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  1. I think the fact that sickness exists at all means that you are intended to monitor your eggs, not forget about them. You can't hatch your eggs before the 4 day mark anyhow, so it's certainly not to punish you for trying to insta-hatch, so I can't see what else it could be. Possibly an attempt at realism with egg raising and monitoring. Gradual increases as to not cause shock and death, but I cannot say for sure. And last I heard it was just that he didn't want to be a cause of stress for people over the holidays, nothing specifically about logging in every day.
  2. and @Sazandora The title mentioned it, but the post in its original form only mentioned removing it, hence the criticism. There was nothing in the OP that offered how it should be 'changed' when I actually read it. And yes, with the API thing, that's what I'm getting at. Maybe have hatcheries have to require logins if you're not accepting aid. If you are accepting aid, then you wouldn't have to log in. While some people here seem to think that won't be good enough, it takes a lot more effort for a troll to make their own system than to just direct a lot of traffic to an already existing hatchery, then add people's scrolls to that- and even normal users add things in people's trades to hatcheries out of spite, and I think that should be minimized as much as physically possible. Hatcheries are abusable. Currently they are not carrying out attacks without the use of a hatchery. If anything really needs to be done beyond API changes, which I'm still not really convinced of, but just for the sake of it, I'd say make it take 3-5 hours for an egg to die, not 15 minutes that people have 'claimed' have happened during view bombing. I'm sure something could be adjusted so things don't die so fast, but if you've gone 10+ hours without checking on your 'important' eggs, maybe they deserve the death. I still think if something as important as a once-a-year egg, you might care to defend it better. Whether or not these people are doing something against ToS, they can't be caught and probably aren't even current players anymore. They might be people bitter cause they got banned for scripting or whatever and would make sense that they'd know how to do this.
  3. *shrug more* I do have fun and am relaxed. Fogging allowed for that. I don't have to worry because of fogging. I have less fun because of the broken trade economy and Prizes than I do view bombers. @Sazandora And yes I have- but if you leave yourself unprotected, knowing that is happening, am I supposed to feel bad? Some people have gotten hit 4 or 5 times and still haven't learned. I got hit once, that was all it took for me to take some personal responsibility. The name of the thread is remove sickness- and based on TJ's mass thread locking we know that the OP is the only thing he reads. You want to make a topic about changing sickness, that would be more productive than continuing to talk in this one.
  4. @Sazandora There was an intended way to play this game. You cannot deny this game was designed for forums. The only reason we have fansites is because forums have declined in use over the last decade. Maybe people are just too young to even realize that. The problem doesn't exist for me. Change my mind, convince me that we can't already deal with the issue, because we can. And for the last time, I can still show off my scroll. It's not hidden. It doesn't have to be.. And you like hatchling sprites- freeze some. You don't have to change the way you play, but you take that risk then. Better safe then sorry. I don't see the big deal with a few fogged sprites that will grow in under a week. And yeah, it's against the TOS, but do you even think these are other players? I don't. I think it's a pointless thing to discuss because TJ will not remove sickness, and I think it's just complaining for complaining's sake when there is a way to protect yourself already.
  5. You don't have to hide your scroll. Fog your items. People can still find your things even if you hide your scroll, if they know the codes. A login requirement would help. Sickness isn't the only issue here. People add things people are trying to trade to hatcheries, causing them to hatch or grow. No death required to ruin someone's day, because hatcheries are insecure nightmares. It would help with a lot of grief, but you're so narrowly focused on this one issue as to not see every benefit. And no, you're denying facts. You're saying no egg has ever died of sickness that wasn't view bombing. That simply isn't true.
  6. @Meh If you have no problem then why are you coming after me? If it's never hurt you, why do you even care? I'm not gonna play the altruist- I don't care about other players's troubles if there's already a way to avoid the problem and they won't use it. Eggs can get sick and die without view bombing. You'd have to be pretty neglectful to do it, but they can. Also, try your experiment with a zyu or prize. Certain breeds are more susceptible than others. Also hatcheries were not even the intended way to play this game. I had eggs get sick when I used to play the correct way, as in, on forums. But really, truly, sickness, a core game mechanic, isn't actually going to go anywhere, so this topic is a waste of breath.
  7. Reaffirming support for this. Would make it less tedious and take away any excuse not to use fog.
  8. *shrug* I'm not forcing my ways onto anyone. I'm playing the game just fine with what I have and nobody has ever been able to hurt me. You're the one asking for the site itself to change for you because managing sickness is just too much for you. Adapt. As long as there's a way to prevent it, I see no reason to rewrite the entire system, and make extra work for TJ when he could be doing other things. Also, every time you give these bombers attention, you're incentivising them to do it more. If you protected your stuff, they'd get no more joy out of it. Also there's a big difference between ddosing a hatchery and ddosing the site itself. If TJ notices abnormal amounts of traffic from a certain IP he can block the IP address from accessing the site itself. I've been here since 2009, I've got a lot of issues with this archaic game, but sickness isn't one of them.
