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  1. I've been catching mine in pairs. So far i have a set of pearls, swerls and darks. All i need now are a pair of crimsons and heavies.
  2. Ramroth

    2011-04-27 - Downtime

    Is there any chance of getting the eggs back? I had finaly gotten a nice CB nebula
  3. is it just me or do the hatchling sprites look like my little ponies? Don't get me wrong I love them, just a resemblance that's all.
  4. got my two after my first 15min of signing no. Happy Valintines everyone!
  5. The eggs woun't be in any danger what so ever. TJ said that the new eggs and the "honorable mention" eggs will be protected against sickness.
  6. lol, reminds me of a ferternity or surority at collage
  7. First I've heard of it, I don't know anyone else who got that message. Did they even say why you should do that?
  8. I am prity harsh in my grading, I have to truly like it to give it even a 6 most I am giving average ratings or slightly below average 4 depending on the composition. So far the highest i've awarded is a 9 and that was to a dragon head shaped one that was breathing fire.
  9. lol just saw a PacMan tree!!!
  10. anyone else see a tree with a horizontal scroll bar so that some of the ornaments can move side to side? Could this be TJ's tree since none of us has the option of the scroll bar?
  11. How do we get to the area to rate trees?
  12. I add my support to this notion!
  13. I don't know about you but I would very easily and happly dump a few dragons into the AP to be able to pick up the prize dragon.
  14. you can still change it before midnight tonight
  15. I ended up hidding my potato among all the presents under the tree. You have to realy look to find it. Wanted it to mirror how hard it is to get a real "potato"
  16. yes. If you change it from what it is now then it will be judged in the changed form. What it looks like the moment editing is closed is the form it will be judged on.
  17. Probably prity much just personal preference I guess. I plan on just going on my first initial impressions of the trees I view. I don't know about you guys but I plan on rating as many trees as I can durring the week long period. How about you guys?
  18. Here is a question I just thought I would throw out there. Say if you won, would you accept one of the prize dragons or would you go for the honorable mention dragons and get yourself a CB holly?
  19. lol, a long two weeks indeed i can understand why it takes so long though, there will be thousands of trees on the site and I for one and going to try and rate as many as possible then TJ has to choose from a final 200 and narrow it down to what only 40 or 50 trees
  20. I've used it for Zombies and nothing else but i've considered using it for killing a long linaged gold i have. I accedently breed my bold with the wrong parent
  21. Kind of defeates the purpouse of holliday dragons though.
  22. I can't remember, can you keep breed xmas eggs for a little bit (even if you already have 2 of that breed) in order to trade? I know eventualy they will still get kicked to the AP anyway but can you keep them for a bit or is that still just speculation at this point?
  23. Quick qestion. I remember there being talk that there would be a few hours where you would be able to keep holliday eggs you had just breed even though you already had two of that breed (though the window to keep all three of that kind would be very small only an hour or so). But what I can't remember is if that was just speculation or if it had already been implemented?