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  1. Have: Shadow Walker Egg (SA Descended, 5th gen Wrappingwing x Shadow Walker checker) ~~ Offer here Want: 2nd gen Halloween x Holiday
  2. Have: SA Descended, 5th gen Wrappingwing x Shadow Walker checker ~~ Offer here Want: 2nd gen Halloween x Holiday
  3. Odeen grabbed one of my witchlight babies! EEEEEEeeeee!
  4. I think the only argument I've heard that makes sense to me and I can sympathize with would be lineages. Discerning if your egg's descended from a pair of dragons legitimately could become tough if other people are able to use the same names. That could be said for some of TJ's thuwed pairs and the Dorkface lines where other players can mimic the CB pairs. Players would have to look at the scroll owner (if the owner's name is even visible) or the dragon's code. Still, Dragon Cave has evolved over time from other game changes occurring. It's not enough of a reason in my opinion.
  5. I honestly would rather the site get rid of name exclusivity. I believe I started playing 3 years after DC first started and it was a LOT more fun trying to nab cool, fun names before someone else did. It was a fun little gem to discover you could name your cheese dragon "Swiss" or a daydream "Parfait". However, this site is now 14 years old with tons of veteran players and inactive accounts. The old system just isn't practical anymore in my opinion. I've personally grown attached to how my dragons are named, but I want newer players to enjoy the fun process of naming their pixel pets too. Me
  6. Popping on from hiatus just to drop some of my higher gen Halloween checkers. Happy Spook-Tober everyone! https://dragcave.net/teleport/5045e1e8a0c0c36dc59dd4f660dc54db https://dragcave.net/teleport/15a3dc6d56413587f7d131e7db15b5c2 https://dragcave.net/teleport/c860a6b4b0065a7353f16f0714f93263 https://dragcave.net/teleport/537d5d75ccd073fe75d29730ce4c1152 https://dragcave.net/teleport/8233b48a23cfb9960e2220eb1171e903
  7. I'm still learning about the game mechanics myself, but I know that a villager has a chance of asking to leave. There's an algorithm that takes into account their friendship level, if it's within so many days after their birthday and if you've spent time with them recently. I'm not sure if it's based off of active gameplay or takes into account days you weren't on.
  8. That's one thing I've been unable to understand with people causing drama over being forced to wear a mask. Like you said it's not any different. As a side note, our walk-up counter where an associate prints for the customer does have an email for customers to submit printouts. (Along with standard submit-it-online) It's a bit more expensive because it's not "do-it-yourself". For the most part that's how customers who ACTUALLY have health concerns have been getting their curbside printing. ☺️ Btw, this came up as an ad on the forum. LMAO. I'm sure the left one is defini
  9. Hate to say it, but that sounds like something they'd say. As far as I know with disabilities if someone says they have one by law, you can't ask. I'm not a legal expert though. Last week the office supply store I work at had a customer come in to use our self service printers, claiming such a reason for not wearing a mask. I ended up having to help her and it turned out she was printing anti-vaccine booklets. So yeah... pretty certain she was lying.
  10. @Sesshomaru I have quite a few ancestors who had over 10 kids. I never really thought of it as a German thing. Well, again almost everyone in my tree is German, (the rest being Hollander Dutch) so I haven't had anything to compare really. Lol. I just always assumed it was because they were farmers and they needed more hands to work. @sh20000sh Wow, so you have aunts and uncles you've never met living in North Korea? That's really something to think about with how crazy that country is right now. I hope they're safe and ok. And it's awful you don't have an
  11. What the frickity track with that customer today?! She knew that what she was doing was going to cause an error on the printers to the point where they'd need rebooted, but she did it anyway!!! Not just to one machine, nooooo. She had to do it to both! And then she had the AUDACITY to say the printing supervisor had explained to her last time why the errors occured. So she freaking knew! And then she just flippently (typo I know) said she was going to another store to print... AND DO THE SAME THING THERE! Of all the inconsiderate and selfish things to do! And, dear reader, nobody could use the
  12. @Lagie I'm so relieved and glad to hear that you guys are banning travelers from the US from entering! Last thing I would want is for another nation's numbers to skyrocket because of us, so please don't apologize. I haven't been paying attention to my home state's numbers (Ohio), but I've been hearing talk about whether or not we will be going back into lockdown at least partially. We haven't been making the news like other states, but the fact numbers are going up is universal throughout the entire country. Mike DeWine's the governor here and for a Republican he's taken the p
  13. I just go the game about 4 days ago. I really love the island I got. It has a big island in the middle of some rivers shaped close to a leaf. At the beginning I also got Flo, who is amazing and Billy, which I'm surprised that I actually really like him. The only thing that didn't work in my favor was I had peaches on my island, which I've replaced with every other fruit tree. There are a few villager's I'm not too happy about after Nook sent me out to build houses. Peggy's fenced into her house so I can ignore her until she leaves.
