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  1. Afternoon everyone! Spring allergies has been intense so far. *sniffs*
  2. LAGIE! *huggles* The death of my aunt hit our family a bit hard. Having some trouble processing it all
  3. I keep forgetting with all the stuff that has been happening
  4. FORTUNE! *huggles* KESTRA! *huggles* And huggles to everyone else as well
  5. Afternoon everyone. Sad news... My aunt didn't make it
  6. THANK YOU FORTUNE!!! *huggles* What a great surprise
  7. LAGIE! *huggles* Yes. I saw. Love it. Lego's is just so much easier to create scenes with than on the console for me Things has been stressful. Moving back home, sorting out finances and then news about my aunt in ICU due to covid.
  8. It's nice and sunny where I am today. Also I have gotten my jab now. So far so good.
  9. Can't help that your team is made out of small kiddies
  10. You caused the lighting to strike me multiple times! I was running around completely fine without getting hit. Then you come to my world and I get hit like five times in a row
  11. I only miss leafs cause Dendro characters is still a myth
  12. The only thing I've noticed is the new font
  13. Well that was a house.... Which is important