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TheThing_Oo is my hero! ThankyouThankyouThankyouThankyou!!!!!I do accept IOUs from proven pairs.If offering on a trade via pm, please don't offer to breed "anything on your scroll". I usually don't have time to browse through hundreds of dragons.Looking for 2nd gen Desipis from (female) Silver Tinsel as mate for herSigSm.gif

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    Europe (GMT+1)
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    ND eggsperiments set up irregularily

    Note to self:
    I owe a 2nd gen Marrow from Heart Seeker to flowerfire.
    breed tan Ridgewing x Sweetling for Forgotten Muse
    bantymom would be interested in trading for a 3rd gen Gold from Stripe if I ever have one to spare
    breed pb EG Magi and/or Red for sheppardkid on request
    only one more successful breeding until surprise gift for sheppardkid! Yay!
    breed cb Stripes for JaneMcAsh (green 2nd gens, not from Andrelian+Aulianda or Zovalidas+Zathoniel)
    sparkle10184 owes me a Bronze Tinsel from (ARMY) (in return for Magma egg)
    LaHaine owes me a Gold Shimmer

    ~~~ active projects ~~~
    White Christmas (now to include Tinsels)
    Dein Antlitz lyrics (pb Golden Wyvern)
    Gummi Bears Theme lyrics (pb Balloons)
    Oh mein Zauber lyrics (Shadow Walker x Nebula x Speckle Throat)
    Lichtblick Lyrics (pb Daydream)

    ~~~ postponed projects ~~~
    m Moonstone x blue Nebula checker

    ~~~ future Projects ~~~
    f Silver x m Specle Throat checker
    f Speckle Throat x Greenwing checker
    m Silver x f Moonstone checker
    redo Liebeszauber lyrics with UV
    redo Lichtblick lyrics with Soulpeace

    ~~~ Shopping List ~~~
    Goal: at least 4 males + 4 females of each kind
    1x Yellow Crowned, male
    1x Tidal, female
    4x green Two-Headed Lindwurm, 2 male, 2 female
    1x cb Fleshcrown, female
    1x cb Bleeding Moon, male
    2x cb Gilded Bloodscale, 1 male, 1 female
    4x cb orange Copper, 2 male, 2 female
    6x cb brown Copper, 3 male, 3 female
    7x cb green Copper, 4 male, 3 female
    2x cb Blacktips, female
    1x cb Seawyrm Pygmy, female
    1x cb Ember, male
    5x cb Tan Ridgewing, 2x male, 3x female
    2x cb Day Glory, male
    2x cb Night Glory, male
    5x cb Red Dorsal, 2x male, 3x female
    1x cb Sunrise, male
    1x cb Magma, male
    1x cb Silver, male
    6x cb Gold, 2 male, 4 female *lol*