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  1. You can also get glue traps or fly paper. The flies land on it and get stuck, then you just throw the paper away. If you ever let your rats out to run loose in the room you need to make sure to hang the paper up where the rats can't get to it, because the glue is very strong and will definitely capture rodents too if they walk on it/touch it. (If the worst happens and they do somehow get stuck on it, you can free them by pouring vegetable oil on the glue, but getting stuck would be stressful and they might hurt themselves, so it would be best to keep it completely away from them.)
  2. Hm, and I'd like to check it's okay I have my sig like this. The image is hosted on my own photobucket (though it's url is shortened with tj's url shortener), and it links to my scroll page, NOT to an egg's view page. I even asked one of the artists (Corteo I think?) long ago if it was okay to use it, because the art usage form wasn't clear about egg sprites. As far as I can tell, this is okay, but it might look like it's against the rules...?
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    You know, I think the men are on to something... See, I personally believe that any male I choose should be required to donate sperm to myself and/or my friends whenever any of us see fit. Fortunately, I am the empress of a small island nation, so I can make that a law even though a lot of people, including the men in question, think it's a stupid and unjust idea. Now, the technology isn't great on my small island nation. The only way to harvest a citizen's sperm is a painful process that takes nine months of the man's life away and revokes his freedom of choosing what to eat, when to sleep, whether to work, etc., and also my (female) scientists have devised ways to make the process humiliating even though it doesn't need to be. I'm going to send all the young boys in my small island nation to classes which teach them that donating sperm to your empress is the only right way to do things and anything else is morally wrong and will kill you. These are lies, but they're justified lies, because I really want to have control over these boys when they grow up. There's a pill that doctors have invented that would allow a male to not donate sperm to his empress, but I'm going to make that really expensive and also I'm going to make a law that says it's okay to refuse to sell it, even though you can only get it in a few special places anyway. I'm also going to make sure that no one knows about any of the other medications or mechanisms that can prevent them from donating sperm to their empress by making it illegal to teach young boys about those options. Of course, I don't want my subjects wasting their sperm on frivolous love affairs, so I think I'll start a bunch of propaganda campaigns so that my male subjects know that they're expected to act a certain way to protect their purity for when the empress demands their services. (I'll also launch some other propaganda campaigns that tell all the men that they all have to wax their chests, lose 40 lbs., and color their hair dark like that one actor I like, because I don't want to have to accept any sperm donations from any uggos. Good thing I'm the empress, so I totally have the right to tell people what I want them to look like.) Oops, the men in my small island nation have to give up control over their own bodies and their own sexual freedom, but it's cool, because I, the empress, will totally be able to have some children! I can't take care of them all, so I'll just stick them in an institution where they'll be abused by underpaid workers--and half of them will grow up to be new sperm donors! Awesome, right? (This has been a fairy-tale which contains much hyperbole and many logical fallacies in order to make a specific point. Please resume debate.)
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    @ssumppg: All the anecdotes in the world don't change that somewhere out there was another woman who was told that, and for her, an abortion was the right choice. Or that there's another woman out there who already works three jobs and just can't support a third kid because it would mean the two she already has would starve. No one would try to make a law forcing women to have abortions in the case of medical problems. If doctors recommend it, the woman can always choose to go against that advice and do what is right for her particular individual life, even if it means risking her life. That is all anyone is asking to be able to do. As to pregnancy being a risk of sex, yes it is, and people who have sex and use protection are adults making choices about their own bodies and sexualities. I am a fully grown human. Are you really going to try to tell me that because there's a 0.1% chance my IUD will fail that I can't ever have sex with my husband of ten years in our own home? Because it is exactly impossible to get people to do what you want them to in their own bedrooms and there is no point in trying. And if I did get pregnant? I might not need an abortion because I'm a middle class white woman with a stable income. I might decide that I'm just not healthy enough either emotionally or physically to be a mother, and that's valid too, because you don't know how abusive or depressive or alcoholic I might be. Abortion is no one's first plan. The people in the thread arguing that it should remain legal and accessible aren't getting knocked up every month so they can swing on down to the abortion clinic for a good time on a saturday night--they're arguing that women in desperate situations should be allowed to (legally and safely) make a desperate horrible choice to save themselves.
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    No. No. Most abortions happen due to poverty. I feel like I just said something about men not being particularly qualified to make informed decisions about women's lives. And as for using "mantras"... well, if we have to repeat something dozens of times to be heard, it's not our fault if you get sick of hearing it.
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    Your opinion is not being weighed less because you are a man and we all hate men. It is not being weighed less at all. In fact, men's opinions are weighted much more than women's opinions all the time, in all spheres. Your opinion should be weighed less in this debate because the fact that you are a man means you do not understand some of the basic things we are discussing, for instance, living with the knowledge that your right to control your own body can be taken away from you at any time.
  7. Oh yes, this would be the greatest thing ever! I have over 1300 dragons and I've described many of the more special ones, but I'm only able to remember a few. I have all these described dragons and I never get to see their descriptions because I'm not going to click on 1300 pages to find a few paragraphs--to say nothing of finding other people's descriptions! I vote for the paragraph symbol, personally. It's cleaner and more elegant, it's guaranteed to show in any font, and it has the added benefit of being educational--true, some people might not know what it means the first time they log onto the cave, but it's something that you have to learn for school anyway, so what's the harm in learning it from a game instead?
