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Read my translation of Dragon Life at Dragon MT Holiday Mates Wishlist: Here

You can DM me on discord (ninish#2350) to let me know you've offered on a trade of mine; I'll notice faster that way unless I'm asleep. Scroll name: Okura

i'm socially awkward so please pm me only if necessary or i panic and flee...I accept and give IOUs. Not in a regular basis, but i do. Brief Wishlist: 2nd gen thuwed, cb-3rd gen golds, cb-2nd gen silvers, neglected. + all that's in my wishlist in profile (including a lot of things for freezing, like some dinos). i prefer perfect checkers to stairs or spirals.WZmL.pngwww_gifcreator_me_czcceb_by_spatialfangs

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    Chile~ Currently 1 hour ahead of DC time.
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    I'm sorry if my English is faulty at times.

    Relevant Groups:
    -coded dragons https://dragcave.net/group/11567
    -cb holidays https://dragcave.net/group/21148
    -cb rares and uncommons https://dragcave.net/group/22285
    -and some holiday checkers i can produce https://mydraggies.wordpress.com/holiday-checkers/

    >>>more on perfect checkers:
    ----these groups are ordered by pairs, not breed or color.
    ----all of the dragons in each group are of the same gen
    ----and you will find the male first, followed by his corresponding female
    (so that you can guess the lineage of the offspring with just a look)
    ----all these pairs have been tested, and are compatible always (if perhaps moody).
    >>>Pairs of 2nd gens that produce 3rd gen checkers: https://dragcave.net/group/23109
    >>>Pairs of 3rd gens that produce 4th gen checkers: https://dragcave.net/group/23183
    >>>Pairs of 4th gens that produce 5th gen checkers: https://dragcave.net/group/25429

    ***************TEH WISH LIST*****************

    You can use CRTL + F to go where you want to because this is a mess XD

    PART TWO: not so urgent stuff
    PART THREE: stuff for freezing
    PART FOUR: stuff i gather from time to time
    PART FIVE: IOUs and "UOme" xD

    so here we go!


    >>>>>PART ONE<<<<<<<
    -2nd-3rd gen shimmerscale
    -cb-2nd gen gold <- priority as of now. for the 2nd gen, no holiday mates if possible (but I'll also take them, as i only have 1 2nd gen gold).
    -2nd gen gold from yule
    -i also need a load of dinos for freezing, as well as other rares. these can be messy and inbred. please check further down below~
    -mateless perfect checkers https://dragcave.net/group/11571 & mateless metal checkers https://dragcave.net/group/20471
    -also looking for any and all zyu hatchies. somehow i've summoned EIGHT male sinomorphs and ONE female, thus i'll take any zyus to try and summon some more females...
    -holiday mates needed: https://mydraggies.wordpress.com/holiday-mates/

    >>>>>PART TWO<<<<<<<

    -cb silvers
    -maybe more cb coppers or trios or xenos or gemshards or lunar heralds or zyus
    -and offers.
    -and lots and lots of stuff for freezing, please see below. i accept IOUs for those~
    -And i'm always interested in evening out these:

    [[[my cb xeno count:]]]
    pyro: 3 f 2 m |||| thalassas: 2 m 2 f |||| mageia: 2f 3m |||| gaia: 2m 2f |||| chrono: 3f 3m |||| astrapi: 2m 2f

    {{{zyumorph pairs}}} - {{CBs / bred}}}
    red - volcano F3 M2 - 2bred |||| pink - coast F2 M2 - 4bred
    yellow - jungle F1 M2 - 3bred - 1bred growing |||| blue - desert F3 M2 1cb growing - 1bred
    black - alpine F4 M3 1M growing -1bred |||| white - forest F3 M2 - 3bred

    (((Other cb rares/uncommons count)))
    (blusang: 3f 3m) ||| (aeons: 3f 3m) ||| (blue gemshard: 3f 2m - green gemshard: 3f 3m - red gemshard: 5m 4f)
    (bronze lunar: 3f 3m) ||| (blue lunar: 2m 2f) ||| (gold lunar: 3m 5f) ||| (silver lunar: 3f 3m)
    (coppers: all varieties - 2 pairs of CBs)
    (almandines: 4f 4m) ||| (spessartines 3m & 3 f) ||| (pyrals: too many to care)

    <<<2nd gen Hybrids>>>
    < ultraviolets: 3f 5m (fem spitfire: 2f 2m) (male spitfire: 1f 3m)>
    < soulpeace: 1f 4m >
    < blunas: 3f 3m (male water: 1m 1f but siblings) (female water: 1m) (male deep sea: 1m 1f but sibligs) (female deepsea: 1 f) >
    < shallow waters: 2f 1m but they're all siblings... ¬.¬ >
    < hell horses: 3f 3m (male hellfire: 2f 1m) (fem hellfire: 1f 2m) >
    < dusk pygmies: 3m 3f >
    < geodes from stone: 2f 4m >
    < geodes from earth: 2f 2m > -> but one pair refused.
    < risensong: 2m 1f >
    < storm-riders: 1m 1f but they're sibings because i'm just that smart >
    <setsong: 2f 2m >
    <carinas: purple neb x regular ridgewing: 1m 1f --- male alt ridgewing x red neb: 1m 1f but they rejected each other (/_- )

