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  1. I don't think I have any mental problems (except maybe bad depression) though I talk to myself more than other people
  2. *uproots the alt vines and plants them on scroll *
  3. takes the cheese dragons then eats them with nachos
  4. I will stand by you is coming with me
  5. runs away with all the hatchlings
  6. puts away all the pygmies into a giant bag
  7. hand over the shiny goldys and the green nebulas
  8. takes unnamed green nebula and frill
  9. I'm attracted to the shiny golds and silvers so I'll just be taking those
  10. snatches the shiny gold ones and the nebulas
  11. takes Suwakkuri "you're prettyyyyyyyy "
  12. takes Queen of the Morning Sky
  13. almond joy, mounds, and zagnuts are all great!
  14. I've collected loads of toy junk ponies; my little ponies; fake my little ponies; petshops; barbies; polly pockets; chevron cars; dinosaurs; soldiers; pokemon; pokemon cards; little dogs from vending machines; hello kitty it's crazy I gave most of my collections away (keeping the pokemon stuff,ponies, and petshops)
  15. I accidently cut the skin between my thumb and index finger with a knife and I had to get some stitches and I still have a barely visible scar now (I was trying to cut an apple)
  16. snatches the shiny gold dragon "sooooo shinyeeeeeee"