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  1. I just got that badge! So I'm sick in bed with nothing better to do but play DC and I thought I'd never get the badge and post here that I finnaly have it... and suddenly here it is
  2. No zombies for me this year - one hatchling was revived, two others died forever, but at least I somehow managed to get one new egg! And I still can't believe I woke up at 6 a.m. for the hunt
  3. Stupid things? Once I abandoned a CB vine egg without checking, I thought that was the one with lineage. I also breed geodes when I was scroll-locked and lost them. I didn't catch enough CB stippes once they were out, a year ago long lineages were okay for me.
  4. My first eggs were magi and white. I'm 100% sure about magi, as for the white one... Well, according to its name I think it was my second. The 3d one was winter, I grabbed it after first ones hatched. As for the 4th egg, I don't remember)
  5. Thanx for twitting a link to this post!
  6. Got them all, I'm so happy Thank you for a fun game, TJ <3
  7. Aww, I got a CB white dragon for my scroll/forum name: http://dragcave.net/view/n/Pearl But my friend also has a dragon named after me. My father dragon, magi one, is named after mental illusionist Aaron Crow. The mother dragon is a long story)) My RL name means "love" and as it doesn't look nice in Latin letters, I was called Love and got father's surname: http://dragcave.net/view/n/Love%20Crow