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  1. Omg the eggs are already dropping! Almost missed everything. Hope they're not too hard to get, I'm in the middle of getting my eyes treated, no contacts or glasses are allowed and I'm a blind bat.
  2. Liubov

    2014-08-29 - Multi-Sort!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I'll be able to finish arranging my scroll and it won't take ages
  3. I got one yellow and three green from four PB eggs, looks like getting 12 will take time... At least I have one))
  4. So pretty! <3 Can't wait to see them as hatchies.
  5. Liubov

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    New eggs are so beautiful! Can't wait to see hatchies and adults <3
  6. I missed catching new eggs And they have just enogh time to grow up before I leave for a trip next Sunday.
  7. I got a fun one today The vase is red, The mushroom is blue, Promise not to eat this, And this goes to you!
  8. I got a nice message that made me smile: This flower is pretty and so are you. Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you, Lupe))
  9. Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Pearl
  10. I have to say I'm getting desperate. It usually takes me several hours to get egg-locked with new release, but this time I'm having bad luck. The eggs are super cute though and so are the hatchlings.
  11. I got 31 treats so far, will continue with them tomorrow. Also I managed to win Set game twice and fail numerous times, guess I'm too sleepy to understand the rules)
  12. Yay, I hoped for a new hybrid!
  13. New hatchlings are so cute! Crimsons won my heart, It seems rather lazy means that we'll get along very well))
  14. Can't wait to get the Mandalorian egg! I'm so in love with Mandalorians and clone troopers after reading Republic commando books
  15. Got both mine Now I'm gonna send a bunch of flowers and hopefully get some as well *hint, hint*
  16. I counted time zone difference wrong (again! lol) and woke up at 8 a.m. instead of 9. Hope I'll get my eggs quick and got back to sleep or I'll end napping between drops for next 3 or 4 hours. New eggs look so pretty and I can't wait to get my hands on them!
  17. I wish cooking in RL was same easy and fun as in DC, all I can prepare in the kitchen is a mess! I'm still Holly-less though this year I saw around 30 of them in AP and only 3 or 4 a year ago. Probably I'll be finally lucky next time when all those dragons breed.
  18. Probably I'll keep it because the frozen curled alt I have has a very messy lineage and I need a 2d gen PB one for myself. Guess I'll have to leave a teleport link and see what people might offer since... Thanks for your opinion.
  19. Guys, what is 2d gen PB black curled alt hatchling currently worth? I'm deciding if I want to trade or keep it, it's been at least two years since my dragons produced one.
  20. I got one adult zombie this year, 0 a year ago, 1 adult in 2010 and 2 adults + a hatchling in 2009. I remeber breeds of 2009' zombies only - adults were pinks and the hatchling used to be a black dragon.
  21. I love how guardians and original pygmies dressed up, so adorable!
  22. Though it's simple, "not looking at the Kill message" advice is really helping, thanks! Hope I'll get at least one zombie this year, I got none previous time.
  23. Eight hours of hunting and still no brines, I'm getting desperate... Musties are my fave from this release though, It likes hiding under dead leaves and attacking your ankles when you pass by - that's so adorable))
  24. Wow, this sounds amazing, can't wait Thank you!
  25. I was so excited about Halloween eggs last year that I counted time zone difference wrong and got up 2 hours earlier at 6 a.m. This year I decided to sleep a bit and woke just 20 mins ago and my computer decided to freeze exactly once the drop began and unfroze once it was over I'll try my luck later, the eggs look absolutly adorable!