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  1. Wah, my bad... it seems I need some sleep, it's 7a.m. here... G'night ppl, good luck with the hunting! ETA: yay, 15!
  2. You have 2 of the same there, the last one in the 3rd row/ 3rd one in the 3rd row -- O: 13!
  3. 6:30, and I think the same >:/ need more caffeine!
  4. @Celestial07, I've stolen this pretty () from yout basket, hope you don't mind
  5. GAH! My BF got the Swan one! DX ME WANTS!
  6. I was like "la-la-lala, where are u leetle egg?" and then I saw an adult Purple dragon in my scroll... then I realice that is was MY "purple hatchling" And now, unhiding my red egg I got my 10th one!
  7. Like in your scroll? I've found my 7th there
  8. 6th egg for me! yay! Gah, this is strange, I've never been in a egg hunting before, this is new for me
  9. offt: the forum died?? O.o Gah Dx I only have 2!
  10. GAH! I UNDERSTAND NOW! I couldn't see the egg 'cause my javascript was off! (stupid Javascript)
  11. ASDASDASD Scroll-locked, and AP-blocked! Nuuuuuuuu! I want those black ER hatchlings!! ;_; this is not fair... PD: @Nightshadow, great story
  12. It exist, the problem is that it already has an owner http://dragcave.net/lineage/K1b6 the AP is glitchy again
  13. Dragons: Gah, I want them all specially the SSA and the BBW *pokes spring hatchie* grow, NOW!
  14. My Godness! T____T I can't believe it, they are my most wanted dragons ever, I looked them in the Complete List all days, hoping to be released... and now i'm scroll locked! DX evil TJ, evil evil >:
  15. New sprites too! ZOMG Gah! I'm scroll-locked! T_T
  16. IS THAT THE NEBULA??? *kicks some hatchlings and runs to the cave*
  17. Hey, what's wrong with "Amateurs"? I like it ): I'm one of those...
  18. User# 49.301 in forum, I'm an Amateur Also, I'm user 412.216 in the Cave... we need a list for the Cave users too
  19. Amm... we HAVE a limit freezing hatchlings, but i can't remember the exact limit... If you don't want a Egg, you can abandon it. For the CB eggs, I already gave an idea: can't freeze before the 5 hours wait. Lucky you to see 10 different breeds in the AP, I usually see 3 or 4 (Pinks, Peebles, Frills and Mints most ) (I'm going to be one of those freezing pink eggs ) You have a good point with the codes... but think that giving them a different code could mess with the lineage system... maybe >> Besides, I don't like the "back together" idea, what if I only want 2 Splits and an egg? Should I raise "x" number of dragons to get the egg, and then kill/release the remaining adults? And, if I'm releasing them, they are counting in the ratios, and they are not exactly commons... 10 pinks for every Split I send to the wilderness... that's worse
  20. Maybe couldn't freeze an egg before the 5 hours wait if it's CB? Just giving a little idea... I don't really care if the egg is CB, AP or IB, if I like the egg I'll freeze it. I can assure you that if this option is activated, I'll mostly freeze the eggs of the AP, especially the pinks... Wow, I can see it, my own army of pink eggs...
  21. I already took it, but no officially... "I will not make more than a single scroll. I'm perfectly content on just a single scroll. I frown upon those who use multiple scrolls and holding scrolls. REAL family members and friends are not holding scrolls and will not be used as such. I will not make a holding scroll and claim it to be a family member or friend." Now it's official