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  1. I am trying to get a handle on the scroll pages thing, is there a way to set how many pages you have and what goes on what page? or is it just automatic?
  2. I have a question with the bioms and what is truly considered rare and all of that. Things like Pinks and Sunsets/Sunrises are rare only becouse of the ratios right now but they were meant to be common, the bioms should help bring them back to common status. But I was wondering about stripes were they intended to be rare dragons or are they accidental rares like pinks and now the march maddness eggs?
  3. I am wondering if the bioms will be like a video game with a map of the "land" at the opening and then clicking on the appropriate area for the different bioms. Like some sort of giant contenent with all the different habitats
  4. I know it woun't be the first change to go into effect but I know it will probably be one of the last. Bioms would be the best!
  5. I had a question about the bioms. Right now if you go to the rare trading thread you will see certain dragons on the rares list that, according to the ratios, should be common, but becouse everyone gets them from the cave the CB versions of those supposed to be common dragons are now considered rare (Pinks, blacks, march maddness eggs, reds etc). The bioms are said to work by having certain eggs in certain locations, all water eggs one place, all jungle in another and then rares are supposed to show up in all the bioms randomly. My question is this, when the bioms go into effect will those "rares" mentioned in the description be only the indended rares like golds, slivers and the trio. or will the other non intended rares like CB pinks, CB reds etc, be included also. If they aren't it will certainly make CB blacks easier to hunt for I think, as well as CB pinks.
  6. There is some group out there that is keeping track of at least some of them. I picked up a vamp from the AP and soon after got a PM on the forums telling me its linage.
  7. Thanks I am still trying to fully understand breeding. The only way to get a refusal is by breeding two dragons that are of entirely incompatable breeds right. Or is it possible to get a refusal from a pair that had been entirely reliable breeders? Becouse I would hate to lose a good breeding pair simply becouse they dicided to not cooperate for a few months.
  8. I sort of hope that this doesn't go into effect for xmas, ti would mean being timed with the release of the Xmas dragon and I for one would not want to deal with the enevitable kinks and gliches that will show up while the system is first going into place while in the midst of a holiday release (don't get me wrong I think all the features are absolutly WONDERFULL but there are bound to be issues when it first comes out. Bugs that wern't accounted for and so on, I mean even know the cave goes through bouts where it has issues. It will just take a while to iorn out all the wrinkels in the programing when it first comes out is all)
  9. The message "the dragons show no interest in eachother" is different than a refusal correct?
  10. I fail to see how teleport would stop someone from getting a holly if they were promissed one. Eggs can still be gifted with teleport so it's hardly as if they can't get their egg.
  11. Wait what? So let me get this straight there will be different kinds of locks egg locked and hatchie locked? Right now there is only scroll locked get 4 eggs or 4 hachies and you're locked but with the new way could you have the full capacity of eggs and yet still be able to pick up hachlings if you don't have the full complement of hatchlings?
  12. Ramroth


    lol i actuly found DC though Nano last year, eggies were on someone's profile and I just had to click on them. After seeing the cave I was unavoidably hooked. Nano just started last night if anyone wants to join in, there is still time! lol only about 2,000 words behind. 4 pages of writing isn't much, you can do it!
  13. I managed to catch 4 of them but the cave was realy laggy and it took a long time. I wouldn't have cought any except someone was kind enough to post a "how to" instructions about how to catch in a laggy cave. I got all four my first time trying it. I have to say I like these new dragons already they go with the halloween theme. Don't get me wrong I like the pumpkins they're very cute but they don't exactly inspire fear. These new ones are much more creepy much more keeping in the spirt of halloween. It's weird though for whatever reason the cave is still laggy
  14. lol, looks like a little pumpkin dragon
  15. Also wants to know this ^^ How long did the Easter release last? Does anyone remember, I would think using that as a bench mark might help
  16. Ok, so I am a little confused. I get that candies are now droping from the cave, just like the easter eggs were back in April but what is this about Pumpkin dragons? Are they droping from the cave again?
  17. Ramroth

    10 on 10-10-10

    Laggamonster is back with a vengence. How long did it take for it to get fixed last time? Or maybe it's TJ's way of secretly releasing 3 dragons at once, Lagamonster eggs hiding in the cave you think?
  18. Ramroth

    2010-08-28 - 55 Days

    Me neather. The wings are gorgeous I just wish they were right side up
  19. No idea what it means eather
  20. I wonder if this is a place holder BSA or if we just haven't figured out what it's for. As if he wanted to put something in place while he works on the a BSA that's still in development. Why else would a pointless BSA have a limit on how many times it can be used?
  21. I disagree. Most commons are common becouse fewer people want them (along with the ratio nubers) but the reason you have one breed or other dominating the AP is disirability. Now you have commons (mm) that are VERY disirable, it all works out and we have more nice looking commons (sorry the mm still kick a lot (two words, not one) of the older breeds butts in terms of the sprite)