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  1. NOBODY IS SAYING THAT! Look this is an issue with a lot of different angles. Everyone here understands that your viewpoint is motivated because you care about other people which is admirable. That's the motivation for everyone else too. Everyone is seeing the different ways covid19 is negatively impacting and affecting kids and are concerned. Take a deep breathe because I am genuinely worried you need to take a moment for your wellbeing.
  2. 1. Yeah, my point was your hypocrisy of pointing at everyone else, saying nobody has a solution when you give off the attitude it's impossible. Like, seriously. 2. Coming from a medical family, I am flummoxed how you don't see the long term value in education. 3. Stop using "apples to oranges" You are using it wrong. It's used when you are comparing two DRASTICALLY different things. 4. You can't keep kids in a bubble. That's not possible, sane or logical. They have to take risks in life.
  3. @AngelsSin For me it's not a matter of 'X' is important and 'Y' isn't. Health, safety, education, socialization, mental and emotional well-being is all important in this issue. Just because you don't see the value in one of those things doesn't mean others don't need it. It's important that we find ways to balance all those through adapting to the situation. If you outright say it can't be done or don't try to come up with things too, you're not being constructive either in this.
  4. 6th gen even lyric lineage 5th gen even Thuwed
  5. @AngelsSin I get where you are coming from. Lives are really important and irreplaceable. However, I think the lack of being able to attend school is hitting kids from poorer families worse than anything. I've talked to a local teacher from the city schools and hearing her talk about her students falling behind breaks my heart. These are kids from families with multiple kids and only one computer to share between them all for online classes. They just don't have the resources to learn at home. Covid19's putting kids from low income families in an even greater disadvantage long term. They're the ones who need a solid education the most for a good future. I agree we can't bring kids back to school like how it use to be, however online only isn't going to cut it. I really wish the U.S. would pay attention to what some other more successful countries are doing in their education systems to combat the pandemic.
  6. Nightline just put out a video about the how meat packing issues in the US are affecting farmers and workers here. I hate to say it, but from what I've heard from word of mouth, the anonymous meatplant worker they talked to sounds about right with how plants were handling things back in April.
  7. Yeah, that's a good thing. That fact pretty much hammers in more that the guy was being a jerk. From what I've heard some mayors in the US are starting to mandate them with all the recent spiking. If it gets bad in my location too, that may end up being law here too.
  8. This reminds me I had an awkward situation at work the other day. The store I work at recommends masks, but doesn't require them for customers. As I was helping a maskless gentleman at work, another customer was giving him strange looks and I didn't really understand until the latter finally came up in line. Once he came up he started complaining about the guy's lack of a mask and how HE was the one getting glared at, "he was glaring at me, so I glared right back". I didn't argue much, but half heartedly mentioned we didn't require it at the store and parroted that some consider doing so illegal (I don't actually believe that, but didn't think before opening my mouth), which didn't do much in the conversation. It was one of those uncomfortable situations because I think part of it was in his head as the other guy seemed more confused and weirded out than anything. Personally, unless a situation calls for it I avoid bringing up when customers don't have a mask on unless they make a comment like, "Oh, sorry for forgetting it!" Mainly because I don't want to hear the spiels of people like the guy you encountered at the grocery store.
  9. Picked up a 4th gen Creation Avatar x Water checker a few days ago. It's a really pretty combo and I couldn't resist keeping it. Thanks @Astreya
  10. Even as someone living in the US, I really agree other countries shouldn't be so open with our citizens coming in. We don't have things fully in control and even some of the states that were doing incredibly well back in May are struggling again. @AngelsSin Really glad to hear that you are feeling much better!
  11. That Trump quote makes me wonder if the guy would be willing to stop getting tested on a daily basis himself. Heck, so many of our testing kits have been used on him and all the other politicians. A part of me would love to see him catch it and eat his own words.
  12. I think Google ads has noticed the shift in topic. Got this just now reading the thread.
  13. @Astreya You mentioned that new drug that's showing promising results, well Sci Show on YouTube actually put out a video with more info on it out. I haven't watched the whole thing yet myself. This channels been really good about scientific updates on covid19 research.
