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I have 1 CB gold, and 4 CB Silvers (all caught myself in the cave), - willing to breed with mate of choice on request for trades Willing to offer dozens of any CB hatchies (Except Metallics) of your choice for a 2nd gen Tinsel or Shimmer I DO accept and really like HOLIDAY paired Shimmers/Tinsels.I accept IOUsSeeking a mate for this hollyCan breed Stripes as tradesWishlist: Check Profile My Scroll If I have unfullfilled trade promises/IOUs, please contact me! I don't have regular access to dragcave and will make it up as soon as I can.I will check my PM archive to verify/find any such deals.EGGSINABASKET.gif

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    IGNORE EVERYTHING<br><br>Wishlist: <br><br>Recently Released:<br>Blusang Lindwurm<br>Tsunami Wyvern <br>Golden Wyvern <br>Brimstone Dragon <br>Olive Dragon <br>Lumina Dragon <br>Turpentine Dragon <br>Royal Blue Dragon <br>Ultraviolet Dragon <br><br>Old list:<br>Currently wanting: <br>order of preference:<br>Hollys!<br>PB Pumpkins!!!!<br>Lots of whatever is released on the 31!!! <br>low-gen/CB metallics<br>CB Blacks<br>papers/cheeses<br>CB day Glories<br>sunsongs/nebulas/fellfires<br>2nd gen Bluna<br>CB skywing<br>CB water<br>CB vamp<br>CB stones<br>CB winters<br>even-gen geodes<br>low-gen stripes<br>low-gen lineages (dorkface, thuwed)<br>low-time pinks/reds<br><br>Holidays: Holly '07, Yulebuck '08<br><br>Rares: gold, silver, Neglected, CB trios, other rares<br><br>Uncommons: Vampires, paper, cheese, CB red dorsal, , alts,<br><br>Commons: 2nd gen Bluna, CB skywing, CB water, pinks and reds/fire, everything I don't have. .<br><br>Not interested in: Dinos, Chickems<br><br>Save the Amur Leopard, only, ONLY 35 Induviduals EXIST ANYWHERE IN THE WILD!!!!! Save All ANIMALS FROM EXTINCTON!!! Watch Nature shows, see the beauty and fragility of nature, AND TRY TO PRESERVE AND PROTECT IT!!! Don't harm/kill endengered animals SPREAD THE WORD<br>Silvara7<br>WISHLIST: STOP ANY AND ALL ANIMALS FROM DYING OUT AND GOING EXTINCT, Stop caring about making yourself richer and start caring for the biodiversity of EARTH, Humans' AND ANIMALS' PLANET. It is not only ours, it is their's as well, even more so than it Is ours�<br><br><br>I lost all the names on my scroll, and am renaming. If I ever traded with you, or my dragons have descendants on your scroll, & you remember what names the dragons had, I'd appreciate it if you would PM me with what you remember.