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  1. This forum is filled with the nicest people, unlike the other forum I'm on where everyone is mean to me for asking beginner questions simply because I'm new to the topic.
  2. Canaan knew that Quincy was right. The people in the building were more important than her car. Cars could be fixed, people were rarely so easily put back together. She took one last glance outside when the lightening bolt struck, she was staring right at it when it happened. It was so bright that all her eyes saw was a bright white light. People were saying that the lights had gone off but her eyes were still glowing with light even when she closed them and tried to rub the sight away. The ground had shook from the lightening, this storm was not natural. She could hear Quincy making a joke. "No, it's not normal." She managed to say in a controlled voice. Now instead of the white light she saw tendrils of electric blue. Someone was handing out flashlights, she didn't take one. Finally her eyes returned to normal, though the only reason she could tell was because of the flashlights everyone had. "I agree that we should search for a basement. At the very least there should be a storage closet." Canaan stated loudly enough to be heard but there was still a roughness to her voice that she seemed to only be able to get rid of when talking one on one with someone.
  3. "Yeah, I'm fine. But my car is out there." Canaan knew full well that she should be more worried with her health and well being, but she had a race in a couple of days. She glanced around at everyone else. It seemed that two members had disappeared completely, possibly to the bathroom in the back. The others had thankfully moved away from the windows and from the looks of things they were going to be stuck here all night. "At least we're trapped in a candy store with a bathroom." Canaan mumbled to herself. She glanced at Quincy she was a bit surprised at his concern. "It seems we'll have to sleep here unless this storm ends soon. Though even then I doubt we could move the roof." She said to Quincy. She needed to distract herself from looking at her car. The wind was surprisingly getting stronger and the sound of it was mingling with the onslaught of rain that was quickly becoming a curtain of water. This was peculiar weather.
  4. Canaan looked out a window to see the storm getting stronger. It was similar weather to a twister. Glancing at her car she worried that it might get damaged in the storm. "Perhaps we should call an end to the meeting the storm is getting a bit ridiculous." Canaan announced decisively. Even if no one followed her she was leaving before the storm was too bad. Just as she reached the door she watched as a part of the roof from the building across the street was ripped off and thrown against the door to the candy shop effectively trapping them inside. "Please tell me there is a back door." Canaan asked of no one in particular. Just then a door from who knows where flew down the street barely missing her car. They need to get away from the windows and glass, because going outside was no longer an option.
  5. Canaan took out the paper and pen she had brought with her. An embarrassing memory. She didn't really know what to put. Perhaps the time she lost control for no reason and ran her car off the road, but that had to do with her street racing and she wasn't about to tell these people about that, they might call the cops on her. There was the time that her and her mom were cooking cookies and Canaan's cookies came out in rather inappropriate shapes, but then she would have to talk about her mom and she didn't feel like doing that. With a sigh she glanced at Quincy though she kept herself from reading his paper. All right then, there was that time in gym class when she accidentally walked into the boys changing room, she hadn't thought she'd been seen but it was still embarrassing for her, as most of the boys were in the middle of changing when she had walked in.
  6. I just summoned my first GoN.... I'm not entirely sure what to do now.... I didn't actually expect it to work... but it did, and now I have a GoN egg sitting there on my scroll.... I think I'm in some form of shock.
  7. It's not that I have times when I procrastinate, it's that I have times when I actually do things. Procrastination is my natural state, getting things done is the thing that happens every now and then. My books, screaming for me to finish them.... and I plan on doing it, soon, very soon.
  8. Canaan was mindlessly chewing on her taffy while watching the others in the candy shop. She saw Quincy sit down. It seemed that most of the people had split into small groups. Everyone was trying to get to know each other, which was fine, but she wanted to get this meeting on with. With a sigh she sat down next to Quincy. "Maybe they brought us here simply for the free candy." She joked, though her facial features didn't change to express any humor. She was thinking about how she could be practicing for the race tomorrow, or reading comic books, or maybe actual be doing her homework.
  9. I swear I was only trying to find out why he kept waking me up at night. Why am I at work? And how did I get here?
  10. Gift Report I increased the hoard of pikapika555 with Vampire Hatchling which can be found here: http://dragcave.net/lineage/rGids
  11. Run Lola Run, it's a marvelous German movie. And Sunshine, which is a borderline horror movie with Chris Evans (Captain America) in it.
  12. chee

    Take a song!

