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  1. On 7/23/2020 at 9:59 PM, Alphaeon said:

    So what happens to your villagers when you've been gone for some time...do they eventually move away?  Or does your island just become infested with weeds~

    I'm still learning about the game mechanics myself, but I know that a villager has a chance of asking to leave. There's an algorithm that takes into account their friendship level, if it's within so many days after their birthday and if you've spent time with them recently. I'm not sure if it's based off of active gameplay or takes into account days you weren't on.

  2. 11 minutes ago, catstaff said:

    Businesses have the right to require customers to behave in ways to ensure (as much as possible) the health and safety of their workers. They also have the right to refuse service to anyone who refuses to comply with their policies. I mean, have you ever seen a store or restaurant that doesn't have "No Shirt, No Shoes, No Service" as well as "No Smoking" posted somewhere? They're perfectly within their rights to refuse service and kick out someone who enters barefoot with a cigarette. By that same token, if a business has a policy of "Must Wear a Mask to Enter" then they have the right to refuse service, or at least to restrict anti-maskers to curbside service, to protect their workers.

    That's one thing I've been unable to understand with people causing drama over being forced to wear a mask. Like you said it's not any different.


    As a side note, our walk-up counter where an associate prints for the customer does have an email for customers to submit printouts. (Along with standard submit-it-online) It's a bit more expensive because it's not "do-it-yourself". For the most part that's how customers who ACTUALLY have health concerns have been getting their curbside printing. ☺️


    Btw, this came up as an ad on the forum. LMAO. I'm sure the left one is definitely CDC approved and nobody's going to question it. You'll be too stylish to catch covid.


  3. On 7/27/2020 at 11:41 AM, trystan said:

    there's videos out there of some lady telling people that if they don't want to wear a mask to tell store employees they have a note from their doctor, and that the employees aren't allowed to ask about it or their "condition" because of our HIPAA/privacy laws.  that's a bunch of hooey, i'll tell you that. 


    Hate to say it, but that sounds like something they'd say. As far as I know with disabilities if someone says they have one by law, you can't ask. I'm not a legal expert though.


    Last week the office supply store I work at had a customer come in to use our self service printers, claiming such a reason for not wearing a mask. I ended up having to help her and it turned out she was printing anti-vaccine booklets. So yeah... pretty certain she was lying.

  4. @Sesshomaru

    I have quite a few ancestors who had over 10 kids. I never really thought of it as a German thing. Well, again almost everyone in my tree is German, (the rest being Hollander Dutch) so I haven't had anything to compare really. Lol.

    I just always assumed it was because they were farmers and they needed more hands to work.



    Wow, so you have aunts and uncles you've never met living in North Korea? That's really something to think about with how crazy that country is right now. I hope they're safe and ok.


    And it's awful you don't have any of those family documents. My grandfather's told stories about cousins stealing american civil war portraits from his parents. There's nothing really historical I've inherited either and it makes you wonder and wish you had those few precious heirlooms.

  5. What the frickity track with that customer today?! She knew that what she was doing was going to cause an error on the printers to the point where they'd need rebooted, but she did it anyway!!! Not just to one machine, nooooo. She had to do it to both! And then she had the AUDACITY to say the printing supervisor had explained to her last time why the errors occured. So she freaking knew! And then she just flippently (typo I know) said she was going to another store to print... AND DO THE SAME THING THERE! Of all the inconsiderate and selfish things to do! And, dear reader, nobody could use the machines for hours until I had a chance to sit on the phone with helpdesk to figure out how to reboot the damn things while running back and forth helping customers at the same time because I was the only print associate! This is why I say I hate people. 😤

  6. @Lagie

    I'm so relieved and glad to hear that you guys are banning travelers from the US from entering! Last thing I would want is for another nation's numbers to skyrocket because of us, so please don't apologize.


