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  1. I know that there's no batch open, this is just out of curiosity: If I were to ask for a Custom design, and after a while that design becomes an official DC design, would it still count as Custom?
  2. Checked Kapanikos scroll: 21 CB Silvers~ BTW, you have your link wrong, it's "/user/", not "/view/"
  3. Iuju! BSA forum, here we go!
  4. Apparently,there're 549 Mints on that scroll O_o Let's see... EDS: "Total number of Items: 553" minus 4 dragons = 549... lol ETA: Counted again using Excel = 549, and in no way I'll count them by hand
  5. "Maintenance" and "a few minutes" doesn't look right in the same sentence... Arf, just ignore me. Thanks for the heads up :V
  6. AP Blacks ._. I can't resist to click them... even knowing that most of them are long-inbreds...
  7. Lyth had plans to add a Male sprite to the Frills (the original was supposed to represent the female). Of course, it never happened >: </offtopic>
  8. IIRC, the creator of the Flamingos -really- wanted to use the same description as the Pinks. :/ Same description eggs is not funny anymore, it only brings drama and etc...
  9. D: hope not, or at least a "2 days" limit, I'm locked right now and will unlock by tomorrow's night...
  10. Dimorphism and different colors? Niiiiice, it makes sense 'cause I know it's true
  11. Yeah, lilac R-S = <3 *pokes black egg* I hate being locked D:
  12. E-F and R-S? I think that I'm thinking what you are thinking... Yay for breeze eggs <3
  13. D:< Just now? When I'm epically locked? Ai jeit iu >:V
  14. I do cosplay of myself :V ...
  15. @ponytales: counted 207 Pink adult dragons on your scroll Kapa, your script seems to be working right, don't worry :3
  16. Congratz Kapa! BTW; I would like to ask if the "0 clicks" can be an exception of the "20" rule, or maybe decrease the number? And ask if Frozen Hatchies are counted in it as well (getting a 0 hatchie is easier than a adult) ETA: Mathcat - Confirmed 26 Skywings I did it as well, 3 times, there are 74 Magis :3
  17. PinkyHedgehog... pretty self-explanatory >.> I'm a Sonic the Hedgehog fan, and my OC is a pink hedgehog... x3
  18. Yeah, I know... is like getting CB Rares or something like that
  19. I got a different code when doing Right Click, the code I get is uKEO. Must notice, if you go to the Green lineage and open the image in a new window, its code changes to t1XU, so be careful using this method it sometimes gives a "random" code not related to the dragon...
  20. Yep, counted 20 CB Gold Dragons... >_> my... me wants D:
  21. The "20 dragons" rule applies for the 0 clicks record?
  22. That's an AWESOME idea! good thinking! -- @Kapanikos, sorry for not answering your PM, I was a little busy. I've read that your script now counts V-UV-C, right? Would you try it in my scroll? Also, "How many Females-Nocturnal do I have?" d: I want to be a "tester" for the script, may I? o3o
  23. May I ask you to try it on my Scroll too? I have an Excel file which I can use to compare the results moar quickly :3
  24. Category: DRAGON BREEDS Title of Record: Breeder with the most Nocturnals (20) Name of Submitant: PinkyHedgehog Proof for Record: My Scroll (Breed sort) Reason for submitting new Record: Nocturnals are not on the list yet. BTW, all them are CB, I don't know if I can claim that as another record, lol