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  1. Avery called me Snowa too! I go by SINGE dammit.


    Edit: xdlugia - Yes, that's what happened. I tried to go to the North part of the village, and the game just got stuck. Pressing the reset link and refreshing the page just leaves me with a loading bar and a black screen. Will try again in a few minutes, hopefully it fixes itself

    yeah, getting that as well tongue.gif

  2. reset worked for me, got past the waterfall, stuck on the stupid tree maze. Anyone have any hints for that bit?

    never mind, lol, the reindeer showed me the way through but as soon as that happened I figured out what all of you were talking about with the "don't look at the kitty" comment. Oh well. Refresh here I come

  3. Went in to play the game today and for some reason today's task is idential to yeterdays. I am having to find the cat for the two headed dragon, again. Am I the only one who is having this problem. Is my game glitching or are you supposed to do the same task twice?

  4. Can anyone tell me what the male neglecteds are wearing?


    @Ramroth: You're missing the map: Go back to the shops and there should be an "unlocked" ship or stall. I can't remember which it is.

    Thanks! You just backtrack to get that one i think, yes?

  5. there will be only 2 versions of the brine it looks like, with gender divergent hatchies and adults. TJ always freezes at least one of the hatchies of each form. So I guess that means no dimorphisum on one. no hatchie dimorphism but dimorphism on the adults for the middle one and for the brine dimorphism on both hatchies and adults. I can't wait to see what they look like.

    Need only one more brine and I am good. I haven't had a dragon this hard to catch since the hollies tongue.gif


  6. Only Allure until they hit ER, but i only ever add them to other sites as ER eggs/hatchies when i need a spot open in a hurry otherwise i just move them to the ER section of Allure.

    I don't add them to ANY site before they're a day old out of the cave or hatching, otherwise they've been getting sick.

  7. Woah there, I think you should wait till April 2nd to ask this xd.png It won't kill you to wait, surely?

    lol, well if it is a prank I hope we at least get an awsome badge off it, the same like the did with the carrot cave. I would love a dino badge xd.png

  8. Scroll Name: Ramroth

    Forum Name: Ramroth

    What Eggs/Hatchlings would you like to be sat: Whatever is on my scroll as of midnight tonight (I don't know if I am doing this right if I am not I am sorry and I will re-write this once I have been given correct instruction) - I plan on catching before I leave but I don't need the scroll sitting to begin until tomorrow.

    How Long will you be gone: 1 week beginning tomorrow

    What Sitter's list do you want to be on: Any

  9. Is there a glitch in it by any chance? I clicked to go to the greenhouse from the garden and instead wound up in the hallway


    Same thing when u click on the cemetary page from the garden as well


    Scratch that all but two of the choices on the garden page lead to the hallway