    I haven't been paying attention to my home state's numbers (Ohio), but I've been hearing talk about whether or not we will be going back into lockdown at least partially. We haven't been making the news like other states, but the fact numbers are going up is universal throughout the entire country. Mike DeWine's the governor here and for a Republican he's taken the pandemic seriously, but I'm really worried about whether or not he'll be willing to put restrictions back into place. It was something he promised would be the case in this sort of scenario back in May. 😕


    One of my part-time jobs has me working in an office supply store at a printing counter. Within the last week I've had to print anti-vaccine and anti-lockdown materials for customers. Which... Has been fun to stomach. There's also a really surreal feeling accompanied with these sorts of retail stores gearing up for back-to-school season right now. My store is getting overstocked with rulers, binders, folders, crayons, etc., but obviously nobody knows what's going to happen with the schools. From a business side, I understand these events get planned months in advance, but it comes across as being unable to read the room. We are also back to almost our full operational hours before the pandemic, partly because our particular location is high volume. High volume and more hours during a pandemic... Makes sense. *sigh*

  7. I just go the game about 4 days ago. I really love the island I got. It has a big island in the middle of some rivers shaped close to a leaf. At the beginning I also got Flo, who is amazing and Billy, which I'm surprised that I actually really like him. The only thing that didn't work in my favor was I had peaches on my island, which I've replaced with every other fruit tree. There are a few villager's I'm not too happy about after Nook sent me out to build houses. Peggy's fenced into her house so I can ignore her until she leaves.

  8. @Kith Thanks for clarifying why it's a smaller group. That makes a lot of sense when you explain it like that.



    I think in the long run and in the big picture if we can even get a vaccine that works for a part of the population, that would be a big relief. Just for the fact that it would give more herd immunity to protect individuals who can't get vaccinated.

  9. 13 minutes ago, AngelsSin said:

    Actually the Moderna trials are a bit of a mixed bag. From what I've heard they had a lot of side effects some that needed hospitalization From the higher dose of the vaccine (200 cc I believe) which they discontinued. And they are using healthy people with no underlying condition from ages ranging from 18-55 years old. One expert explained it as if the higher dose had side effects in healthy people even the lower doses had some side effects as well and since people react differently to medicines you can expect people to Also have bad reactions to the lower doses especially given we don't know how people who are older or with underlying conditions will react to it given they are left out of the trial. 

    Imo I am disappointed in the trial results, I would have liked to see better results.

    It did sound strange to me that they would be using less than 50 people to test the vaccine. A larger sample size would make more sense for the reasons that you mentioned.

  10. 2 hours ago, Fuzzbucket said:

    ON a lighter but dead serious note:



    Haha, that's brilliant! 🤣

    Best analogy I've heard.


    @Astreya @olympe

    I think a big, major part of misinformation being spread around is how easy it is to do so. Back in the 80s and 90s everyone was excited for the internet and how easily we could get information from it. But, problem groups can spread their skewed information easier too. It's a negative flip side.

  11. 55 minutes ago, olympe said:


    On the other hand, I'm really curious to know if a certain stormbird on here is still proud of open California beaches...

    If I remember correctly, they mentioned that the conditions for the beaches to stay open were people would have to follow social distancing guidelines. Suffice to say that didn't happen. Big surprise.

  12. 2 hours ago, olympe said:


    • You just don't understand./You're stupid.
    • You have been brainwashed [by the government/big pharma/whichever].
    • You fell for a hoax, dear. (Add a look of pity to that statement.)
    • I have it from [insert questionable source here], and that's always right. / My second cousin's once removed boyfriends' ex-MIL's friend knows someone who...

    Sounds right. The first 3 points have been things I've been told by people who don't agree with all the shutdowns and mandates in my home state. You can bring up all the relevant facts, but if you call them wrong "you're a naive fool" or "can't read between the lines". The backlash is always  vague about why you are wrong and they never actually have anything backing them up 


    Pseudo scientists aren't helping things out either putting out information under the guise of 'science.' A chiropractor that I'm just now leaving and never going back to had this up in his lobby about why you shouldn't wear masks. Several points don't make sense and googling the source shows it's not credible. Apologies that it's a bit fuzzy.




