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  1. Once upon a time, when I was in 4th grade, my friend sneezed at lunch and..err.. snot. Then I nearly puked and lost my appetite. The end.
  2. Cool! I like the progeny tool.
  3. Thank you TJ! But I don't really use incubators much anyways..
  4. Once I had 2 fish that seemed to hate eachother. We gave them to our neighbors. Our neigbors told us they killed eachother. Nope I don't think that's very exoitic... Hmm lets see.. do tiny practicaly invisible custaceans count? I forget what ours were called. Once I asked my mom for Sea Monkeys. She obviously said no. I've always wanted Dragon Fish.
  5. It doesn't have a limit. TJ himself said the number only reaches to 1/40.
  6. Epic joke TJ. Unless this BSA will mean something someday.
  7. Yes. I influenced my pebble egg female, and when it hatched, I named it right away. Mrs Pebbles. Sadly, it turned out to be male. Now I have a male Pebble named Mrs pebbles.
  8. Harp


    I'm having lag too Mine didn't lag even when there was 1000 people there once. Or 900 something.
  9. Harp


    Sometimes, I don't get what you mean TJ
  10. Lol. The gold fish hatchlings codes spell out Wise Gold Fish. I only got the dawn/dusk egg.
  11. I haven't gotten even one because of heughs net or however you spell it. It's so slow 0.0
  12. When I first joined, the only goal I had was to have one of my dragons grow up. Now my goal is to get as many dragons and rares as possible.
  14. Once I had a dream that I was in a haunted house, and then I saw a conveyer blelt with pictures of wolves on them. Then for some reason I started howling like a wolf. Then I came to this other room and saw dancing books.. or was it fat people? Then I saw a card board witch. Then I saw a guy with a chain saw which chased me right out. He had a red atm cap and a beard o.o
  15. I love the trophy!
  16. ((thx sharlykng and rainface!)) Velvet Rose walked around, and didn't see anything but a few trees. She came to a tree and sat down. She then got up and started flying. I wonder where everyone is... she wondered.
  17. May I join? Name: Velvet Rose Gender: Female Type: Red Stripe Power: Stripes can glow. Job: Warrior Personality: Agressive, yet gentle to her clan. Uses fire breath when threatened. Appearance: (Looks like normal red stripe) Age: Adult
  18. either nobody appreciated them, or the new pinks were thought to be better. I never got any.
  19. Harp

    Silvi's Lair

    nvm about it, now its working.
  20. I love the sky wing, they look so pretty and I love the way they were made. Also the purples are one of my favs
  21. Harp

    Silvi's Lair

    Nous parlons anglais. I had to use google translator I <3 Silvi's Lair! I already added mine. But theres an error when I add my scroll, so I had to add a single code.
  22. Does an alt black count? Otherwise, cheese