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  1. Glad you like it. I just now realized that I put in the wrong link for that 4th gen. That horse was something I put up for grabs in the code thread. Here's the correct teleport link for the Shimmer/tombstone/lunar x ridgewing checked.
  2. Nope. Never gonna eat polluck again, let alone deep fry it. Bleh.
  3. Yeah, I'm pretty certain the administration uses the daily testing as a lame excuse for not wearing a mask. A few weeks ago Pence went into a clinic without a mask and that's pretty much how he justified it. Never mind he was going around sick rooms, shaking hands with patients. Aww... That's so sweet. 😊 I feel the same too. Lately I've been living on my own and with social distancing going on and staying at home more, this thread really makes a difference. With U.S. states easing back on restrictions, the predictions for mortality models is going up thanks to increased mobility. 😕 While I can't control what other people do, this makes me even more determined to stay at home when I can. I don't want to be a contributing factor to more people getting sick. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MJu18ASBzJU
  4. Even gens from a Shimmer/Lunar/Tombstone x Ridgewing checker 4th gen 5th gen
  5. Up for Grabs 2nd gen Speckle-Throat from Oar x Raft 2nd gen Horse from Fizz x Cola
  6. Have 3rd gen Magma from Nocturne(m) x Magma(f) checker ~~ https://dragcave.net/teleport/d68375b547000e8001ead5b61ffab22e 3rd gen Magma from Sunsong(m) x Magma(f) checker ~~ https://dragcave.net/teleport/2edc55aeb5452bdd89d4f7743357c82e Want 2nd gen Avatar of Destruction from Dark Lumina dad Need them for a breeding project and would be very grateful for the help
  7. Good to know. I've been working through all of this as the retail store I'm at is considered essential. A few of my coworkers left simply because they didn't want to contract it from working and spread it to their family. I've heard that a lot of places have had that as well and in a way it created a lot more hours for the folks who decided to stay. Ohio's unemployment fund is projected to run out at the end of the month and that's probably connected. Haven't been watching the local news lately, so it's just a guess. I can imagine a lot of states are running into the same issue. There are some tech savvy people though trying to prevent people getting reported. https://www.theverge.com/2020/5/8/21252185/ohio-employee-reporting-unemployment-fraud-system-spam-code On a different note, I saw an article a little bit ago about a White House staff member being diagnosed with Covid19. This coming after Trump's valet tested positive as well. Can't say it's any surprise when the president & vp don't even wear the facemasks that their own CDC recommends. Now Dr. Fauci who's head of Trump's task force is in quarantine. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/05/08/us/politics/white-house-coronavirus-safety.html https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/09/politics/fauci-modified-quarantine-coronavirus/index.html
  8. @AngelsSin I mainly just had an issue with that one sentence I quoted as it didn't sit right to read. Saying a stereotype is accurate was simply why I spoke up. I'm not really wanting to drag this further either. I think with the steaming of clothing you mentioned they might believe the heat from the steam would kill the virus. I don't know what temperatures the virus can withstand, but I find it doubtful as well that it'd do anything. Clothing shopping is definitely one of those questionable past times right now. Back in March I heard that catching covid19 from touching fabrics hadn't been observed, but that might be outdated by now. @purpledragonclaw Thank you for the link to the sexism thread! You're awesome. I found a news article of a town in Oklahoma where the mayor mandated facemasks while shopping and apparently the EMPLOYEES of stores were the one getting the backlash from it. Both physical and verbal. https://news.yahoo.com/city-ends-face-mask-rule-205822754.html?.tsrc=daily_mail&uh_test=1_04
  9. That's why I said I didn't agree with the 'sentence'. She said her stereotype was accurate in which I believe there shouldn't even BE a stereotype with how varied people are (that was the reason I brought men can be in touch with their emotions and women can be more logical). KrazyKarp is typical KrazyKarp. What he said should be attributed to him, not the influence of his gender. Even with historical baggage.
  10. Uh... Well, you know the belief that men shouldn't cry? I've heard both men and women say that. The issue with men showing emotions is that it's a stigma and 'a man is not a man if he show emotions' is a thing. I think younger generations right now are shaking this stigma off thankfully. Also, wanted to quote what you said about science not being taught the same when older generations went to school, but I'm on my phone which makes it hard. Anyways, science is always adding new discoveries into what kids in school are learning. I graduated in the late 00s and even I feel outsmarted by what the new generation is learning in school.