  8. I'm not sure how the game would want to deal with a dragon coming on to your scroll with no wait time before it can breed, use BSAs, etc. It would effectively mean that there would no longer be any egg or hatchie limits; if a trader was efficient or if a cheater had friends helping them they could add literally an infinite number of dragons to a scroll in any period of time no matter how short. Actually now that I think about it it would probably effectively reduce all cooldowns for everything to zero too, unless BSA and breeding cooldowns fail to reset with a new owner. If you and a friend constantly swap the same red dragon back and forth, you could just keep resetting its cooldown all day and all night and incuhatch infinity eggs out of the AP, limited only by the number of hatchies you can finally accumulate on both scrolls. Or if you accidentally breed a dragon with the wrong partner, just send it to a buddy, get it sent right back, and you get an instant do-over on something the game didn't intend you to be able to do until a week later. ...and if an adult's cooldowns did fail to reset with a new owner, I can see all sorts of strange trade situations arising like 'I traded for this adult red so I could incubate this special egg and now I find out it's on cooldown for another six days!! I was scammed!!'
  9. I voted other because all of the above are true for me to varying degrees. Mostly though I just sort because large groups of things simply must be sorted. It is the way of things.
  10. Approximately how many threads go through the help forum in one year? I leave all research to you. It'll be more fun for you that way.
  11. ...the use of the word covered by kips is one of the legitimate non-profane uses of that word, and as such if I were making the rules I would say that use would be allowed, but in any case, since you're naming the dragon the actual word 'Taffer' and not its definition, I would say it's no more profane or inappropriate than any other made up word from a fictional world like 'frelling' or 'mudblood'.
  12. Omg the battle of the socks. I absolutely have to have my socks match because I am a little bit crazy. I haven't worn mismatched socks in years. At one point I threw away all my socks and bought all new ones all the same style so that any two socks would be a pair. That was long ago. Now I have varying socks again and I have to match them when I do laundry or I will literally tear apart my entire house to find a matched pair. It bothers me way more when they're not the same length or texture than when they're not the same color--my feet have to feel symmetrical or I freak right out. I think my washing machine is eating my socks--several pairs have one missing and there's nowhere else it could be. I plan to disassemble my washing machine when it becomes convenient because I am that obsessive about matched socks.
  13. Late, but Dr. Pepper is a blend of various fruit flavors with spices. In the UK it tastes more or less like plums, in the US it has more of a spicy vanilla-ey flavor. There is an urban legend that it contains prune juice. I don't know if this is really true, but since prunes are dried plums I can see how people would think that plum flavoured soda contains prune juice.
  14. I really hate to keep harping on this, but a new player might not know what they mean at all, nevermind that they mean the same thing. Neither one of those obviously means 'don't put my eggs on other sites.' We forumgoes/experienced players have a huge advantage in this discussion, which is that we already know what the vague message on the egg pages means, but new users or non-forum-users who have never noticed it or have never come on here to ask what it means could be going around blithely helping people raise their dragons without ever realizing that they shouldn't do it--because the message does not actually say what is forbidden. We have kids on here, we have nonnative english speakers, we have people who don't speak english at all. The message must say exactly what it means. "Please note that is is against the site rules to post another user's dragons on any other website without their permission." "The owner of this scroll accepts help with posting their dragons on other websites."
  15. This, this, a thousand times this. It would absolutely not be okay to swap one unclear message for another unclear message. I also disagree with using 'RP-friendly' messages for this. The message at the top of your own view scroll page currently reads 'If you would like to show your scroll to others, give them the following link:' and then there's a text box with the url of your scroll. If it's okay to be talking about links and showing URLs, we can certainly have a clear, concise message about posting people's dragons on other sites, and not some namby-pamby wishy-washy RP nonsense about 'aid' or 'feeding' or whatever. I feel very strongly about this.
  16. I was thinking more about this, and it occurred to me that those other sites I was talking about, where you can choose to stay logged on, you still have to enter your password before you can do anything--and we already have that, anyway. It doesn't matter too much if some houseguest goes on my amazon account because they can't buy anything without entering my password, and it doesn't matter too much if some houseguest goes on my dc account because they have to enter my password before they can abandon an egg or kill or release an adult.
  17. I'd love it if we could have a way to be logged on to our own computer and logged on to our own mobile device at the same time. I never use any computer but my own for DC (except in circumstances so strange I can't actually think of them right now) but I do use my iphone to frequently check on special eggs, or to fog something that I've had to leave in an ER because of poor timing, things like that. Yes, I can just take the extra few minutes to log in (and it does take me a few minutes because I'm utterly hopeless with captchas especially on a tiny screen--maybe I'm a robot and I don't know it) but I would love love love to have an option to say 'I know this computer will always be safe, keep me logged in.' And honestly if someone steals my phone I've got much bigger problems than worrying about if they also mess with my adoptables game, so as far as I'm concerned my phone is always safe too. I know it's possible to do this, plenty of sites (including ones that handle personal information and real money) have that 'keep me logged on' button. The only danger to anyone's scroll would be if they didn't use the feature correctly. As cool as this game is, I don't see any reason why it should have more aggressive security measures than my amazon account or my online banking.
