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  1. ASDF, thank you! <3 I forgot about that kind of issues... Blarg, me wants moar space for another egg... the blue one looks so pretty <333333
  2. Logging on? Or catch both eggs? I'm always logged, but I don't have that badge D:
  3. I only bred on rare occasions, and when I do, I like to keep all the resulting eggs |3
  4. Déjà Drake, False Dragon, Greater Red, Sand-Belly, Unicorn, Unicorn-Eastern, Ridgewing (not in list), Venom Spitter (not in list)
  5. I'm not a pokemon fan, and it still makes me laugh Also, we had moar references for other series, like ppl said, Captain Planet, Mario (Yoshi)... and the Orange Box!
  6. [offtopic] LOL, there's a alt vine, 9gen, non-inbred, Dorkface hatchling in the wilderness [/offtopic] I didn't notice any changes in the Cave... except that CaveBloking is active now
  7. Nothing? (and the magic thread was created) Now I want a Shallow Water soooo bad! Anyone here know the actual cooldown? :x
  8. Or code it in a way that CBs can only be frozen AFTER the 5-hours wait.
  9. Holy carp... why there is always a release when I'm not at home? D: Ai jeit iu
  10. I have a problem... my incubator says that I have 4 eggs and I'm locked, which is not true, I only have 3 hatchies and 3 eggs... it seems that is counting the deads eggs, or one of them at least, but those eggs died 5 days ago Can you fix it?
  11. Just bumping this a little... Views: 10.919 - 8TJR (Red) - PinkyHedgehog UVs: 1.432 - HGf1 (Frill) - PinkyHedgehog Clicks: 29 - U3WI (Black) - PinkyHedgehog
  12. +10 Specially on the net, where anyone can say what s/he pleases.
  13. So, that's means that I will never get a Male Frill? or different sprites for both genders? or an Ascendance? ...I dunno why, but some hate is starting to grow inside me...
  14. To me the forum says that the OP was posted at 2am, and now, according to the forum, is the 12:25am .-.
  15. +1 I wasn't here for the Chrismas drop, and I couldn't complain for that, it was my fault after all, not TJ's :/
  16. Me haz 38 eggz, me can sleepz nao |D
  17. Wah, my bad... it seems I need some sleep, it's 7a.m. here... G'night ppl, good luck with the hunting! ETA: yay, 15!
  18. You have 2 of the same there, the last one in the 3rd row/ 3rd one in the 3rd row -- O: 13!
  19. 6:30, and I think the same >:/ need more caffeine!
  20. @Celestial07, I've stolen this pretty () from yout basket, hope you don't mind
  21. GAH! My BF got the Swan one! DX ME WANTS!