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  1. I feel like the only real way to prevent viewbombing is on the hatchery end. Hatcheries that require registration to use, and only allow you to register one scroll to yourself that you can add and manage would largely solve the issue. The only problem I see there would be people impersonating others. Having to put my scroll on 'accept aid' every time I want to add things would drive me mad. Fog/unfog all seems more feasible to me.
  2. I see no problem with this. Honestly I know we don't like limits, but if the cave drops stayed limited I'd be happy enough with just having eggs from the market being unlimited. Then I could get extras of the ones I really wanted without impacting others.
  3. @TJ09 I do have to ask though- you have the power to make the more in demand eggs more common, do you not? Also it's possible some people just were not around or did not care about getting all the CBs.
  4. As much as I think that would be a fair thing to do, it might be more coding than he's willing to do. You can't just make a simple code that says 'scroll is x years old, so allow y number of CBs' because then suddenly someone can be eligible for 20 in one year until they catch up. Somehow every new release of an existing breed would have to be its own 'breed', unless it's somehow possible to make a code that can recognize and limit by date.
  5. Well, I thought that's what making 'recommended' posts was supposed to be for. Mods could just as easily pin a compilation post a user has made in a thread- but what I'm also thinking is maybe the threads that start to change in idea should just be made as a new thread.
  6. Well, for one, we're talking in the present. As of right now, TJ has said unlimited won't happen, so we have to try and get what we can get. As far as the giving thing and the slots thing- the holiday biome is a new thing. Before you had no reason not to fill your scroll to the limit because the CBs were never coming back. Now, you can consciously make the choice whether or not to hit the limit, or if you want to gift. Almost nobody is going to get rid of a dragon they already have just to give to others, but more people might just not pick up all 4 to begin with. If 4 works for a few years, then starts to slow down again, then maybe we can have another limit raise or unlimit discussion. If you still support no limits, you can try making a new topic (I prefer no limits as well), but seeing as TJ just closed that, I would rather have a plan B than what we do have now.
  7. Well, since removing limits altogether has pretty much be shot down, I figure we can at least still try for the middle ground. I propose we raise the CB limit for Christmas and Valentines to 4 -4 is a better number for lineages -4 is the number of eggslots everyone has, whether you're new or old, thus providing no advantage on initial release -4 should not cause an extreme increase in stress and competition the way unlimited would -even having 2 more CBs would help people be more generous -users who are at their current limit could keep the holiday biome moving better if they're allowed to pick up 2 more -users at their current limit could gift others CBs if they could pick up two more, without having to get rid of any existing dragons to do so additional points from other users; -allows for 2 of each aegis sprite, benefits those looking to create more enraged lineages.
  8. This. I never got this. Valentines is barely a holiday at all. The most real life stress it causes is remembering to give your sweetheart some flowers (if you even have one to begin with) it's not at all comparable to Christmas, there's no family gatherings and long travel times to possibly interfere with the game.. so why does that holiday need a limit?
  9. But that that point though- what is the point of the thread, if he's not really reading it? Might as well PM him suggestions directly, not that I think he'd either read or appreciate that. It does seem that it's not even so much community consensus he cares about, just if he thinks it's a good idea or not.
  10. Well, a lot of threads getting closed- but I'm sure some of the more contentious issues will only be brought up again. That's how it always goes. Edit: Yep. Considering what's just been closed, and again with no reason why it could only be one or the other.. That's not gonna go over well.
  11. I would have thought it was a rule of thumb by now to not leave anything unfogged. It's soon the holiday again and we all know what happened last year. Unless you have things in trades, keep everything, and I mean everything fogged.
  12. Well, as far as I know, you can't have both a fixed percentage change of success /and/ have it be affected by ratios, unless I'm thinking about this wrong. Either it's 10%, or it's some sort of ratio-based formula. If this got implemented I certainly wouldn't want it to be ratio based, so don't think I want to make things any harder for anyone.
  13. Ever since last christmas I have kept my things fogged until only a few hours until they can hatch/grow. I would never leave my scroll unattended with unfogged items if I were you.
  14. But the prizes aren't even limited- yes they're not in the biomes, but you can win an infinite number of times if you're lucky. They're also breedable so it's not like you need CBs to collect every sprite. I don't think removing the limit would truly hurt anyone. I'd at least like to be able to have 6, but ideally would prefer people can get as many as they please. And as far as being mythical, that's why I mention the sinomorph; "Record of its existence may be limited to folklore and ancient legends, but recent sightings seem to suggest this storybook behemoth may truly walk the lands of Valkemare. If the stories of the past are to be trusted, its appearance serves as a beacon of light in the face of looming calamity." It also exists only as a rumor or myth, yet some people have 20 of them. I don't think the GoN is a god either. Nothing in its description says it is one.
  15. Having the limit just doesn't make any sense. It's not like you are actually summoning the only 3 in existence. You're creating an egg. The sinomorph if anything should be the 'limited' one since you're calling upon an already full grown dragon, not actually creating it, and it's only beleived to exist in myths. The GoN also has the issue where it is the only thing that can breed 3 other breeds of dragon, so being able to have more GoNs would be helpful for lineages involving the other 3. And lastly, while not important to most people.. it's impossible to collect both a S1 frozen, S2 frozen, and male and female adult with the current limit. Just my thoughts really.
  16. Because it's a dragon collecting game, and if people can make suggestions asking for holiday limits to be removed, I don't see why the GoN, which is even less special, should be some magical exception. I cannot find a reason for it to be limited other than 'it's rare', but so many dragons say they're 'rare' in their descriptions, but are not limited.
  17. I have never really understood why the GoN is a limited breed. It's not a holiday, they're not something you fight over in the cave and are only available for 1 day of the year.. it's an egg you summon. I didn't really ever give it much thought until I really thought about it in comparison to the sinomorph. Why can the sinomorph be summoned an unlimited number of times as long as you meet the requirements, but a GoN cannot?
  18. I'm still indifferent, but all I see are people freaking out about the trade economy. ..it's DC. It's already impossible for someone like me to compete against someone with a SA or CB Prize. Can't really get any worse for me. I'd just keep doing my own thing.
  19. I caught 1 chrono, 1 mageia, and 2 pyros in the last 72 hours, so I've been seeing some xenos. Traded them all though.
  20. That would be well and good if the market didn't currently have magmas also worth more than golds. I think it's based on ratios somehow, so that would need to be fixed.
  21. That still seems like an awful long time, but I haven't actually done the calcs for how long a gold with take- I guess you get 100 per week.. so 39 weeks, I don't think a prize should cost more than twice a gold, so at most 78 weeks. Guess that would be around 15 months, but jeez, 12 years to get a m/f pair of all is painful. I don't think each rarity of prize should have the same price, since they're not given out all in the same numbers
  22. I don't think that TJ would support something that takes 12 years given he's not even willing to support a 5000 dragon trophy.
  23. Honestly I'm indifferent. I'd rather be able to adopt dragons from the wilderness, though.
  24. Tried looking for a Silver Lunar Herald mate for a holiday I have today.. only to realize that silvers will not be cycling back in until holiday breeding begins, thus making it impossible to get. Fun.
  25. Oh, that's a shame. Maybe I'll be keeping the magmas then. Seems so weird that their market price is higher than a gold somehow but nobody is interested in them.