  13. 16 hours ago, trystan said:

    so i posted this in another thread yesterday - 


    i work in retail, and i've been told that i can mention to customers about their masks if they're not wearing it over their nose, but be gentle about it.  so i've decided to point to my nose and move my finger downward a little and say "oops, i think your mask slipped?"and point to my nose again.  one guy laughed, joked his nose was too big, but moved it to cover his nose.  i had a lady who, when i mentioned that, gave me a look that said "what does that have to do with the price check i asked for on this item?"  and another lady said she couldn't breathe, and i told her that the masks have a metal strip in them that can fit it around your nose.  but then she says "besides, they're not mandatory."  to which i said, "hmm, i'll have to look that up" - but they ARE mandatory in businesses in my state.  

    I had a customer last week where gently I offered a mask because of the mandate who point blank refused. Said he didn't feel he needed one. I ended up saying that we were required by law to give him one if he didn't have a mask on. That seemed to get the idea across to him. Thankfully my workplace hasn't had any scenes with stubborn customers. The grocery store next to us hasn't been so lucky.


    For myself, I'm still trying to get use to remembering to check customers have facemasks. Especially when I'm not focused on it at the moment. It's second nature to look at a face with a nose and mouth visible that I go into auto pilot. Need to work on that.



    Another thing that goes into that sort of thing is the memory white blood cells who can reproduce those anti bodies. We'd have to see if there's a limit on that as well.

  14. @Lagie

    Living in one of those hotspot countries, I can't help but feel some partial responsibility for the spikes you guys are having. Hope things don't escalate anymore.



    You guys are doing so much and it's rediculous the stress you guys are being put under with not having proper protection and taking care of so many patients. All I can say is hang in there and stay healthy! Definitely try to keep yourself safe as much as you can.



    I've been pretty suspicious about whether Trump had really been meeting with Fauci at all in the last couple months. It says a lot when the doctor Trump put in charge of the task force can't even give a full update to the guy.

  15. On 7/5/2020 at 7:09 PM, dragon_mando said:

    I've been slowly learning how to crochet. I've mostly made scarves (both regular and infinity). I learned how to make mini frogs from a YouTube video this week.

    Cuuuuuuute! 😍

    I've seen where people have attached jump rings and keychain rings to little amigurumis to turn them into, well, keychains.


    edit: Oops, didn't realize I wasn't looking at the most recent page in here. Your jellyfish is really beautiful too.

  16. I'm from a long line of... Farmers. From Germany. There's not really any notable figures I am aware of in my ancestry. It's possible there are some in offshoot branches of cousins.


    Still, there are interesting stories though. A year or so ago I learned about an ancestor who was a serf in 'ye olde feudal system. One day a nobleman's carriage got out of control and the guy saved him. Was rewarded with land and based off my geneology research, possibly one of the nobleman's daughters. (There's a Kathrine von/vom Hapstat which for a German surname I believe denotes some aristocracy or nobility. Because the "from" part of the name changes for a few generations it's really difficult to find anything on her.) I have trouble Google searching anything concrete to back up what I've heard about this branch because the last name of that family line is really unusual and spellings have changed around. If anyone has suggestions on better resources or research methods, I'd appreciate it.


    Another, much more recent ancestor of mine left Bavaria back when there were multiple German countries and wars in the 1850s to come to the US. The sources I read pretty much stated he didn't want to follow into a military life like his father. However, when 1860s with it's civil war rolled around, he got drafted without a choice. He even tried getting out of the situation by trying to get a doctor's note for gout.

  17. @AngelsSin

    Can't quote you since I'm on my phone, but that is pretty accurate to the biggest concern most people have which is for the adults in schools. And the fact teachers have to worry about spread not only happening to themselves, but to their families as well echoes the issues healthcare workers have been dealing with. Our education system sucks with a one-size fits all teaching method and this whole covid19 pandemic has torn that apart.


