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  1. if you can explain to me what is a metal checkers, I can try for you. oh here CB green opal egg if need for your giftee Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  2. congrate everyone. at least I know if I win in the future I can get frill, but It seem I can't get old bright pink as prize now.
  3. i start working to find them.
  4. sending link for the green copper from green parent copper.
  5. lol you can reveal it. I love the ones my giftee gave to me, and I made sure her user name is in there name and if I need be secret santa to another person please let me know, I usually read the first message and after I get at least two on the list (more if easy enough for me to get), I send the link
  6. i try to help get those for you, I just got one of the cb blusang for my giftee, so I sure I can get another one.
  7. http://dragcave.net/holidays13_fort/mblansett
  8. mine still saying scroll limited.
  9. thank you I wonder about the gen thing because another game I play would call them 1 gen because the cb are no gen.
  10. sorry about that I not all clear on what is consider rare or ultra rare becuase it change all time special with the new release or just how bad other are grabbing them at certain time. but with the part you add for everyone I think I can make right list now. is this better I want to participate! Forum name:mblansett Scroll name: mblansett Wishlist: 1.CB silver egg 2.cb gold egg 3.cb female pillow 4.cb white stripe 5.1st gen Two-Finned Bluna (Skywing x Water or Skywing x Deep Sea) 6.anything cb egg
  11. ok, I did read the rule it did not say anything about asking for pair, but I be happy to fix. do you want me repost or just edit it.
  12. I want to participate! Forum name:mblansett Scroll name: mblansett Wishlist: 1.cb gold pair (two eggs, male and female hatchling, or yes I be happy with just one) 2.cb silver pair (two eggs, male and female hatchling, or yes I be happy with just one) 3. cb neglected (dont care if ungender, gender, or gender pair) 4. anything off here my wishlist (so no matter who get me they can find something, I know how tough it can be with newcomer who want to do this and they don't have much options) 5. cb female frill (I know it impossible) 6. pair cb original pink aka Bright Pink (I know it impossible)
  13. mblansett's wish list what I need for my scroll willing trade for 2nd gen from my prize Neglected get 2 from my prize other then that it one for one ( 1 Prize for 1 egg from list ) and one for all failer (1 egg from list for unlimited Failers) if you keep them. will breed anything on my scroll to get these, all caveborn on my scroll have cb and all first gen have firstgen or 1 gen in name. keys: f=female, m= male, b=both, u=ungender Neglected hatchling Neglected mature hatchling Neglected female neglected, male neglected, ungender neglected zombie (undead) DO NOT NEED Adult Zombie cb Western and cb mature male hatchling, Hatchling cb Traditional Drake. Adult Pygmy (unless get CB) all stages of each type of zombie Wyrm, Amphiptere, Lindwyrm, Two-Headed, Leviathan, Pygmy, DC Drake, Wyvern, Eastern need only certain stage see first line under zombie Traditional Drake/ Wingless, Western f mature hatchling, hatchling Holidays cavebreed CB Aquilo Xenowyrm m x2 others (not as imprortant compare to negelect, zombie, caveborn special, or Holiday) caveborn special (which means can only be won in contest) alt Blacks b Shallow Waters b Blunas b colored Stripes all b alt Dark green b cb Holly f second gen (as long as parent are caveborn) black Alts black x black b Rare Dark Green (aka) vines Alts Dark green x Dark Green f Rare
  14. Ok one: I like the idea, two: I use to play with a doll that you could not tell apart, but I name one boy name and one girl name, I draw creatures and they look alike with no gender hint, but they were gender, and three: if you watch Pokemon you can't tell male Pokemon from female Pokemon , so there even cartoon that does this, and in real life you can't always tell a male fish from female fish as well as other animals. This is a game after all so why the debate about if something alive or not alive as a reason not to gender, magic have a crazy unpredictable effect. lol I think I know what game you are playing (unicreature) becuase I play it too.
  15. i have to wait see when hotmail not acting up see if I won.
  16. well I start breeding the christmas and I try be on as much can with the holidays and me having court.
  17. did I miss this completely
  18. are they male and female or only gone be one type of gender
  19. I have that same problem, and thank you for letting me know they are permently, I focus on the valentina so I don't fall behind more (I have on my wish list what I have still got to get to be caught up, only one I won't ever get is the Bright Pink because they are discontinue before I join)
  20. can some one tell me how long they are going to drop, I been dealing with real life so I miss that they got released.
  21. I need all valentina eggs from the past and pair of each of the new release, sorry I been away dealing with real life issue.
  22. got my two now back to holly hunting
  23. nope I hunting for my first one