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  1. Here are some of mine I want to be a writer. I want what I write to be meaningful. I want to be a photographer. I want to capture beautiful things in a photograph. And if I need to, the less beautiful things in life. I want to become a better person. Someday, I want to live in a big house with lots of interesting people. I want to adopt some kids and raise them there, possibly with other people who are doing the same. Maybe it will be on a farm. And it will be a little community, and I want to welcome anyone there. I want strangers to be welcome for supper. I want to marry the
  2. No, the exploring group hasn't left. My charries and Oliza's were debating whether or not to go now, but I think the fire shall be the most distracting. Erm, I don't think that it can be 4 yet. It was before noon not that long ago, and I would guess that everything that was happening could take anywhere between 1 1/2-3 hours. Honestly, I would prefer to have set the time of the lion-fight at 10:00 or so, (Though really, if it's spring, Sparkly had just woken up and raced off, and sunrise is about 7 where I'm at, but that is beside the point) and everything that's been happening since then
  3. Oh dear oh dear oh me oh my. (What's the matter with my pie? ) I just caught up in the rp. I'm not going to in the chat right now. Normally I just read through everything that everyone is writing here. But just not feeling up to it right now. Anyway, sadly, I'm not in the most rp-ish mood at the moment, but I know my characters desperately should get involved, it's in their personalities. But at the same time, I know I don't really have time to be active enough that it truly captures their reactions as well. Weavile? I'm not asking you to change this or anything of the sort. I
  4. Ooc; There is a perfectly in-tact fox-hide in the cave. No one has even eaten from it yet. The only thing damaged is it's neck.
  5. Gysentia swished her tail along the ground, Lance and Eriadna seemed to think that it would be a good idea to stay behind, but she felt desperately curious. What lay beyond? She wondered, listening to the swish of her tail. She could hear other hatchlings walking about, and eating just behind Lance and Eriadna was Ferovan, who was clearly relishing his meal. Swish. Swish. Swish. She liked the noise she was making, it was nice and rhythmic as well. She began to contemplate the problem at hand. The biggest problem would be leaving the hatchlings behind, if they wanted to come. And once they reac
  6. ((Ooc; Foxfairy, we're waiting for you. You have a bit of a time-skip to work with now too))
  7. Lance rose to his paws once they had finished eating, and he manuvered himself under the other half of the tiger. It was a huge load, even though they were some of the largest hatchlings. He had a hard time standing beneath the weight of the massive beast, but besides a small grunt, he strained to hide the effort that it was requiring from him. As they walked along, he too, heard Seraza's call. But as it was more of a threat, he knew she wasn't in danger. He just hoped that she wasn't threatening another hatchling. When they reached the cave, Lance gladly ducked out from under the load, feelin
  8. Ooc; You know you guys, I really appreciate you sticking it out with me this far. But I am going to shut this rp down. I am very sorry. You have all made very interesting characters, and I am sorry I'm not giving you guys the chance to develop them. I just don't have enough plot for this, I was hoping it would come to me as I needed it, but I'm afraid that didn't work. I am also very busy, and have decided that I need to cut back on the roleplaying I am doing. I hope you all go on to find other quality roleplay's to add your skills to. Again, I am sorry for any disappointment this may
  9. I'm not sure, but I think that Moonbeam might want to just handle this on her own. I know she's getting out of school soon, so it might just be a bit before she's actually here' normally and taking care of stuff. I think it might be better if we're just patient. Ferovan Gysentia Zeraiu I think Zeraiu's results are a bit skewed because he refuses to fight...
  10. The journey to the beach was supposed to take about a half a day (according to Moonbeams post with Adreisa around pg 7) I was just figured out how many people we would need to cover all of the breeds (if everyone took their 3) and it came out to around 64 people. I wonder if this rp will ever reach that many people Anyway, going back to the journey, (before I go to work), the hatchlings are going to walk through the forest/jungle to get explore. They might have someone fly to look around, but honestly, there aren't that many hatchlings that can fly yet. Many, many, are growing the
  11. Ferovan was in the soundest sleep of his life. His brain barely registered the fact that he heard Seraza say, "You lay one claw on him and I'll roast you to bits". Even though it had temporarily brought him back to conciousness, he yawned and closed his eyes again, curling up closer to Estra. His warmth had grown considerably during the night, as he finally began processing the food he had eaten. ~~~ Zeraiu was still worried about Dream Dell, but if his she needed her sleep, as Malkan suggested, he didn't want to pester her. "I hope you get better soon." He whispered to her as he
  12. We have some epic hatchlings on our hands. They've defeated a chimera (most of it), tiger, and lion. And it's taking less and less hatchlings to do it. Edit: I just wanted to say I'm going to sleep now. I'm going to be busy until like 3 tomorrow. My time. So that's basically a little more than 12 hours. Anyway, I'm just trying to keep up on my school and work. Only 8 more days until I am done with this year of school, and potentially school for good. . Right now though, I am exhausted. So I am off to the dream world.
  13. This is my last week of normal school. Then finals. Then I am /home/. Anyway, I'm off to work for 8 hours again. Sorry to leave you guys hanging again, but I shall return. I think Zeraiu will end up needing very little sleep. I picture him as feeding off of the moon's energy while it's out, using what he's stored to get through part of the day, then going to sleep until the moon returns.
