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  1. Have: [img=http://img1.wikia.nocookie.net/dragcave/images/b/be/Blue_Dino_egg.gif´╗┐] Blue dino Trade Link Red dino Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Want: New 2019 Halloweens, please.
  2. Yay, I am here for a release. Why are people saying that they may be familiar?
  3. So how many minutes between eggs? I need 8 more.
  4. Have: CB male Caligene trade link CB male Grave trade link CB female Black Marrow trade link 2 CB male Cavern Lurker trade link Want: New Halloween eggs (Or 1 female Cave Lurker for 1 male) Willing to trade multiples for an egg, PM to modify trade link Have: 2 3rd gen X Pygmy lineage1 lineage 2 1 5th gen staircase X Dark Myst Pygmy lineage 2nd gen Witchlight X Nebula lineage Want: New Halloween Eggs - I didn't manage to catch any Witchlight 3rd gen 1 3rd gen 2 5th gen Am willing to trade multiples, PM so I can modify the trade
  5. So I just remembered the existence of drag cave, how often do treats drop? How many can I get begore the hour's up?
  6. So did anything interesting happen this April Fool's day?
  7. Can I get an explanation for each egg? I only got the BB_8, evoolution, and hatching pokemon
  8. Pics are gone from the second post of this topic?
  9. So 16 hours left, how often do they drop? Every 5 min, every 10 min?
  10. Have they stopped dropping? I just found out about this release.
  11. How do I get out of the tree maze?
  12. So I'm on the ice skating poart, and I keep being stopped by a rock, help please? The one that's in the middle
  13. What was yesterday's adventure? Can I play it today?
  14. Can I play yesterday's quest?
  15. Where's Buffy? I found a ridiculas amount of cats and one non-cat, but Where's Buffy?
  16. Scroll-locked myself with new eggs Is it possible to teleport zombies?
  17. Can zombie dragons be teleported? hatchies I mean?
  18. I DID read it - potions ingredients fall every 3 to 10 minutes, there are 62 trick or treats. My questin was - What's the time between each trick or trat. 5 min, 10, 15? If I just started, do youthink I'll have time to finish collecting trick or treats?
  19. How often do trickor treats drop - Exactly how much time do I need to get them all?
  20. So I just logged on today - How long will it take me to collect all trick or treats?
  21. So Auron is actually bigger, and it's bigger in the pictures as well?