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My wishlist is on my profile. Both shimmer-scale breeding lists are open. Will answer all pms.gickrcom_c2fac278-cf7c-2dd4-597d-96acb2aXPZQFpQ.png2nks0ad.png72073471.pngshiva_sama.png

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    Wishlist (for completing my scroll)

    -1 female grey two-headed lindwurms and 2 green ones
    -2nd gen silver shimmerscale egg with sweetling partner to continue this lineage: http://dragcave.net/lineage/MTdL7
    (will breed my 3rd gen shimmer and anything els eon the scroll for it!>.<" *whatever you need and I cna breed*)
    -dragon with grandparents alt sweetlingxblack and marrowxsomething black
    -2nd gen common with an alt sweetlingxsomething black
    -lower gen gold+silver tinsel
    -shimmer scale dragons (silver+gold)
    -CB ice egg
    -CB female tan ridgewing
    -ND egg or hatchy
    -low gen female alt black
    -CB metallics (have zero)
    -2x 2nd gen gold with (blackxgold parent to breed with 2nd gen blacks from godlxblack to continue the lineage)
    -low gen metals
    -2nd-3rd gen Thuweds (especially the 3rd gen to breed with my other 3rd gen Thuwed..X3)
    -paper egg
    -chicken egg
    -5th even gen Thuwed eggy which isn't related to this one http://dragcave.net/lineage/SkmT
    -CB royal Crimsons
    -male Blacktip dragon
    -Thuweds in general
    -Interesting lineaged dragons

    Pls pm me if you find something on my scroll I can breed for you and you would like to trade for a dragon I search for.

    Don't like: dinos and cheese eggs

    Personal lineage projects:

    -Levitha Lineage (CB male thunder Estoriel Levitha x CB female white Himemiko Shiro)
    -Sanguines Lineage (includes all my CB marrows x any other dragon; mainly the male marrow Yeu Sanguines)
    -Sinister Sanguines (CB marrow Yeu Sanguines x CB golden wyvern Ciz Riot)
    -Vifire Lineage (CB magma Shyla Vifire x CB dorsal named Esto Bakuragu and Shingetsu Vifire x Shyla Vifire)
    -Riot lineage (CB golden male wyvern Aurum Riot x any other dragon, mainly the female shadow walker named Silbernebel or the CB GW Ciz Riot)

    If you want an offspring and continue the lineage name, send me a pm!^^

    Or if you need a specific breeding pairing for your own lineages or want a Thuwed, just pm me, I'm happy to breed my dragons for you!^^

    (Excluding marrows cuz I need them for the personal lineage projects)

    Breeding list for my (http://dragcave.net/lineage/PuDLH) 4th gen Thuwed bronze shimmer dragon (will result in a double arrowhead lineage):

    1. open
    2. open
    3. open

    This dragon breeds much better than my other low gen bronze shimer-scale.

    Just randomly offer what you think is fair if you want to be on the list!^^

    List for my 3rd gen shimmer dragon (stairstep bronze shimmer x ember; http://dragcave.net/lineage/09RII):

    1. open
    2. tjenni (IOU still open)
    3. jumpsnake (IOU still open)
    4. open
    5. open

    The list is open again!

    Breeding status:

    1. refusal of his intended mate, will try another ember next Saturday
    2. No refusal this week, but they didn't show much interest in each other... *sigh* Hope I've more luck next week!
    3. finally an egg but only an ember!>.<" (but at least a start)
    4. another ember
    5. (5th June) again an ember...
    6. no egg
    7. no egg (seems to be a curse?!)
    8. ember again
    9. ember...
    10. FINALLY!! The first shimmer egg!>.<
    11. ember curse returned
    12. ember egg
    13. no egg
    14. no egg
    15. 2nd 3rd gen bronze shimmer egg, yay!
    16. ember egg
    17. no egg
    18. ember
    19. ember
    20. bronze egg
    21. no egg
    22. no egg
    23. ember
    24. bronze
    25. no egg
    26. no egg
    27. ember

    Note: Will accept offers of shimmer swaps, CB gold & silvers, neglected and some few lineaged dragons I look for (see wishlist) so I can complete my collection first..>.<" *afterwards I'll start gifting*
    Please keep in mind (cuz of some prior bad IOU experience) that I'll only provide the teleport link if your part of the IOU is at least partly fulfilled. I'll keep track of the breeding attempts above so everyone on the list can look it up.


    4th gen Silver shimmer x horse dragon stair list (http://dragcave.net/lineage/bDf8P):

    1. open
    2. open
    3. open


    Breeding list other dragons:

    none atm