  14. Lance kept a vigil from where he sat over the cave entrance. Unfortunately, he didn't spot Velva. As the sky began lightening, he found himself getting more drowsy. Just as the sun was breaking over the horizon, Effloere walked out of the cave. He was soon followed by other hatchlings, but when Lance noticed Eriadna take off in the direction of the tiger, he wondered what she was up to. After weighing his curiosity and desire to sleep, he leapt off the entrance, landing on his paws with a soft thud. The mud from the previous rain had dried out, causing him to make a small cloud. He padded afte
  15. Thanks Oliza, and will do. Enjoy your trip! Narath, I noticed you asked about Tenebris and Ferovan. Eh. Let's see. As long as Tenebris doesn't try and push Ferovan/make a comment that undermines his apology, Ferovan is completely fine. Even if Tenebris did do something like that, Ferovan would remain calm (My prediction is the days that Ferovan feels hostile to the world, are going to be the days he and Estra have problems. Luckily, they get along ) but he might not go out of his way to apologize to Sparkly. Right now, he will be looking for the chance to apologize. But if he's push
  16. "Curse you social class for being so dismal." What do you mean Narath? I was actually hoping this would move a lot faster without me. Sorry I had to be gone for so long, I still shouldn't be back. I would have let more people be able to be Gysentia for me, but I had someone waiting for me so I just did what I could. Anyway, I still have class in an hour, and I have a large reading to do before then, and class will last another 2 hours and 15 minutes. And I'm tired, so I might take a nap. Then there's more school and work, so in the meantime, Wyvern_Oliza, Narath, and Dream can play
  17. Ferovan walked back over to the tiger, and it took quite a bit of energy, but he managed to peel back some of the tiger's pelt, revealing the meat inside. Closing his eyes, Ferovan began to eat. He took huge bites, and soon filled up his belly. He could feel his inner flame lapping up energy from it, and he felt his mind clear and his feet grow more steady beneath him. He sat down when he had had his fill, but Ferovan then found himself fighting off sleep. The moon was starting to drift past it's highest point, and he felt like he could easily sleep until tomorrow night. But he had promised La
  18. "I have not been at the cave for quite some time, so I am not sure. Estra is certainly awake, she is taking care of Dream Dell, who is severely sick. I assume when they reach the cave Estra will bring Dream Dell to Halith. But if we were to talk to her now, then we might be able to get her to wake Gysentia up, if she is sleeping." Ferovan explained, when the ground shifted beneath his feet, spinning around him slowly. He stumbled backwards, falling down. He shook his head, glad the spinning had stopped. "If you don't mind, I think I need to eat. Really badly. I would return quickly." Ferovan a
  19. What if a babies were born without any adults around? they would have to create a whole language. Certain dragons are showing an affinity for telepathy already, whilst others have not even tried. It is true that they would create their own language, and at some point they might start coming up with their own terms, but for now, they have some sort of residual vocabulary. They just say words, sometimes having to understand the word after the fact. That was my last post for the day. I have work and then other plans. So just have Lance take care of everything, and Oliza, you can use Gy
  20. "Well..." Ferovan said. "You were able to speak to just me, so you might be able to call Gysentia over here from the cave. I am not able to control my mind-voice that well yet." He explained, swishing his tail. He waited a moment, and hesitated to mention this, but it could work too. "Or we could ask Estra to bring her back."
  21. Ferovan was surprised that this new hatchling had managed to cause such a stir after just hatching. He blinked in acknowledgement to Lance's plea. "Protecting a new hatchling is a good thing." Ferovan said quietly as Eriadna turned around to leave. "You might not understand this, but some of us are born with a temper. It'll take everyone to teach temper management. But just because I have a temper, would you drive me away too? What about Tenebris? He has a temper. But we are more than just our tempers, and we are both decent fighters." He said as Eriadna walked away. She was walkin
  22. Ferovan was worried about Dream Dell still, so as he turned to look for Lance, he glanced over his shoulder. "Estra, make sure they're okay, alright?" He asked, locking eyes with her for a moment. "I'll be fine." He mouthed, breathing the words out ever so slightly. He then turned away, and began sniffing around. He found he could smell Seraza, a strange scent, and finally, he caught wind of Lance. He began walking off in that direction, when he spotted the Royal Blue hatchling further up the mountain. He seemed to be standing in front of something, but he seemed perfectly unharmed. "What is g
  23. Ferovan glanced back at Estra before he answered. "I was thinking that Taffy might be able to take you, Estra, and Eriadna back to the cave. It would probably be much faster and safer for all of you." He explained. "And I will go and find Lance to make sure everyone makes it back safely."
  24. The smell of the thrown up food hit him, and Ferovan recoiled in disgust. It made him retch, but he wasn't even close to having any food in his stomach. But he was glad he hadn't done the same. "Ummm." He said, uncertain. "Water might help. Rest for sure. We should probably get everyone back to the cave." He said. "How many hatchlings can your cloud move?" He asked, looking at Eriadna and Estra. If Taffy could take Dream Dell, Estra, and Eriadna, then Ferovan could find Lance and see if he was alright as well.
  25. "Thanks" Ferovan said as he rolled to his stomach, and pushed himself to his feet. He looked at Dream Dell concerned before she started to fall. He held out his wings to catch her when she was practically engulfed by Taffy. "You don't look so good. Is there anything I can do for you?" He asked, pulling his wings back to his side.