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    Give a flower, get a flower.

    Sending) My scroll is Pearl.
  2. Liubov

    2017 Halloween Trading Center

    Have: 7 Omen hatchlings Want: CB gold or CB ND No IOUs this time, PM me)
  3. Liubov

    2017 Halloween Trading Center

    Have: 8 2017 Halloween hatchlings Want: CB gold No IOUs, PM to talk.
  4. Liubov

    2017 Halloween Trading Center

    Have: 4 2017 Halloween hatchlings (willing to add more) Want: CB gold Teleport
  5. Liubov

    2016-07-10 - July Release

    Hybrids! I love breeding hybrids *happy dance*
  6. Liubov

    2016-05-21 - Dragon Cave's 10th Birthday!

    So happy that I have old frills, no need to focus on them right now. And finally I can get CB old pinks))
  7. Liubov

    2015-10-31 - Happy Halloween

    The eggs are difficult, but I got a baby zombie, the last one that I needed. I remember how I got no zombies 2 years is a row)) Hope the lags ends soon though, I'm so sleepy...
  8. Liubov

    2015-08-29 - August Release

    Here I was about to do my nails... Good thing that I didn't apply nail polish yet or catching would be difficult)) Hunting time!
  9. Liubov

    2015-04-26 - April Release

    I'm already happily locked with new eggies
  10. Liubov

    2015-03-28 - March Release

    Here I was about to do my nails and watch a movie. Oh well, that can wait. Also I need a new computer mouse, mine is clicking slowly, that ruins my hunt
  11. Liubov

    2015-01-15 - Raffle Status

    I'm glad that I didn't win. I believe that luck is an irreplaceable and limited resource. So this means that my luck is saved for more important things
  12. Liubov

    2014-10-31 - Happy Halloween!

    Omg the eggs are already dropping! Almost missed everything. Hope they're not too hard to get, I'm in the middle of getting my eyes treated, no contacts or glasses are allowed and I'm a blind bat.
  13. Liubov

    2014-08-29 - Multi-Sort!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! Now I'll be able to finish arranging my scroll and it won't take ages
  14. Liubov

    Yellow Undine theories!

    I got one yellow and three green from four PB eggs, looks like getting 12 will take time... At least I have one))
  15. Liubov

    2014-07-05 - July Release

    So pretty! <3 Can't wait to see them as hatchies.
  16. Liubov

    2014-05-03 - May Release

    New eggs are so beautiful! Can't wait to see hatchies and adults <3
  17. Liubov

    2014-03-02 - March Release

    I missed catching new eggs And they have just enogh time to grow up before I leave for a trip next Sunday.
  18. Liubov

    Favorite Flower Messages

    I got a fun one today The vase is red, The mushroom is blue, Promise not to eat this, And this goes to you!
  19. Liubov

    Favorite Flower Messages

    I got a nice message that made me smile: This flower is pretty and so are you. Happy Valentine's Day! Thank you, Lupe))
  20. Liubov

    Snow-Ball Fight!

    Hit me with it!!! Scroll name: Pearl
  21. Liubov

    2013-11-30 - Late-November Release

    I have to say I'm getting desperate. It usually takes me several hours to get egg-locked with new release, but this time I'm having bad luck. The eggs are super cute though and so are the hatchlings.
  22. Liubov

    2013-10-25 - Halloween Carnival

    I got 31 treats so far, will continue with them tomorrow. Also I managed to win Set game twice and fail numerous times, guess I'm too sleepy to understand the rules)
  23. Liubov

    2013-05-25 - DC's 7th Birthday - Day 4

    Yay, I hoped for a new hybrid!