  11. So this is starting to get off topic now. But, even after reading the important points in your paragraph, I still can't agree with this sentence. There have been men who have been poets, playwrights, singers and just like many woman, have been more in touch with their emotions. Heck, I went to an art college where it's common to see young men taking sewing and fashion classes. In our day and age, you can't expect men to fit a stereotype based on archaic history from a few generations back. There's a nasty flip side to your topic where women who aren't emotional ENOUGH have been outcasted by other ladies and have trouble fitting in. I've talked to several women before who would have broached the same questions in the same exact way as KrazyKarp and would have jumped to saying 'emotional outburst' as well. Maybe I'm taking you a bit out of context, but believing all men are always a certain way doesn't make you any better than those who expect us to be overly emotional. Even if you feel justified by it from history. Sorry if this comes off as condescending as that's far from my intention. I just believe it to be a fact that there's no real 'typical male' or 'typical female'. And assuming so will often get you proven wrong. 😓
  12. Yep. I wasn't really sure how to bring it up though with things getting heated. Saying 'that's typical male' is just as bad as saying 'typical woman'. Can we just avoid gender stereotypes, guys? Seconded. For myself, I understand that not everyone thinks with their heart first and not everyone thinks with their head first. Some people are more focused on others and some are more focused on logical statistics. That doesn't mean that the former's irrational nor the latter's heartless, it's just there's different ways people look at problems.
  13. I didn't get a chance to mention it earlier when I read the news article, but apparently Friday in my state (Ohio) a news reporter was getting harassed by a lockdown protester at the capital building. The reporter kept trying to keep a distance from this lady, reminding her about social distancing, but she just kept walking up and yelling. The article I think really highlights how people protesting right now don't trust the news, even if it's local. https://thehill.com/homenews/state-watch/495709-woman-browbeats-reporter-for-wearing-a-mask-at-ohio-lockdown-protest There're also people protesting outside of Ohio's Health Department Director's house. 😬 https://www.cleveland.com/open/2020/05/small-group-protests-ohio-coronavirus-restrictions-outside-health-department-director-dr-amy-actons-house.html Can I move to Mars now?
  14. Well, that's exactly why I said "possibly be the soonest" 😓 With human ingenuity and how many countries are currently throwing scientists and medical professionals into studying the virus, disease and possible cures, I feel really confident that something will eventually pan out as a treatment. It's just until then we as a species have to do our best to lower the virus' impact. Corona is a new virus that up until a few months ago nobody had previously been exposed to or had any immunity. If there's a similar historical example that comes to my mind, it would be when europeans introduced diseases to natives in the Americas. The native populations, being isolated were never exposed to these new diseases and so many of them weren't able to fight them off. Native populations were hit HARD. It's maybe an extreme comparison, but one which I think goes to show the problem with thinking it's effective. Maybe in the long, long run from an evolution standpoint, sure, but there's a huge gamble of human lives involved with relying on herd immunity.
  15. I think part of the reason we need to social distance (quarantine is actually more extreme) long-term is that #2 on your list. Ideally it'd keep the curve down until one gets released. There are vaccine trials being ran and tested, however it takes time to see if they are actually effective and there needs to be time to monitor if there's any negative long-term side effects. Last I heard, the fall would possibly be the soonest a vaccine is found. I don't think the idea of promoting herd immunity without using a vaccine is actually a good idea with such a high death rate from the disease. It'd be at a cost of human lives. What Kith brought up reminded me that I have been hearing about blood transfusions from people who have recovered from covid that seem to be helping critical cases in hospitals.
  16. Wow, that is some amazing detail work. It's beautiful and definitely something you should be proud of. I think the bill cipher panel's my favorite. Editing to add a bit of my own crocheting, I learned how to do basic mosaic crocheting from Tinna Thorudottir Thorvaldar on youtube. The style is really gorgeous. I'm thinking of doing a big blanket with this pattern in navy and an ombre green-blue-white.
  17. I hate to choose sides, but Olympe is 100% right on this. And the danger of having thousands of people on a California beach isn't just something that would affect your state. Idiots are going to travel there from other states. When they come back home, there's a real danger and possibility they'll bring it back from catching it from another tourist. From what I've heard that's exactly what happened in Florida this past spring break. If the beach has restrictions and someone's there to keep people from gathering in groups, that's one thing, but having them completely open is a real issue and concern. I understand they need to stay open because the beaches are for everyone just like the parks are. But you can't ignore the fact that not having anything at all is going to help this pandemic spread and more people can die as a result.
  18. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  19. Name: Cera (pronounced like Sara) Gender: Female Sexuality: Straight Height: 5ft 3in Hair: Between Brown & Blonde Eyes: Dark blue Skin: Peach Current location: Ohio Zodiac (Tropical Western): Scorpio Zodiac (Chinese): Year of the Horse (Metal) Zodiac (Egyptian): Apparently Horus (I just now learned about this) Animals: No pets currently, but grew up with dogs. Don't have any particular favorite animal. Color: Blue Gemstones: Crystal Quartz, Honey-colored Citrine Flower: Chicory Element: Water Lucky numbers: 12, 24 Season: Fall Time of day: Sunrise (Although I'm rarely awake to see it. Still love them though) MBTI: INFP-A Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff/Ravenclaw Subjects: Visual Art, Storytelling, Poetry, Philosophy, Psychology, Fairy tales, Paleontology Music: American Country (90s, 00s), Folk (American, Canadian, Celtic, Irish), Owl City, Soft Rock (Late 00s, early 10s) Food: Mac & Cheese, Chinese Fish: Catfish, Tilapia Meat: Fish Fruit: Pears, Grapes, Oranges Plants and vegetables: Cucumbers, Pumpkin Drink: Coffee, Tea Alcoholic beverage: Dandelion Wine, Ciders Dessert: Peanut Butter flavored treats Deities and religions: Roman Catholicism Philosophies: Existentialism, Stoicism Books: Brother's Grimm, Othello, Pillow Thoughts Movies: The Princess Bride, The Little Princess, Loving Vincent Quote: "Why can't we all just get along?" - Me "For my part I know nothing with any certainty, but the sight of the stars makes me dream" - Vincent Van Gogh Hobbies: Kniting & Crocheting, general crafting Article of clothing: Pajama pants with a soft penguin fabric Something fun(ny)/free space: I kind of want to put something positive in here, so... if you're reading this; You are an amazing person and I'm very grateful to be sharing this planet with you. I hope that you know how intelligent, kind, graceful, brave, strong and beautiful you truly are.
