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  1. I absolutely LOVE the Yogscast's Minecraft videos! Sjin's Let's Build videos are amazing, I wish I could build that well.
  2. I play on Tarnished Coast, and WvW has been very fun so far!
  3. I just got 66%, not bad. I think it was my '10 or more' answer to the question 'How many MC related subscriptions do you have?'.
  4. Feel like this needs to be revived. In Minecraft w/ the Techic pack, I decided to try and kill a crystal wisp. With a wooden sword. For those of you that don't know, crystal wisps are impossible to kill with a wooden melee weapon (They fly. @.@) and no armor.
  5. In The Sight when Fell didn't actually die in the river. Doesn't really compare much to other books, but it surprised me a lot.
  6. I found an epic volcano in my Technic world! (Note: I only switched to creative mode for screenshot) There are a bunch of volcanos in my world, but usually just flat areas of basalt and some lava. This is the first cone-volcano that I've found.
  7. Amazing job, I love it. That griffin is epic.
  8. You know you've been playing games that require ultra-awareness when you're constantly looking around warily.
  9. Blue, and yes I've read Warriors before.
  10. How exactly do you go about building your own computer... From parts?
  11. People who think that every person who plays video games is just like the next one. I mean seriously... Which brings me to stereotypes.
  12. I would like a drawing! Username: rainpeltstar What would you like me to draw: My OC Rain, a short-haired white tabby cat. How many figures are there?: One. What is/are the character/s doing?: Standing in front of a destroyed landscape. Mood of the piece: Somewhat desperate and saddish. Type of picture: Colored. Background?: Smokey and reddish, for fire. Reference: None Size: Avatar-sized Other: Nothing. I love your work, especially the gold-rainbow dragon!
  13. You know you've been playing L.A. Noire too much when you're looking for something and doing the hand thing where you hover over each item momentarily before picking up the object you need.
  14. I just got a new pair of headphones, after some experience with earbuds I think I prefer headphones better. Though I could go either way, the headphones I have now are really good for listening to music with minimal backround noise. I have got to find those. O.o
  15. Is there any difference between buying Guild Wars 2 now or buying it after the release tomorrow?
  16. Is Guild Wars 2 worth the $60? Not looking for a solid answer, anyone's opinion would help.
  17. 1. Flight 2. World Peace 3. Meeting the Yogscast. (Not joking.) Alternative wish: Being able to attend all the major video game conventions.
  18. I want the Sky Dimension to be implemented, it would be really fun to build stuff in a land above the clouds (Like Skyloft from Legend of Zelda). But as far as actually being planned, I don't think Notch is going to add it in anytime soon.
  19. I would like to request a drawing of my OC Rain. She is a shapeshifter who mostly takes on the form of a cat, or a type of feline. As a cat she looks like a white tabby with a black crow feather behind her left ear. For the background I'd like it to have wisps of gray and if it's not too much trouble, fire.
  20. Does anyone have a good Tekkit server? I want to try it out for myself and make cake... Somehow.
  21. I think Tekkit is awesome just by watching the Yogscast's videos for it, but it's so complicated with so much technical stuff.
  22. My first world was on Peaceful, didn't dare try to put it on Easy without miles of torches all around me. I once found a frozen creeper, tried to box it up but then it exploded in my face. Newb fail. >.>
  23. My cousins used to have a black rabbit named Duncan... Adorable little fella, sadly he got eaten by a fox one day when he was in the backyard. I've always wanted a rabbit of my own though, Duncan was one of the best pets anyone in my family has had.
  24. Both of your IPs don't work, or the server is down?
  25. Yes, finally starting to understand the concept of crocheting! Anyone recommend a fairly simple pattern for me to practice?