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  1. Wait... o___e PNG sprites!!
  2. Kandy, no spoilers, please? :3 Baw, I need more space in my scroll D: I want more Velvets
  3. LOL, I have never EVER bred my Stripes to get the colored ones before, but the Black one was an irresistible idea Yay for my 1st bred Stripe!
  4. Holy cr*p, the female two-tailed hatchie is beautiful! ARGGGG, MUST-HOARD-THEM-NOW D:
  5. LoL, the wikia says "Rumor: There were four eggs of each type listed in the announcement post, leading to speculation there are alts of each egg type." Alts? Why not Male and Female sprites?
  6. Got one of each, huzza! Now it's time to investigate what all that "meets the eye" means
  7. BAAAAAAAWWWW, I'm locked! D: *goes to Incubate some eggs* I know what the Velvet one is, I'm really happy to see them in the Cave!
  8. Hope this helps Stratos egg: Is this one, right? :x
  9. @TPishek: WTFreally? O.o *checks page* **no message found** baw... D:
  10. Now I'm more calm knowing that the new Dragons will be available until the night of the 27th ^w^ Thanks for the information!~
  11. Here, problem solved Man, I love that webpage...
  12. Springy tail... sounds more like a kangaroo than a weasel Man, I wish I had a NewGen videoconsole D: I want to play Sonic Colors...
  13. *pokes Mighty* D: not only SegaSonic, Chaotix too! Talking about skills, Ray can be the "fly" (flying squirrel) and Mighty... well, Power or even Speed, if necessary. Nack... Nack... what skill does he have? Excluding his gun
  14. Who's Julie-su? o,o Never heard that name before (in a game) *evilz* Mighty would be a nice re-add to the team, but Ray? a Chaotix? Bark and Bean are good characters too, they, with Ray, can do a whole new team And Nack needs love too d:
  15. And he wasn't THAT emo in SA2B, I think they over-exaggerate it a little in ShTH But we love him being so emo, it's a great excuse to *try to* hug him xDDDDDDDDDDDDDd --- --- Thoughts? PD: If my English seems "broken", just tell me. It's 4am here and my brain does not works right x_x
  16. ZOMG, me too! *enters the fangirl-scream chorus*
  17. Aggghhh, hard decision to me, all those games are fantastic, each one has a special and unique characteristic... *SADX: ADVENTURE FIELDS! *runs around StationSquare* and the Chao, and Chaos and... BIG! YES, I LOVED THE FISHING GAMES WITH BIG!!! AND CASINOPOLIS!!! I SPENT 5 HOURS INSIDE CASINOPOLIS!!! OWO *SA2B: One of the best of the best in Sonic history. A really interesting story, the double story mode, an improved Chao garden, and a NOT-SO-EMO Shadow *Sonic Heroes: the ability to play with 3 different characters at the same time. It requires a lot of strategy if you want a smooth game here. Personally, I loved the game and the Story (specially the last part)... maybe because I played it without any spoilers? Of course all this is a personal and subjective opinion I'm between SADX and SA2B, but being a Chao lover, I prefer the second, it has more evolution options d:
  18. DA Link: Sure! n_n http://fav.me/d1rmzyb And I once had a bad graphic card too but I never disabled the sound. The results were a really slow game with funny sounds and music D
  19. Aw, come on is not THAT bad... Quoting that guy in the original thread: Well, at least it gives me more time to find a way to pre-order it
  20. /me has a question D: the batch was already closed?
  21. Yeah, and working! x3 I have all the Sonic games for it: Sonic 1, Sonic 2 Beta, Sonic 2, Sonic 3, Sonic&Knuckles, Sonic Spinball and Sonic 3D BLast. The only cartridge I'm missing is the S&K lock-on... :/ >w< Waaaa, how cute!~ I have 2, one is living in the SADX garden (PC) named Seraki, and the other is in the SA2 garden (DC emulator), named SerakiĀ² (I'm so original ). The SA2 one is a clone/brother from the DX one, because I raised it the same way. The only difference is the Dragon parts, but they look the same d: Here is a drawing I did of SerakiĀ² I'm a obsessed Chao fan, my perfect game would be a standalone Chao garden with net access, to play and challenge Chao from all over the world x3
  22. *pokes thread* o.o How I didn't see this before? Lets see... games I play? the PC ones, I don't have any other consoles, except for my little Genesis And favourite character? Mmmm... Neo Metal Sonic, Chaos, Shadow and... Sonic? duh d: and the Chao x3 I miss them D: Sega needs to bring them back!
  23. When I read the modification of the limits on eggs, my heart stopped beating for a moment O_O And when I read the rest, I died. Is it ok if I want to hug you right now? >> *is really happy*
  24. it's fine to me, seems an interesing record... just a question, zombie hatchlings count as frozen, no? >,> because those are auto-frozen...