  18. I think it does breed jealousy and contempt among a few people, and I think those people are... wrong? ungrateful? I've avoided this discussion because it seems like I can't possibly contribute to it in any reasonable or polite way, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. The raffle is a fun little extra treat that TJ and the spriter(s) made for us, to make our holiday season a little more special. Be happy that you get to participate in a fun little contest, be excited that you have a chance to win a cool exclusive dragon. Don't pick apart a bit of special fun by harping on how it's not being handled right, how your own chances to benefit from it aren't big enough. Just play the little game, if you win a prize be happy about it, and be grateful that you got the chance to participate in something like this at all. Honestly. There are people who don't even have food for christmas, and we get pixel dragons!
  19. Hey, it's been way too long since I stopped by here--so many fab projects! I'm making my way through the thread looking for stuff I can help with... I know this is a long shot, but I'm hoping to find a 2nd gen pink from holly and oldpink as a mate for this. (If I can find one not related to this dragon it would be even better, as that dragon's owner asked for a pink from mine if I ever find a suitable mate--you'd be helping two lineages at once. ;3 ) Shoot me a PM if you can help? Thanks!
  20. I have to agree with Dusk. I mostly use fansites now, but I used to use LJ. The main reason I switched from a method that advertises the site to one that doesn't was what a pain it was to copy a code, switch tabs, paste the code, switch tabs again, copy another code, et cetera ad nauseum--and that was when we had the old limits and I didn't even have anywhere near 21 dragons to post! Also, the argument that you only need to get the codes for your newest eggs doesn't work because when you're posting your eggs somewhere where a post only gets views for a couple of days, you need to copy and paste and post all your dragons each time you do a dragonspam post, because the old post is already too far down people's friend lists or on a different page of the thread, and no longer garners views. I'd love to see this feature; it might encourage me to actually advertise the site again!
  21. Every time a suggestion about the accepting aid/not accepting aid message comes up, I try to drop by and point out that the message itself is and has always been unclear. I remember when I joined I had no idea what it meant. How would I 'aid' other users? Why would they not want me to? I didn't figure out for ages that it meant we were not to post other user's dragons on fansites without permission. (I never posted anyone else's dragons because it didn't occur to me to do so, but still, it was confusing.) I can easily imagine that on the occasions when some new player ignores the message and 'aids' someone, it is not because they saw the message and didn't care, but because they either didn't notice it buried at the bottom of the view page or because when they saw it they had no clue what it meant. If any change is made to the aid message, I would very much like for it to be reworded to something easy to understand like 'It is against the rules to post another user's dragons on any other site without their permission.' That being said, I think it would be great to be able to post that message at the tops of our scrolls, but I would want it to be optional.
  22. I have naturally black hair and I've always wanted blue or purple highlights but it's so dark I've never been able to bleach it light enough to, even with a professional doing it. Blue turns chlorine-green and purple turns charcoal-grey. Now I'm starting to get premature white on one temple... I'm really tempted to try to put blue over the white.
  23. The dentist will give you a shot in your gums so that you won't feel any pain at all. They'll use a little bit of numbing gel on the area where they give you the shot, so you won't even feel the shot except as a weird pressure. The sound of the drill on your teeth will be strange and alarming, and apparently some people are tricked into thinking it hurts because it sounds so horrible, but it doesn't. Also it smells interesting, a little like... burning bone? ...I actually really enjoy having my teeth worked on. It's sort of relaxing and the anesthesia is amusing.
  24. The waterhorse lover could still get waterhorse eggs from the cave for free. The shop idea isn't meant to replace the cave, but to be a supplement. It would take work to earn a shop-born gold, you would have to raise a ton of commons-think more like a couple gross than a handful. The price for them would need to be high enough that it still took time and effort to earn it, so that you still felt some sense of accomplishment. Frankly I'd be happier earning a CB gold by months of small tedious tasks than by hoping that I would get lucky enough that in the small amount of time I spend cave-hunting a gold would drop and no one else hunting at the time has better internet or hardware than me. I've got a really nice computer and awfully fast internet and it's still pretty much guaranteed that I will never catch a CB metal because I have miserable luck and I'm usually not refreshing the cave for hours a day. It is spontaneous egg creation, I said that when I first added the shop idea to the currency suggestion, but spontaneous egg creation is just something TJ has said he doesn't like--using currency, real or virtual, to buy eggs from anyone is actually against the ToS, so this entire thread is operating under the premise that at least one rule would be changed if this was a good enough idea to use. Shop-born eggs would simply have to not count for the ratios. Their offspring would count of course, but they would be just as unlikely to breed as any other gold would. All this being said, I still don't quite actually support the idea of currency, I just think this would be a really interesting idea if we could work out all the kinks, and it's fun to discuss.