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  1. A vampire hatchling last year and a fog adult this year~ Looks like it's only one zombie for me each year
  2. Finally~ got the lil chicken too Thank you all who made this wonderful event <3
  3. I love tea haha, but usually without milk >.< Tried peppermint with milk the other day and realised i should have added sugar instead because the resulting taste was pretty nasty I still love chinese-style tea most though, cos the taste aint that strong
  4. Kairis


    I love cats too >.< But my parents made it sure i wont have the chance to keep one as a pet... So i ended up patting strays and since there are so many around, it'll keep off my desire to kidnap one and bring it home
  5. I think Im for the change so far the AP is clearing much much faster than it used to and it reduces the time we have to wait in between cave drops when the AP is blocked, but the variety in the AP seemed to have decreased by some, not really seeing the colourful AP that used to around, which is kinda sad. But other than that, this change seemed to be more of a positive one and btw...has the AP blocking limit been increased to 4 lines? Cos i've actually seen cave drops when the AP is 4 lines full...which is not what it used to be right? o.0
  6. I'm new...and i shall take the oath...though it's a bit early Amen