    > zombie list <
    wingless F/M __ f s1
    western (regular) M ___ m f
    drake M
    sea serpent m
    all sprites missing: amphiptere (skywing, sunsong, white zyu), eastern (gemsh, striped river, bolt, almerald), lindwurm, pygmy, eastern pygmy (kyanite), pygmy lindwurm (seawyrm), pygmy wyvern (magelight), two-headed, two-headed sea serpent, wyrm (xenos), wyvern (coastal waverunner, carmine, hellfire, bbw, falconiform, fever, flamingo, nhio, scimitar, seragamma, spirit ward, tri-horn, tsunami)


    >>>>>PART THREE<<<<<<<
    >>>>>FOR FREEZING<<<<< (no matter if inbred and/or messy):

    aeon, F
    avatars of change, M
    avatar of creation, s1, M & F
    avatar of destruction, s1 & F
    almandine, s1 & f
    alt black, curled, s1
    baikala, blue, s1, M & F
    baikala, green, s1, M & F
    bauta, s1, M & F
    blusang, s1
    carina, M & F
    copper, brown, s1 & M
    copper, blue, s1
    copper, red, s1, M & F
    dino, blue s1
    dino, red s1
    dino, purple s1 & s2
    dusk pygmy, s1 & F
    fire gem, blue s1, M & F
    fire gem, green s1 & F
    fire gem, red M
    gemshard red, s1, M & F
    khusa, M & F
    lunar herald, blue s1 & F
    Lunar herald, gold s1 & F
    Magma, s1 & F
    Nexus, s1
    risensong, s1
    script, s1 & M
    setsong, s1
    shimmers, gold s1, M & F
    Shimmer, bronze, s1
    shimmer, silver, F
    spessartine, M & F
    spinel, red, s1, M
    spinel, green s1, M & F
    thunder, F
    tinsel, bronze, s1
    tinsel, gold, F
    undine, gold, s1
    xeno, mageia, M
    xeno, thalassas, s1, M
    zyu alpine (black) s1, M & F
    zyu coast (pink) s1, M & F
    zyu desert (blue) s1, M & F
    zyu forest (white) s1, M & F
    zyu jungle (yellow) M & F
    zyu vocano (red) s1, M & F

    xmas 2013, s1 solstice & s2 with blue wings
    xmas 2014, s1 & s2 mistletoe
    halloween 15 caligene, s1 & M
    halloween 16 witchlight, s1 M & F
    val 11 s1 rosebud
    val 14 s2 radiant angel
    val 15 s1 & s2 Heartstealing
    val 16 s1 & s2 Mutamore
    val 17 s1 & s2 soulstone


    >>>>>PART FOUR<<<<<<<

    *stuff i gather from time to time (or always):

    Lots of regular pygmy hatchies for freezing (the orange ones)


    >>Random Journal
    october 17th 2012: gosh, i finally caught a cb silver!! all on my own! mah first cb metallic ever!! i feel so happy i could cry!! xD and this month is my DC birthday~ 3 years playing, yay! xD
    november 5th 2012: found a pretty silver in the ap! thank you so much, panthera1!! :D
    december2012: ahahaha, i'm still hollyless!! XD *cries in a corner*
    july 30th 2013: i succeeded at turning an egg into a neglected... but it died *facepalm*
    december2013: i was gifted 2 pretty hollies!! Ty, Paradoxangel & Dracaena!! :D
    september 5th 2014: i caught my second cb silver ;v; i-i w-w-wash sho haaaapppeee ;v;
    december 24th 2016: Dracaena gifted me 2 3rd gen yulebucks, thank you very much!! :D (one x silver, one x shadow walker, yay!)
    december 24th 2016: was gifted a 4th EG holly from Shmi, thanks a lot!!
    august 30th 2017: i won a raffle in the unofficial discord server, and as a result Pie Master gifted me a 2nd gen from S.A.!! thanks a lot!! *-*
    september 19th 2017: found a 2nd gen tinsel in the AP T^T thank you so much, TheTimothy!!
    september 20th 2017: success in turning an egg into a neglected, but it died D'x


    >>>>>PART FIVE<<<<<<<

    **----+++ IOUs & UOMe xD +++---**

    Things i've promised to other people:
    [ ~ means gift from me to the person, - means an actual trade / iou i offered to someone else ]

    ~gift 3rd gen ice from rosebud checker to myself!! from glace parfumee x ice-blue rose xP
    ~gift 2nd gen ice from male marrow (from ice kitty) to 11th (check if they still need it first)
    -2nd gen ice from solstice (sibling to https://dragcave.net/lineage/jLDf1) to Justie in exchange for a 3rd gen ice x rosy solstice.
    ~1x 2nd gen monarch from male SWs to Ruby Eyes (from Ente)
    -3rd gen GW from ribbon to tjekan https://dragcave.net/lineage/QQv4u (child of cetro de navidad) her list of holidays http://www.angelfire.com/hero/tjekanefir/dc-checkers.htm send her a list of the 3rd gen checkers you need, and then send her pretty 3rd gen checkers in exchange.
    ~3rd gen GW from ribbon to olympe
    -i offered to help mishii with something (they have to decide on what) for their help in breeding me a 3rd gen sunsong from male marrow~
    -3rd gen SW from female royal blue to Seahorse, sibling to https://dragcave.net/lineage/JNbxC

    Things i've been promised by other people:
    ~3rd gen magi from RA from sheriam
    -2nd gen gold from yule from jerzeeshadow/~celis (gift)
    -3rd gen ice from solstice from Justie
    -3rd gen SW from male blusangs from Ruby Eyes
    -3rd gen silver from female SWs from Deja
    -->> poke ilune for an unrelated mate to https://dragcave.net/lineage/Flq4h
    --->>> pm cyradis4 and ask them if they can breed me a nebula x rosebud sibing to https://dragcave.net/lineage/CleTY