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  1. And that's how it ends... a big "Thank you!" for all those who made it possible edit: behold! my misspelling powers!
  2. Killed: 1 adult. Today. 15 minutes ago. Result: Zombified. 1st time trying, got a success. I don't need anything else <3
  3. Best description ever. I don't know why, but I LOVE it! <3
  4. Oh my o____o It's- It's so beautiful- *tears of happiness*
  5. WAT. No enough space in my scroll! GAH.
  6. 1 minute people, everybody to the start line!
  7. It's me, or black-cap egg aren't dropping? :c
  8. I still can't believe the word "Paranatural" hasn't been mentioned in the whole forum EVER. It's like, WTF, haven't you read it? IT'S JUST PLAIN AWESOME.
  9. Prof. Layton and the Unwond Future... is... is... T______T IT MADE ME CRY. I. LITERALLY. CRIED. Now I want a REAL tea set. Stupid obsessions. And that Puzzle Index in book form. That would be awesome. And to lost some weight, so I can use fancy-british dresses (what?). Now I'm talking no-sense. I should go to sleep now. After a good cup of tea. Damn obsessions.
  10. You know you played too much Professor Layton when you start hearing the "solving puzzle" music when doing some thinking works, like math or a simple crossword... Wait a sec... Ah no, it was my ringtone
  11. Professor Layton series. Today I finished "the Unwound Future" and I'm about to start "the Last Specter" Make it a record, I did a non-stop gaming session of 14 hs and 56 mins, starting Saturday at 10pm then slept 3 hours and continued. Yes, I got a little obsessed.
  12. And we totally ignored it... maybe because we didn't want to believe that it was a random thing... I still refuse to believe that's purely random D: I is sad...
  13. You made my day Welll, yes and no. Yes, we know the answer, No, we didn't figure it xP
  14. Oh god, it's been a while since I had a good laugh like the one I had today this whole GardeniaLOL mistery is completely amusing...
  15. Now that is safe, I want to show this beauty got it from the AP, I was like "WHAT NICE ME GUSTA LOL" when I caught it http://dragcave.net/lineage/VhOas Still thinking a name for it
  16. Yep, something like that ^^ and list those options in the OP with a little explanation next to them to avoid confusions. Also, a "I like more than one!", "Don't change anything" and "I want to suggest something else" options :3 Now, which ideas should be on the poll? My favourites: "Hide the total number of prizes", "Increase the number of prizes", "Entries for being active during the year"
  17. May I suggest doing the poll about the differents ideas we have came up until now? Of people who VOTED. I didn't vote 'cause I didn't liked any of the options, they are all about "more prizes" or "no prizes".
  18. Well, here's my invitation: help us! Suggests a way to write it so it doesn't looks "ugly" or "OOC". Giving constructive criticism is an important step when working on something that will affect the entire community. If you like something, support it. If not, explain why. If something is unclear, ask. If you think you have a better idea, suggest it. Keep a cool head, never take it personally. And kittens, kittens are good. And GoogleTranslate too.
  19. That's me! I tend to keep my dragons out of the hatcheries until they reach the 3.23 mark. It once happened to me that someone added my eggs somewhere when they still had 7 full days, and they got sick in a matter of hours. Luckly I managed to fog them in time, but it wasn't nice... BTW, where's the poll? I want the poll!
  20. Got the gray one, never thought that green and gray would look so good together
  21. I've been able to take perfect care of my eggs even before reaching the 200 dragons mark, and I NEVER wanted help from other users, Why add such limitation?