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  1. Well, I found the solutions if anyone wants 'em and any bad endings. X'D Three Heads Are Sometimes Better Than Two Thunderbolts and Lightning A Sore Spot For Spell combos: https://forums.dragcave.net/topic/188429-2021-02-14-happy-valentines-day/?do=findComment&comment=10029344
  2. I'll take it, I love the lineage project haha. Also, bonus BSA. Thanks! Also, anyone interested in a wonky lineage 4g Prize? https://dragcave.net/teleport/8a0f966d4b25e7eddd70a6a89a65a90b Offer whatever you want.
  3. I think I found everything? I have no clue if you can really find more after you buy the chocolates since you're mostly trying to not get caught by your family.
  4. Yeah, I support this idea, as much as I like the holiday dragons, they really do clog the AP with bred eggs, so a separate page that appears during the associated holidays just like Holidays page in the caves would be amazing.
  5. Weee, I got 4 of them along with the rest of the halloween dragons (now hatchlings) from past years! I'm surprised I was able to get so many of them but I'm glad, that I don't have to stay up! Good luck, everyone else!
  6. Thank you for the 3g Prize, miaou!
  7. I'd like to join with this group: https://dragcave.net/group/90677 Oh, this is my first time so hopefully I get on the list.
  8. @pinkgothic Alright, I send the egg to you, right? I'll put the teleport link in our PMs if you say yes.
  9. @pinkgothic Oh man, I breed them first thing and look what I got: https://dragcave.net/lineage/Zdky7 Perfect~ Who do I send it to?
  10. Thanks for the names, also, gotcha, I just used Fertility on lv26 (named 'Dusk Pygmies were released'), so here's hoping when that female Crimson Flare grows up! (Hey, btw, is the thing where if you wait to breed the chances of it being successful increases true and by how much for how long? )
  11. @pinkgothic Oh yeah, you want a female Crimson Flare to breed with https://dragcave.net/lineage/lv26, right? What names/facts are you thinking of? (Also, if the breeding works, what species are you looking for?)
  12. Ah, that sounds really great. So the more people enter a raffle, the more prize dragons that will be awarded in that raffle to accommodate them. Nice.
  13. Welp, looks like I'm going to continue it, Jane said they were back up which I guess means they don't want to do it. Looks like I already used Fertility on EvCS on accident before so it works out.
  14. @pinkgothic Hey, the pairing worked now! https://dragcave.net/lineage/rR4qU What do you think? (What breed do you want, btw? I got a Seawyrm egg.)
  15. No, I mean the Mind and Soul do have gender differences for breeding, which I'm pointing out. I do realize that they don't have gender differences appearance wise. It wasn't my point though, I was just pointing out that the rest seem to have only one gender.
  16. Hey, has anyone noticed that only the Mind/Yellow and Soul/Orange new release hatchlings in TJ09's post have different genders? Like the Space/Blue Hatchling are both female and all the other eggs are male. If you take that into account, it looks like you would need at most 1 Space, 1 Time, 1 Power, 1 Reality, 2 Soul, 2 Mind, which total to 8 if you were after collecting the full set of genders and dragons. Perfect fit for those that have the Platinum Trophies if they want the release date eggs. Just letting anyone know that want breeding pairs, only two of them will have both male and fe
  17. I took the female, I'm always after those right now. Thanks~
  18. Thank you! I really needed females and this was a big help!
  19. Hey, since I don't see the Sky Silk or Mariner having both genders, I'm just going to drop the two of each that I got: Sky Silk Dragon: FKiiY Kn66b NFWSc Mariner Pygmy: FqqaP HNtJv I actually used up 2 of each pink to get these, so I'm low on female pinks. 😧
  20. Honestly, I'm in the same boat, I'm waiting for 3 of my eggs to hatch in 3 hours. Maybe I should just go to sleep, lol, it's 12:43 AM over here. @_@
  21. I believe they released at 12 am EDT? So that means the 27th in DC time. (Or at the very least, I noticed the empty cave at 12:33 am EDT, so close enough.)
  22. *Eyes glitter* I got one. And it was the one I was after! In the biome I wanted! https://dragcave.net/lineage/FKiiY
  23. I agree with decreasing the waiting times to not vary so much, 5-10 minutes should be good, 5-15 is a bit much, personally. Yeah, it really sucks that one spriter wasn't able to get their own egg. And yeah, I think a week should be allowed for any quantity of eggs, actually, I think 2 weekends should be good for people with jobs since it's two full days for them (well, unless they work on weekends too which is brutal oof.) Well, either the wait times between eggs should be less or the time frame of collecting eggs should be longer. Good point, haha.
  24. I hope so, looks like a lot of people didn't get all 62 eggs. You can see my basket if you want to see them all now though, it's on the bottom for this year: https://dragcave.net/easter/KenKazaki2
  25. What? Easter was on April 21, 2019, it's been past Easter for 3 days already. 0-0 https://www.google.com/search?q=easter+2019 The event started on the 20th of this month (I was online when it started as you can see: Posted Saturday at 11:10 PM) so what you are saying about it not being on Easter is false, it started one hour before 12 midnight of the day of Easter. I'm sorry that you didn't have time to do the event but that isn't TJ's problem that you have a life outside of the site, this site is for leisure so you aren't entitled to free easter eggs because you have a job.