  14. I'm really glad to hear that there's been some headway. Honestly, I'm worried about in the US with our healthcare system that if a vaccine or preventative medication gets developed here that it'd be monopolized in a way that the average person couldn't afford it. We treat cancer saving drugs and treatments as huge expenses, I'm worried we'd fall into the same line of thinking with Covid19. If something gets developed in Europe, I'd at least feel more comfortable. Today I went into my chiropractor's office again and I'm DEFINITELY going to switch to a new one. The few social distancing measures they had were all taken down and my chiropractor himself tried convincing me that it was better for my health to take off the mask I was wearing. Even when I tried ending the uncomfortable conversation, he took me aside to further talk about it. I know he meant well, but at one point I was tempted to point out he wasn't a PHD like the medical experts for the CDC who recommend using masks. I've been getting a bit of backlash from my family too about wearing a mask out of the house. Even if I do it to help prevent the spread to others, that doesn't seem to be enough justification. Any city or state that hosts Trump's rally is going to take a bullet and it's the last thing we need as a country when half of the states are experiencing a spike after reopening. I hate to say this, but I'm relieved he's not having it where I'm at.
  15. Not sure if anyone can use these Gold x Xenowyrm checkers and mixes. Hopefully so. Gaia Astrapi Astrapi (from mirror) Chronos (from astrapi mix)
  16. That's really awful. Lives should have more value than keeping things open and available. I'm really worried other states are going to fall into the same pattern.
  17. Wednesday I went into my chiropractor's office and I'd forgotten my facemask for the first time. Normally there've only been a handful of patients at one time, so I didn't think it'd be much of an issue and the office hadn't been requiring it. But as I got there, there were waaaay too many people for the space that they had. I'm kicking myself for downplaying my lack of a facemask on the drive there. Another thing that freaked me out was they were playing a video titled "The Ugly Truth About Vaccines" in their lobby and actually had a flyer hanging trying to convince people masks could be more dangerous than not having one. As well, talking about the local zoo reopening back up with one of the chiropractors she told me she didn't understand why it closed in the first place. I had to remind her about how March was. I'm about ready to find a new chiropractor. 😟 Yesterday at the office supply store I work at a lady came into our self serve area with her baby and mother to print work paystubs and the entire time she was there she was coughing. Thankfully she had a thin headwrap she was using as a mask to cough in, but every now and then I caught her pulling it down to expose her nose. She should definitely not have been out and about. After she left I forced a customer to wait while I sprayed the machines and tables down before he went and used them. I'm crossing my fingers the lady only had allergies. Just today I learned that there are even restaurants trying to sue my state's Governor because they don't like the restrictions in place to prevent Covid19's spread. So, I've had some interesting experiences this past week that are making me worry about the path my local area's going in.
  18. Opening Prizekin Breeding Requests I'm opening a breeding request list for 2nd gen prizekin offspring from my male silver shimmer, Monet. Requirements are you need a silver trophy or better and to add a scroll link in your pm. Requesters can choose from among past mates (excluding Charmcaster and holidays) for shimmerkin breeds. 3 slots currently available, PM me to be added.
  19. Requesting I need help with getting certain GoN offfpring for a breeding project and would appreciate any help with it. I need 3 2nd gen AoD from Dark Lumina dads And just one 2nd gen White Zyumorph from Sinomorph dad Thanks @Ruby Eyes!
  20. Have 2nd gen Imperial Fleshcrowne from Sil. Shimmer dad ~~ https://dragcave.net/teleport/3f6e14ff127573ec352a23255f3ed893 Want Not sure, I'm open to considering any offer
  21. Have 2nd gen Imperial Fleshcrowne from Sil. Shimmer dad ~~ https://dragcave.net/teleport/3f6e14ff127573ec352a23255f3ed893 Want Not sure, I'm open to considering any offer
  22. Have: 2nd gen Thalassa hatchling (influence Female) from Sil. Shimmer father ~~ Make an Offer Want: 2nd gen AoD from Dark Lumina dad x GON mom 2nd gen White Zyumorph from Sinomorph dad x GON mom 2nd gen Prize-kin swap
  23. Woah, that sounds awful. After reading that I can sympathize if you don't get why people read for fun and entertainment. Something like that turns reading into mindless homework. Sounds like it's now more of a utility skill for you. I'm kind of in the same basket as Sesshomaru. Did a ton of reading back as a kid in late elementary school through high school and the library was my favorite place to chill. But now, I can't recall the last chapter book I read through. I just don't devote as much free time to it anymore as an adult. Comics and short poetry's really all I read for fun now.
  24. Yeah, I just recently heard about a poultry plant that processes turkey in my home state having a number of workers getting sick and testing positive for Covid19. I have an inlaw who's sister worked there and caught it. From what I heard they didn't have any rules on face masks being enforced and really only threw them on during inspections. It kind of boggles my mind how lax they were considering they're part of the food industry. One thing I've heard is that around that rural county in Ohio, it's much rarer to see shoppers in a wallmart wearing masks than it is in the capital where I'm at. It does seem according to a news article that workers have been distanced more and shields were given as a result of workers catching it. So the company's taking it seriously now.
  25. Up for Grabs 2nd gen Speckle-Throat from Oar x Raft codes