Almerald right after their release) There's also something to be said about the massbreeding events we use to regularly have. They helped out a TREMENDOUS amount. A huge increase in commons means the site has to balance them out with more rares and my experience breeding right after them has usually been really good.
  16. Please add a lineage: Forum name: Daydreamer09 New lineage: Rapunzel's Love Song
  17. List of Valentine Dragons I Can Breed: Valentine '09 ~~~~ - 4th gen Sunrise checker; (Pairing 1) (Pairing 2) (Pairing 3) *** The pairings listed all share the same female, but have different mates for her - 5th gen Sunrise checker - 6th gen from (Marrow x Sunstone) & (Sunrise x Val) checkers Pink Sweetling ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x1) - 3rd gen Waterhorse checker - 3rd gen Skywing checker - 3rd gen Solstice checker (all rosewing) - 4th gen Skywing checker - 4th gen from (Pink Sweetling x Skywing) & (Mixed Sweetling x Daydream) checkers - 4th gen Solstice checker (mixed wings) Rosebud ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x1) - 3rd gen Moonstone checker - 3rd gen Speckle-Throated checker - 3rd gen Purple checker - 3rd gen Carmine checker - 3rd gen Shadow Walker checker - 4th gen Moonstone checker - 4th gen Purple checker - 4th gen Shadow Walker checker - 5th gen Moonstone checker - 5th gen Purple checker - 5th gen Shadow Walker checker (SA) - 6th gen Moonstone checker Heartseeker ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x1) - 3rd gen Spring Seasonal checker - 3rd gen Ember checker - 3rd gen Silver checker - 3rd gen Cavern Lurker checker - 3rd gen Spirit Ward checker - 4th gen Ember checker - 4th gen Silver checker - 5th gen Silver checker - 6th gen Silver checker Arsani ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x1) - 3rd gen Horse checker - 4th gen Horse checker Radiant Angel ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) - 3rd gen Balloon checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) (Line 3) (Line 4) - 3rd gen Red checker - 3rd gen Magma checker - 4th gen Balloon checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 4th gen Red checker - 5th gen Balloon checker - 5th gen Red checker Heartstealing ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) - 3rd gen Chronos Xenowyrm checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) (Line 3) (Line 4) - 3rd gen Spirit Ward checker - 3rd gen Winter Magi checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) - 4th gen Chrono Xenowyrm checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) Mutamore ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) - 3rd gen Tan Ridgewing checker; (Line 1) (Line 2) Soulstone ~~~ - 2nd gen offspring (x2) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Valentine Breeding List: -- 2g Mutamore from Diamondwing (rinoa26)
  18. I was sort of basing the cap moreso on the timespan to raise dragons. There's only a month during the competition, so that does limit a bit. But I'm not arguing against a hard concrete cap of X amount of dragons. That makes sense in the long run. I'm also going to mention a danger of someone creating accounts to reach the cap on multiple scrolls. It would have to be over a certain amount where a new, trophy-less scroll can't reach to help deter that. Yeah, this idea definitely needs fine-tuning. Active players get a much higher chance versus non active and that's who I personally want to see win these prizes. All players who meet the cap SHOULD all have the same % chance, but if you were to look at the pie comparatively their odds would be greater than non regular players. Consider someone who meets the cap every month with every raffle and they've worked to increase those chances by playing, compared to the current system where everyone's got the same percentage.
  19. Shimmer, Ridgewing, Lunar Lineage: Huzzah!! I don't think I can take this a generation further without going insane. Crossing my fingers they'll get along. @Rekha Unfortunately I can't help you with that combo. I'd suggest checking the Checker Database Center *points to sig* if you haven't already.