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  1. /me has a question D: the batch was already closed?
  2. Yeah, and working! x3 I have all the Sonic games for it: Sonic 1, Sonic 2 Beta, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic&Knuckles, Sonic Spinball and Sonic 3D BLast. The only cartridge I'm missing is the S&K lock-on... :/ >w< Waaaa, how cute!~ I have 2, one is living in the SADX garden (PC) named Seraki, and the other is in the SA2 garden (DC emulator), named SerakiĀ² (I'm so original ). The SA2 one is a clone/brother from the DX one, because I raised it the same way. The only difference is the Dragon parts, but they look the same d: Here is a drawing I did of SerakiĀ² I'm a obsessed Chao fan, my perfect game would be a standalone Chao garden with net access, to play and challenge Chao from all over the world x3
  3. *pokes thread* o.o How I didn't see this before? Lets see... games I play? the PC ones, I don't have any other consoles, except for my little Genesis And favourite character? Mmmm... Neo Metal Sonic, Chaos, Shadow and... Sonic? duh d: and the Chao x3 I miss them D: Sega needs to bring them back!
  4. When I read the modification of the limits on eggs, my heart stopped beating for a moment O_O And when I read the rest, I died. Is it ok if I want to hug you right now? >> *is really happy*
  5. it's fine to me, seems an interesing record... just a question, zombie hatchlings count as frozen, no? >,> because those are auto-frozen...
  6. What about July 20th? A moon tree?
  7. O_O WOOOOW They are so BEAUTIFUL! Now I want more of them D:
  8. Awesome idea I'm using the red now, but I'm fine with either both
  9. Finally, after 2 days of hunting, 92/92! Mission completed! *faints*
  10. To those complaining about Chrome >3> now it's working perfectly to me, no more "uncatchables" or etc... that means that I'll make it in time to get the... WTF 91! thingies
  11. D: if it's a Chrome problem, then I'm screwed, I don't have any other browser to use T_T EDIT: @Snow Plow, I've been using Chrome for almost a year, and never gave me any problem in DC :/
  12. The pumpkin lollipop D: it's been like 15 minutes and keeps appearing...
  13. Happening the same to me D: this is frustrating... Also, does anyone have this one? x3
  14. After an hour, I FINALLY caugh another D: I hate this... anyone having the same problem or is just me?
  15. OK, it's been more than 30 minutes and no more treats appeared to me D: what the... T__T I want more treats!!
  16. strange, I've been waiting for a few minutes, but the same Treat keeps appearing for me...
  17. I can, but only through a direct link d:
  18. Just now I incubated all the eggs I have but no, I'm not dropping the striped *hugs egg* And yes, I know how "grateful" can people be here sometimes Now, time for some "DC Trick and treat" hunting until evening x3
  19. Hey! it's not drama! just an opinion D: it's only because I'm locked, and can't breed anything! Me wants Pumpkinssssss D::
  20. Only 'til November 1st? ... I'm not happy.
  21. PinkyHedgehog

    10 on 10-10-10

    Halloween'09, more specifically :3 I was who asked in the TinyLittleQuestions post. So yeah, Pumpkins are "Halloween'09" and Harvest are... "harvest" (I suppose )
  22. PinkyHedgehog

    10 on 10-10-10

    Hey, why there're 2 MALE adults in the 1st post? Awesome work on the dragons, both breeds are beautiful
  23. @Siryuli: I think it's referring to the Green/Earth dragons EDIT: D: you 'd me! @Zeldarax: counted 24 Green dragons n_n