  14. @Kith Thanks for clarifying why it's a smaller group. That makes a lot of sense when you explain it like that. @AngelsSin I think in the long run and in the big picture if we can even get a vaccine that works for a part of the population, that would be a big relief. Just for the fact that it would give more herd immunity to protect individuals who can't get vaccinated.
  15. It did sound strange to me that they would be using less than 50 people to test the vaccine. A larger sample size would make more sense for the reasons that you mentioned.
  16. So far in the US Moderna's vaccine is looking promising in trials. Will have to see how the next phase goes.
  17. Haha, that's brilliant! 🤣 Best analogy I've heard. @Astreya @olympe I think a big, major part of misinformation being spread around is how easy it is to do so. Back in the 80s and 90s everyone was excited for the internet and how easily we could get information from it. But, problem groups can spread their skewed information easier too. It's a negative flip side.
  18. If I remember correctly, they mentioned that the conditions for the beaches to stay open were people would have to follow social distancing guidelines. Suffice to say that didn't happen. Big surprise.
  19. Sounds right. The first 3 points have been things I've been told by people who don't agree with all the shutdowns and mandates in my home state. You can bring up all the relevant facts, but if you call them wrong "you're a naive fool" or "can't read between the lines". The backlash is always vague about why you are wrong and they never actually have anything backing them up Pseudo scientists aren't helping things out either putting out information under the guise of 'science.' A chiropractor that I'm just now leaving and never going back to had this up in his lobby about why you
  20. I had a customer last week where gently I offered a mask because of the mandate who point blank refused. Said he didn't feel he needed one. I ended up saying that we were required by law to give him one if he didn't have a mask on. That seemed to get the idea across to him. Thankfully my workplace hasn't had any scenes with stubborn customers. The grocery store next to us hasn't been so lucky. For myself, I'm still trying to get use to remembering to check customers have facemasks. Especially when I'm not focused on it at the moment. It's second nature to look at a face with a nose
  21. @Lagie Living in one of those hotspot countries, I can't help but feel some partial responsibility for the spikes you guys are having. Hope things don't escalate anymore. @Cup0fDOOM You guys are doing so much and it's rediculous the stress you guys are being put under with not having proper protection and taking care of so many patients. All I can say is hang in there and stay healthy! Definitely try to keep yourself safe as much as you can. @Astreya I've been pretty suspicious about whether Trump had really been meeting with Fauci at all in the last coup
  22. I'm going through and breeding a lot of stuff from finished lineage projects. Enjoy! 5th gen Deepsea x Blusang Lyric lineages: 4th gen Brimstone x Turpentine checker 5th gen Summer/Canopy x Gold Tinsel with tombstone base 5th gen Almerald x Imperial Fleshcrown checker 5th gen Teimarr x Turpentine checker 5th gen Gold Lunar Herald x Spirit Ward checker 5th gen Antarean x Spirit Ward checker 5th gen King Fleshcrown x Antarean/Candelabra
  23. Cuuuuuuute! 😍 I've seen where people have attached jump rings and keychain rings to little amigurumis to turn them into, well, keychains. edit: Oops, didn't realize I wasn't looking at the most recent page in here. Your jellyfish is really beautiful too.
  24. I don't know the context for this, but I am 100% onboard with it. 🤣
  25. I'm from a long line of... Farmers. From Germany. There's not really any notable figures I am aware of in my ancestry. It's possible there are some in offshoot branches of cousins. Still, there are interesting stories though. A year or so ago I learned about an ancestor who was a serf in 'ye olde feudal system. One day a nobleman's carriage got out of control and the guy saved him. Was rewarded with land and based off my geneology research, possibly one of the nobleman's daughters. (There's a Kathrine von/vom Hapstat which for a German surname I believe denotes some aristocracy or