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  1. Have: 2 CB Desipis CB Caligene CB Shadow Walker Want: CB Pumpkin CB Witchlight All are on cool down so please pm with offers
  2. Have: CB Shadow Walker Want: CB Desipis CB Grave PM me, please egg is still on cool down. Trade Accepted
  3. I'm having an issue where Avery won't talk once I get to the clearing so I am stuck. The glyph won't activate. Edit: Reset it and it started working
  4. Can someone help me? My recipe game isn't working I when I click on an ingredient it doesn't appear on my ingredient list.
  5. If anyone needs me to catch eggs for them on Saturday and give them one or two just PM me. I can totally understand that some people may have no power.
  6. I live in Massachusetts and towns in my area have power outages for days. I hope everyone can have fun and are safe.
  7. Yes still would like you to draw the Valentine.
  8. got 5 eggs yes it is a lot easier this year.
  9. Yay I just finish and got the badge and chicken yes!
  10. SInce digital are it open can you move my dragon made out of rubies to the digital art spot please??
  11. Granted, but you spilled soda on it. I wish my dog didn't die.
  12. These boots are made for walking, and that's just what they'll do one of these days these boots are gonna walk all over you
  13. Sure if I can come back and request the finished product when there is a spot.
  14. Hi can I request a dragon that was carved out of rubies/enchanted ruby dragon in digital form. Saw form sorry. Type: Digital What?: enchanted ruby dragon Pose: sitting down smiling Is that ok?
  15. I have an ungendered hatchling zombie.
  16. I need a mate for this dragon I influenced it male. Lineage
  17. I am working on having an army of stripe. I consider an army 30 or more dragons.
  18. Traded 25 crimson flare pygmies for one tinsel with extremely messy lineage.