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  1. There's no point in sickness then if they don't die. Being sick doesn't prevent an egg from hatching. So.. if it doesn't stop you from getting what you want, and they don't die.. what's the point? Maybe vampires should never kill then. that's too hard. And dragons shouldn't die when they run out of time because you forget about them either, totally. Death is part of the game, and you can prevent it. It's not a 'playstyle', if you choose to be risky and not fog your stuff or hide your scroll, then you are taking that risk. It's just the reality that we live with. If fogging didn't exist and we had no way of defending our stuff, then I'd see point in complaining. I support a fog/unfog all button, but it's really not that hard.
  2. Overviewing was always part of the game. I used to put eggs in my signature on serebii's forums and they would get sick. You don't need viewbombers to have things die. And so, I'm taking a risk on the zyus. I could do a better job, but until they die I'm not gonna worry too much. I still have to ward them and fog them and monitor them. That's different from forgetting about them entirely and expecting the game to play itself. But I digress. Things dying from viewbombing is entirely preventable on the user's end, so I see no reason for sickness to be changed outside of trading.
  3. ..you do not need to fog and unfog every time if you just leave them fogged until they are able to grow. That is what I'm saying. I do not want this to happen. I do not want my eggs that I am trying to hatch be stunted. Zyus get sick all the time when I'm trying to hatch them. I just leave them in hatcheries anyway, they hatch, and I fog them, and they always live. I do not need to lose a whole day to this 'stunt'.
  4. You don't need to leave eggs in hatcheries though.. you don't need to fog and unfog every time you're at your computer. I put things in when they hit 4 days 1 hour, and they hatch or grow in only an hour or two. And I did say that trades should get some form of protection, because that is the one thing that's open to abuse where there's nothing you as a player can do about it. And it's a system that exists so that the game isn't just throw your eggs somewhere and forget about them.
  5. I've been not really wanting to say anything, but at this point, I will. While sickness is annoying, for the most part, it is the responsibility of the user to protect themselves from it, an it's really truly not that hard to do. Just. Fog your stuff when you're not around. There. The only thing that I think should be changed about sickness/viewbombing is that things in trades should be better protected, since you cannot fog those..
  6. I would not mind having to buy extra holiday slots, but I do wonder if that would also be something that applies both to the cave and the market.
  7. Because I'm fairly sure the OP wants both the cave and market to be unlimited. They think adding them to the market would get rid of the 'stress', so to say, that's keeping TJ from removing limits.
  8. Well and I think the other thing with the price too, is that Christmas and valentines are so close to eachother. It's not one holiday you have to save for, it's two.
  9. I can't even tell if you think that's too high or two low. But if you've not yet reached your limit they'd only be 100.
  10. I don't know, it's just my guess for why the older breeds would appear less commonly in the cave, as was seeming to be happening (made worse by people not being able to take the more common ones). But if it's not an issue, disregard it.
  11. I think I'll just lay out all possibilities, just to give my thought on it all. -Should holidays be in the market? Yes, there's no reason for them not to be, whether or not I myself can benefit from it -How about a limit of 2 from the market? I'd be okay with this, since my goals usually have me collect 4 male and 4 female CBs of a dragon (and holidays are mono-gender) .. so either 2 from the market and 2 from the cave, or 2 from the market and unlimited from the cave works for me here, (with the exception of aegises) -what about unlimited from the market? Provided it's not hurting ratios, maybe. However, I'd like to see the prices increase for any holiday that the user is over the cave limit on, if the cave still remains limited. If you really want that extra holiday, and you want to break the limits, you should have to pay 500-600 for it. If the cave is unlimited, then eh, not sure what to say on the price. As for if I'd use the market for holidays myself- yes. While another CB gold would be nice, I don't need it so much. Partly hoping prizes get added someday, but apart from that, I would use it for holidays if I had no other means to get them.
  12. *pulls this back up* Since TJ is looking at suggestions, I'd still like to know if I have any hope of this being a thing or not.
  13. Well, summoned two sinomorphs, both female. Not really looking forward to collecting more zyus since I only like 1, maybe 2 of them.
  14. @TJ09 Oh, I got the wrong idea from it. I heard people saying their prizes breed bad so I thought ratios was what you meant. So it's not exactly the number that people would buy that would be the issue. Forgive me for misinterpreting.
  15. The reason I'd side with a limited market is because it's not like getting shards is really hard or anything. Takes time to save up, but only because of the weekly limit. The action itself is I'd say it's easier than catching. I was able to catch my hollies last year, but it definitely took more time than it would take me to earn 100 shards. Although I will admit TJ probably doesn't like complicating things- but considering he was worried about prizes in the market affecting ratios, I could see someone buying 30 hollies skewing the ratios as well. Preferably I would like to be able to buy whatever I want in whatever amount, but if it's going to affect ratios that much it might not fly.
  16. I still think if TJ's so concerned that the numbers for the 'older' breeds haven't caught up.. keep a limit on hollies, maybe yules, for another year or two, and unlimit the breeds that are seen as more commonly distributed. In addition to having holidays in the market, then everyone wins. I also have to agree with @KrazyKarp Maybe limit the market ones and make the cave the free for all? Then people can't complain the market takes all challenge out of the game. It's just there to help people get started, and any extras would be on them to collect.
  17. I've wondered why this hasn't been asked for more. We finally got on site trading hub, so I think an on site hatchery would also be beneficial. It is very true that forums, and playing this game the way it was originally intended, really are not a thing anymore, so I think it makes sense for the site to start supporting itself more.
  18. So should this topic be brought up again after christmas or next valentines? I do think there's things that could be done right now though to deal with the discrepancy between old and new breeds.. option a) put all holidays in the market as well option b) let people grab 4 of the newer breeds this year, but don't raise the holly/yulebuck limit option c) code the cave to drop more of the older breeds and less of the newer breeds The idea that it should be 'challenging' is I think at odds with the idea of the holidays being stress free as possible, so.. I don't see a need to keep things as challenging as they were last year for people trying to grab hollies- and I got my hollies, so don't think I'm looking for an easier time for myself.
  19. Probably not.. might want to put it in the OP. I did say you were aiming for no limits everywhere, but yeah.
  20. I don't think it's inherently unfair to limit one and not the other (though I think adp's goal is to unlimit both in the end). But since eggs from the market can't be traded, it's not like you're going to be able to use anything 'valuable', like an extra holly, for trading gain. And if a new user doesn't have enough shards this year, they can just save next year.. it's probably best to try hunting the cave first and then if you don't succeed, resort to buying. I wouldn't think they should be more than 200-300 or something (certainly not 3900).
  21. I think I missed the 'only ones that support login' part. Though I'd have to ask how that works and how you stop someone from registering a scroll that isn't theirs before the user can. Unless login means log into dragcave.net inside the hatchery website.
  22. I know that, but hiding the scroll is what I assumed he was referring to. I see many people with hidden names, and I doubt they'd do it if it meant they had to unhide their name every time they added themselves to a hatchery.
  23. @TJ09 I think they should be added to the market no matter what. There's no reason they shouldn't be (along with the other missing eggs, like the zyus) But I do think the heart of the suggestion was to find a way to benefit everyone's desired playstyles.
  24. All old egg sprites used to have darker outlines. I'm going to guess there slipped through the cracks when the rest were updated.
  25. As far as I know, hiding your scroll wouldn't stop anyone who already knows your scroll name, if hidden accounts are able to be added. Scroll names are also displayed on trades regardless.