    Welcome to the Jungle ELO - Roll over Beethoven OR Elton John - Crocodile Rock
  13. I will feed the Hoards Chee I also hoard: Vampires, Ember, Pillow Allow users to PM directly: Yes, though know I work full time and you might have a faster response going through those in charge. I want to breed on a specific day: More likely to breed/bite on weekends. Breeding Limits: I am limited on my pillows, please don't be offended if it takes a little longer to acquire these from me. No limit for my vampires, they're numerous and always hungry.
  14. yeah, I meant for Solmina to have taken over once her co-leaders were taken care of. It's why our heroes are living on that isolated planet, to try and avoid Solmina's soldiers.
  15. Canaan took the notebook a bit surprised by the boy calling her 'madam'. She looked at the name written before. The name was regal to say the least. Taking the pen she wrote PromisedLand, Elizabeth 'Canaan' Yori. She looked at her name, Elizabeth was too prissy for a street racer, which is why she went by her middle name. Even her own mother called her Canaan before she passed away. She considered crossing out her first name not sure if she wanted anyone to know, in the end she left it how it was and handed the notebook to Quincy. (Sorry its so short but im on my phone)
  16. Canaan nearly jumped when an arm was suddenly around her, she looked to see Zayl was whom the arm belonged to. "The glare helps keep idiots from bothering me." She responded truthfully. "Have I missed anything yet?" She asked him. Quincy came over to her holding out a bag of candy offering her some, she glanced in the bag. She took the taffy from the bag. "Thank you." She responded as she began unwrapping it. She didn't mind Zayl having his arm on her, she was used to physical contact from the street racing gangs, most of them could care less for personal bubbles. Canaan looked back over to Zayl. "My name is Canaan by the way. Not Miss Glare."
  17. Canaan watched as someone walked by her and Quincy. "You wouldn't happen to know of a character by the name of Harley Quin?" Canaan asked. Batman was one of her favorite comics and she didn't miss a beat with the nickname he gave her and how close it was to the villain of some of those comics. She walked into the candy shop and looked around at all those present. She recognized a few from seeing them in the hallways. But, except for Zayl, and now Quincy, she didn't know anyone's names. She wasn't ready to jump into the middle of the conversation and stood on the outskirts observing what was going on. She really didn't mean the glare that she had while looking around, it truly was simply instinct. She wondered how many others were coming.
  18. Canaan glanced at the sketch, she knew her driving skills, she could look away from the road for three seconds before things started getting dangerous. It took many three second glances, but eventually she had seen the whole picture and all the different pieces of it. "As.... interesting as it would be to have the guys throw themselves on me. I've never modeled before and I think my face may be stuck on permanent scowl." Canaan explained, she paused as they were at the candy shop and she parked on the side of the road turning the car off. Before her passenger got out she continued her sentence. "However.... it might be fun." She paused for a moment trying to push aside all her self-doubt, he obviously believed in her. The evidence was in the sketch that she found herself staring at. He had even designed her hair, she recognized a fancier version of the bun she wore at the auto shop. The clothes weren't bad either, she was expecting pink frills and clothing that barely covered her. But what he had so swiftly drawn was actually appealing. She still thought it was decently useless for anything practical, but if he needed the help why should she force herself to say no? It wasn't like it would effect her life that much. Though he would have to do basically all the work, she had no idea what most makeup was, and she suspected that she would find someway to put the clothes on wrong, and besides the rather unattractive working bun and being down she didn't know how to design her hair. And, doing this one thing would not make her any less of a tomboy since with the exception of wearing the clothes and posing, he was going to do everything else. "I agree." She finally said. Glancing up at the candy shop for the first time since parking she saw that several others had beat them there, including Zayl from both her English and Biology classes. "Shall we join them?" She posed it as a question but she was already unbuckling and heading for the store before the answer came.
  19. Once the door was opened Canaan was able to get a better look at her passenger, with a quick scan that she had neglected earlier in the classroom she noticed he was somewhat muscular. He seemed to be a mix of nationalities, but it blended quite nicely. She was grateful that he put out the cigarette before climbing into her car. As much as she hated the idea of her car blowing up, the other reason she didn't want him smoking was because of the smell that would be nearly impossible to get out of her car. Canaan watched as he glanced around the car. She had never had anyone besides her dad and a few street racers in here before, she was a bit curious to know what he thought of it, but she kept the question to herself. She began backing the car up when he asked the question. She nearly slammed on the breaks it was such an absurd question to her. She scoffed and barely held back her laughter before continuing with backing up and then driving towards the candy shop. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to laugh. But, nice clothing doesn't get along with car oil and rusty cars. And makeup doesn't get along with me." She answered honestly. It was difficult but she kept herself at only five miles over the speed limit rather than peeling through the roads like the devil himself was chasing her. "My name's Canaan by the way. And why the question about modeling?" She was genuinely curious, this guy in her car was a strange specimen, and he intrigued her. Not to mention he was actually talking to her, instead of avoiding eye contact in fear or glaring back at her in challenge. The candy shop was only a few minutes away, at the rate she was driving she suspected they would be about ten minutes early, or possibly right on time. They did have a late start from the school.
