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  1. It's illogical because we can see what's happening right now in other countries, one of whom's culture is very near our own. It's also illogical because our combat soldiers are already working with female combat soldiers. It's even more illogical because there are more harassment suits filed between men (by percentage) in the military, than between men and women.
  2. If X amount of countries can do it, than it stands to logic that either you're wrong or the US has no morals. Why can't you compare the US to Canada and go "It works. Period."
  3. I've experienced a lot of racism over the years. The first time was when I was five and painted myself brown all over because I wanted to look like my friends. A lot of parents got offended until they realized I wasn't trying to be offensive. As a white Vodouisant I get accused of attempting to "co-opt African culture and religion. " As a white Haitian-American I get accused of the fact that I "Can't be Haitian" because "Haitians are Black." Stereotypes are bad.
  4. [snuggles her wolf dogs] I don't know how I would function without our puppies.
  5. Oh geez. Creole is my mother tongue, then there's French, Latin, English, Greek, Swahili, Hausa, Fon, Yoruba and some Igbo. You'd never know I was a white girl.