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my scroll  My Wish LIst pm me here or send message to mblansett@hotmail.com if I don't respond in two days. I sometime forget check forumsso please people don't drive me crazy on the breeding thing I going be more slow them most people. I will be breeding and raffling the offspring so other who can't afford trade get some and I will do be doing trade for rares I don't have, so it goes one breeding and raffle next breeding trade, then raffle again doing the holidays I sure there be auto abandon.

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    mblansett's wish list and what I need for my scroll see wishlist link

    so everyone one know if I am on trade or raffle on the prize egg

    TRADE 3 days for each trade (found in dragonmarket found on http://eatw.net/trade.html (eggs around the the world)

    RAFFLE they be number so I know which one on and random.or will decide so (I have not created thread yet for it)


    people ask for prize egg special trade close I WANT TO GET THESE DONE
    note I may bounce between them depend how stuborn the dragon being.

    X-Heartstealing (paid) don't try again until contact me.