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  1. I'm so glad that we're having a release today! I'm going to two 30 Seconds to Mars shows next weekend so I was really worried that I might miss the beginning of the release should it happen on Saturday. Trying to catch a dragon during M&G with the band would be too much XD

  2. I think I'm the worst winner ever, I was still in bed checking emails and twitter when a notification with a title " [Dragon Cave] February 2018 Raffle" showed up. My first thought was something like "No way!", then a glitch didn't let me claim the egg. So instead of celebrating or trying to find out what was wrong with claiming my prize... I decided to nap some more XD

  3. 26 minutes ago, SkyWolf25 said:

    TJ said that hiding received messages will be possible soon!



    15 minutes ago, broadway_fiend said:

    Oh my gosh that might have been me, I’m so sorry.

    I think scroll names don't match. Anyway, I'm feeling better now, muffins did their magic. I probably shouldn't have posted about that card)

  4. 12 minutes ago, Silverwatermist said:

    I wonder if they sent that message because of the flower they chose, since some of them are described as having a bad scent? I don't know if that helps at all, but their intention might've been to match the message to the flower and make the recipient laugh, not realizing that might upset someone =/

    Maybe. Not a native English speaker here, I might be missing some word play.

  5. I wish it was possible to delete cards. Someone send me a lovely card: "Love stinks". My name literally means love so it's really upsetting. I know it's a small thing that shouldn't make me feel sad, but I can't help it.


    UPD. We worked it out, that's a misuderstanding.