  20. Canaan glanced up when she heard the knock on her window. She didn't mean the glare, it was simply instinct. She practically started laughing as she realized this boy standing at her car was the same one who burst into her class earlier. She rolled down the window on the passenger side. "I would advice against the cigarette, I have some... volatile contents in this car that don't take kindly to fire." She half teased, but in truth it was a hazard, because the volatile contents was the NOS that sat in tanks under the passenger seat. With a flip of a switch that fluid would pump through her engine and no cop or racer could catch her. Though she usually saved it for escaping police. "You didn't have trouble finding the car did you?" She called back emptying her mind of how much she took her life in her hands when she drove this machine. It might be a threat to health, but she loved this car more than she had any man to date, perhaps that was why she couldn't get herself a boy, she might be giving of an aura of having a boyfriend when all she had was a high speed engine.
  21. Canaan made a noise that was a combination of a sigh and a groan. School had just ended, and she was making her way through the hoard of people in the halls glaring at anyone who made eye contact. She still didn’t understand why she agreed to drive the person to the meeting, she also didn’t fully understand why she was going to the meeting. Finally making it to the parking lot in front of the school she walked over to her car. It was the only one in the parking lot with yellow flames on it. She thought it would be easy to spot. It was difficult to say what kind of car it was since almost none of the original parts remained, all traded out to make it a racer. It was decently easy to keep her racing a secret at school, no one talked to her anyway. Canaan climbed into her car and went to her phone. A sudden thought dawned on her, what if this person was secretly a mass murderer and she just tell them what her car looked like and offered them a ride. The thought didn’t worry her too much, she knew how to defend herself well enough to stay him off until help arrived, though she doubted the kids at school would ever help her, actually she doubted they would even know who she was if they ran into her outside of school. She decided that she would wait twenty minutes, and then she was leaving. She had two options to do while she waiting, actually she had three but only two options she was actually considering doing. She could either do her homework or read a new comic book she had bought the other day. The answer was obvious, but she thought better of it. Something in the back of her mind told her it would be better to get the homework done first, so she opened her notebook and began working on her English homework. Her favorite class was Shop, but she rarely received homework from that class, and usually she finished it before class was over if she did. English bored her but she didn’t have any difficulty with it. Biology was difficult but she wasn’t failing. Where she struggled was gym, and that was mostly because of all the water sports the teacher insisted on doing, she couldn’t swim and she didn’t want anyone to know, so she wound up skipping more classes than she went to. Wondering about this meeting tonight she started her homework waiting for someone she didn’t even know to come to her car. (so, I suppose everyone will start making their way to/arriving at the meeting)
  22. He is a green anole though he insists on being brown.
  23. Canaan was sitting in biology class just minding her own business, secretly reading a comic book tucked into her text book ignoring the teacher when suddenly a boy she didn’t recognize burst into the room. She looked up and half stared half glared at him as was her normal reaction to people. He was staring at a boy in the class, a boy that she had both this class and English with. She knew the boys name was Zayl though she had yet to talk to him. In the back of her mind she wondered if he had ever noticed her, or if this new boy did either, quickly brushing await the thought she reminded herself that she didn’t need anyone, she was fine on her own, besides no one ever seemed to talk to her, maybe it was the glare, but if they were too scared to come up to her than so be it. The boy made up a lame excuse about looking for the bathroom before leaving. With a sigh Canaan went back to her comic book, though she kept an eye on the teacher. Her phone had buzzed a few minutes ago and she was waiting for the teacher to turn his back before she checked it. The teacher turned to point at a poster of the anatomy of a fish and Canaan took her opportunity checking her phone. She sighed, she had a car, it would be easy to take this person. But, then they might want her to take them home, or they might run off when they saw the glare that was practically frozen to her face. Though, she chose to be part of the group, she might as well try to make friends. I will take you. Blue car with yellow flames. ~PromisedLand She couldn’t believe she just offered that. With a groan and a side glance at Zayl to see what he was doing, she returned to the comic book.