  20. This is why we don't share our thoughts with others. Should just stay in my own shell.
  21. I've known how to knit & crochet for a few years now, but with covid-19 I picked up hand-sewing so I could at least have a trade or a skill to lean on in case we're all thrown into a post-apocalyptic world. Other than that I'm skilled at drawing (I worked seasonally up until now as a caricature artist), but I don't thinks it's as practical or valued. Honestly, I worry about if I'd be able to make it out on my own. I went to college for art and love the subject, but it's not really applicable to survival.
  22. At my workplace we ALWAYS double check with the customer and their order to make sure it's 100% accurate and what they want. A lot of businesses are doing that to prevent mixups. I can't say for places abroad. This is my home state enacting these things. It's local in that aspect and niche. I can't be like, well, UK had a grocery issue so it applies to Ohio. Our modes of transportation are also different. Here you have to have a car to get anywhere. And I really don't have an issue with exemption cards. I have issue with no mask mandate at all that allows idiots who are perfectly capable of wearing one, but don't see the value in it. It's them I am 100% more concerned about. And the fact that I'm wearing a mask is to protect OTHERS. It doesn't protect the person wearing it. That's why I'm so concerned and frustrated. People are working these jobs to help keep everything afloat and risking their health in the process. Having a mandate (even with exemption cards) would have at least been more of a comfort than a recommendation.
  23. The retail stores in my area are doing a lot to be accommodating to people with Covid going on. There's curbside pickup like I mentioned where customers are able to buy online and then drive up to the front of the store who drops off their purchases to them. They can easily sit in the comfort of their car and don't have to come in. We also have customers shopping over phones. I didn't make that comment to be callous and without putting into consideration that it is a hard fact some people can't wear masks. Businesses in the state are making adjustments for their customers out of compassion and going out of their way for others' needs. Acting like a mom and her disabilities kid would get ostracized by a business isn't true, even in that situation. And I get that I sounded less than empathetic to this woman, but it's one of those situations where something that everyone can do which would help protect everyone gets railroaded by a smaller group's disposition. Like, I understand that this scenario is literally putting both parties on a judgement scale for needs. Thing is, my state's reopening plan is to slowly reopen more retail stores over time. With entering into an enclosed space where anyone from anywhere can walk in, there is a dangerous flip side to this. From what I've seen in my own store, even with signs and postings there's a good number of customers who aren't being conscientious of social distancing, especially around employees (or even blatantly ignoring it). As well, there are practical reasons employees have to be in close distances with customers just to help them shop. If just ONE of those customers not wearing a mask gets an employee sick, bam. Store closes. Like I said, I want to keep working and I want our store to stay open and I'm sure there're a lot of others who share this sentiment. I think the people who are going to take advantage of the fact facemasks are merely recommended are moreso the ill-informed, conspiracy theorists, way too proud or willfully ignorant. Not really the people with disabilities (Many of whom are much safer staying at home right now if able). Honestly when it comes to being an essential worker those crazies are the ones I wish were made to wear them. On a different note, I apologize if my frustration is coming off as over-the-top and cold. I understand that there's different views and opinions in everything and appreciate hearing your guys' inputs.
  24. Welp, the state that I live in in the US is starting to make plans to reopen stores and businesses with restrictions. For about 24hrs the Ohio governor had mentioned anyone who would be out shopping would be required to wear a mask... Until he changed his mind after a woman with an autistic son talked him down to making it 'recommended'. Businesses can choose to require them or not. I have never been more angry at a mother of a disabilities child. Especially when there's a plethora of stores accommodating people who can't come in by offering online and curbside services. Your son can't wear a mask so you can't go shopping? Well, you don't have to take him inside to shop anymore. I'm an essential worker in retail and this pisses me off. I am required to wear a mask to keep my store's customers healthy and safe from me getting them sick. I want to stay healthy, my coworkers to stay healthy, to keep working and stay open, but it if a customer ruins that! Especially if they're not wearing one because of pride or a warped sense of reality. Wearing a mask should be kin to requiring shoes and a shirt for entering stores at this point. I'm crossing my fingers our store makes masks mandatory. (Probably won't happen as we've been open this entire time without the requirement, but still hoping.)
  25. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Popped in after a long while and bred a lot of even gens.