    CNN CNBC did a report recently on issues international college kids are facing in the US. Pretty much that if they take online classes only, their visas get revoked. Which brings up the important question, WHERE ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO GO? Travel to and from the country is banned for the most part.



  18. 10 hours ago, RainDear said:

     My opinion (imagination) Not speaking for anyone else.


    Right now, I have an image in my head of bulldozers pushing bodies into mass graves with our president flashing the Victory sign to the news cameras saying, "We're lucky. They were Democrats."


    I keep waiting for him to wake up, or hoping I'm having a nightmare.

    What a time to live in the land of the free. It's a dark image, but living in the US right now kind of feels that way. I'm kicking myself for never trying to move abroad before all this went down.

  19. Uh... I'm sorry...? Like how can me showing concern for someone be "misguided". That's probably not what they meant, but it kind of came out that way.

    Well, inserting sarcasm into her argument doesn't exactly mean she's being totally logic driven in her writing. Seriously, I don't think she realized how tunnel vision she got. It seemed defensive like fight-or-flight. When I get that way it normally ends up pretty badly for myself and I withdraw horribly. Little miffed that nothing I said seemed to satisfy her and it took someone else to get some compromise. I digress though, the last thing I need to do is get off topic with another's mental health.


    *slaps self* Alright, time to move to something else. Nothing's going to come of me sitting here typing.

  20. 20 minutes ago, AngelsSin said:



     My mental state is just fine thank you very much. There is zero to worry about there and what you stated was me using sarcasm very heavy on the sarcasm.I feel very strongly about the protection and well being of children and will always strongly state my feelings on such. Don't misinterpret that as I might be having some sort of meltdown. That's me reading between your lines.

    You wrote 11 paragraphs in one post just to dig your heels into your stance, so yeah. 'Course I'd be concerned that you're getting stressed.




    But when it comes to lives/socializing/education, all those things intersect each other and are interconnected. Kids watch educational shows about how to be kind and make friends. They need friends to be mentally happy and healthy. Life decisions are made from learning about the world. Personally I can't grasp putting a hard line dividing them.

    And I apologize if it came off as if I was promoting recklessness. You can't protect children from everything was more was what I was getting at. At some point you are over protective (everyone draws that line in different places to be fair).

  21. 11 minutes ago, AngelsSin said:

    I guess I am just being stupid or irrational for not wanting anymore kids to die.   But hey what do I know about such things, I mean really. Guess there is something wrong with me for wanting to protect kids from dying of a preventable disease.

    NOBODY IS SAYING THAT! Look this is an issue with a lot of different angles. Everyone here understands that your viewpoint is motivated because you care about other people which is admirable. That's the motivation for everyone else too. Everyone is seeing the different ways covid19 is negatively impacting and affecting kids and are concerned. Take a deep breathe because I am genuinely worried you need to take a moment for your wellbeing.

  22. 8 minutes ago, AngelsSin said:


    I don't hear you coming up with a solution either and I don't see a solution that works not that I havent given it plenty of thought just nothing that actually works I come from a medical family I have a good grasp on how these things work (germs and spreading germs) and I nor any medical profession I've heard of can come up with a solution. We can't even keep the adults from spreading it. Once again it's apples.to.oranges. Your right I don't understand anyone willing to risk a kids life and I never will!


    1. Yeah, my point was your hypocrisy of pointing at everyone else, saying nobody has a solution when you give off the attitude it's impossible. Like, seriously.

    2. Coming from a medical family, I am flummoxed how you don't see the long term value in education. 

    3. Stop using "apples to oranges" You are using it wrong. It's used when you are comparing two DRASTICALLY different things.

    4. You can't keep kids in a bubble. That's not possible, sane or logical. They have to take risks in life.

  23. @AngelsSin

    For me it's not a matter of 'X' is important and 'Y' isn't. Health, safety, education, socialization, mental and emotional well-being is all important in this issue. Just because you don't see the value in one of those things doesn't mean others don't need it. It's important that we find ways to balance all those through adapting to the situation. If you outright say it can't be done or don't try to come up with things too, you're not being constructive either in this.