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  1. (uproots all the vine alts)
  2. totally takes The Fat Man's Best Reindeer and vine alt
  3. captures Lorg Taibhse of Eire
  4. swipes all the awesome gold shiny dragons
  5. snatches Ophanimon "your pretty..."
  6. I want to eat a taco then study for finals then go to school then make presents then hibernate then give the presents on christmas then hopefully I'll get a skateborad so I can skateboard
  7. I'm obsessed with dragons, cheeseballs, school,call of duty, and snow leopards
  8. that's a great game .. so many memories with my friend playing the sims 2 using all of the cheats like typing motherload or alien babies or turning into vamps the sims 3 sounds fun but I haven't played it yet
  9. aqpowet add power to it rrhybxdehu
  10. I'm half and half sometimes I like science other times there are things I don't understand - sometimes I think it's not my calling at all but other times it's the other way around I like astronomy , astrophysics, quantum physics, particles, biology,chemistry, parellel universes, AI I like a lot of it, but I wouldn't consider myself a geek though sometimes I feel like I'd rather read or write stories, or make movies, or hack videogames, or play instruments than do science experiments
  11. death or being rejected; demons; scary monsters that I still think will get me; torture; being "locked" up I don't know which is my biggest; probably monsters/demons
  12. You make me happy by Lindsey ray
  13. this song always gives me the chills http://www.youtube.com/user/shadowspotted#.../10/qyzlRxpbqz4 and the song creep by radiohead
  14. Hazelbush360

    Sad songs

    maybe Annie (1999) tomarrow annie (1999) Imaginary evanescance together again evanescence sally's song nightmare before christmas http://www.youtube.com/user/shadowspotted#...D/9/EcBLScCg83E 21 guns green day http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=duTKDlPXCQg...nel_video_title Friends forever I know a few..
  15. a tripod and videocamera or I want felix felicius (like in Harry Potter) so I can have the perfect day...
  16. I was playing pokemon, I was doing a really serious battle with Ghestis, I was really anxious so I kept on pressing the a button without even realising it then just like that my pokemon did the wrong move and if I hadn't of had any revival herbs I would've lost the battle