  9. You do understand that they add eggs to a hatchery, then they direct a lot of traffic to a hatchery, right? It would be a lot more inconvinient for them if they had to manually add eggs than if they can just put in scroll names and mass add everything. Adding to a hatchery alone isn't doing it, but they attack a hatchery, flooding it with traffic, and then add your eggs.. which they shouldn't be allowed to do, and TJ was considering changing the API to prevent that.
  10. The other day I had some things in for a few hours while I work. Usually if something can hatch/grow that day (within 12-15 hours) I'll put it in during the morning and keep an eye on it via mobile. Nothing of mine ever got sick the day people were saying AoND was being 'view bombed'. I don't consider having high view to uv ratios as bad so long as the uvs aren't extremely high as to be dangerous.
  11. I did think about making it a bsa- isn't that sorta what stunning does from bolt dragons? I mean, we have a bsa to prevent views on hatchings, so I don't see why we don't have that for eggs. This does sound like a good idea though.
  12. I just want to say this- I almost exclusively use AoND and have not noticed anything abnormal happening to my items in it when I have used it both today, and the other day people ware claiming to have been bombed. Are you sure they're not just targeting the discord? Because that's what it seems like to me more than targeting AoND. (beside the point of the whole thread, but I think it's a bit soon to say it's a target on the hatchery)
  13. A toggle option might work, just wondering if that's a thing that would happen. We get very few 'optional' things.
  14. Because I think this is the only thing that's truly broken here. Not only because of sickness, but because it's abusable in other ways. Because eggs and hatchlings in trades can be viewed, they can; -be made sick and be killed -be hatched before they can be influenced -be made to grow up overall ruining trades for people So, I propose that dragons in public trades be unable to gain views, much like fogging. This would apply to both the trade and the offers on the trade. This would not apply to dragons in private trades, as I understand that would affect neglected processes.
  15. No matter what happens, I truly do not want stunting. I don't see why I should be punished by having a whole extra day added to my zyus, etc, just because some people would rather have that than death. Sickness has varying degrees of severity and to lose an entire day, and an incubate, just because something got a little sick is too much of a punishment.
  16. I cannot wrap my head around this. You do not need to hide your scroll to protect yourself. Your adult dragons cannot be killed. Unless you're saying fogging is way too much work for you so you'd rather hide the scroll. And no, if you never unfog a dragon, it cannot be killed. If you leave it unfogged, someone makes it sick, and then you fog it, yeah, it's probably still gonna die. Don't do that. Don't unfog unless you can watch it when you put it in a hatchery. All it takes is a few minutes on mobile to check and see if it's hatched or not so you can refog. I don't use the discord, but I talk on the forums. My scroll is unhidden. I am safe. Trading still need a fix, but everything else on here is just people not wanting to use the tools they already have.
  17. You can take preventative actions. I am doing the equivalent of blaming the victim of a car crash who didn't wear their seat belt. But I've tried to make my point. I see no reason to keep pointing out the obvious here.
  18. Because sickness isn't going to be removed. You need to go for something more realistic. Also no, you don't have to change the look of the scroll.. just putting hatchlings on the 'ward' page, or showing the time left on the 'sort growing things' page would suffice. Breed specific actions already take up an extra line on the 'sort- available for BSA' page, so imagine time there instead. Hide/unhdie all is already something people have been asking for, and changing the API is something TJ has commented positively on. And again, to everyone. I get sick eggs. I get sick eggs trying to hatch zyus and prizes. I have only ever once gotten a sick egg from a view bomber, and that's because I take care of my items. Sickness has a place in 'normal' gameplay, I see it often enough, not being targeted by anyone. I don't see why you want the site to be responsible for what you yourselves should be responsible for.
  19. You could just check yourself. I know that takes longer, but you could. There's also no reason a tool like that has to be hosted on a hatchery site, but I digress. The bottom line is, if you keep your growing things fogged, nobody can mess with you. It becomes impossible for them to hurt you. Keep them fooged. Don't put them in hatcheries at 6 days or 5 days, then fog them after the fact. Keep them fogged. These people will get bored if we stop crying about it and giving them attention. Do we need protection for things in trades? Yes, but that's the only thing I think we need that we don't currently have- and not only because of sickness. You don't have to make something in a trade sick to ruin it by hatching it or making it grow because it's low-time.
  20. I have heard various things about EATW. Something about them having done something not actually allowed by DC outside of the 'viewbombing'. I cannot say for sure, but I do not believe EATW was killed solely by that. And you know why I can believe they were doing something not okay? When I used to put my dragons in there, it could sometimes tell me the genders of ungendered hatchlings. I don't know how, but it wasn't wrong ever.. so something was up, and they probably had access to things they were not allowed to. EATW is just one hatchery out of several other options anyway, and if DC ever gets its own on-site one there will be no need for any of them.
  21. ..what are these social activities of which you speak? Really, I have no clue. Also I don't hide my whole scroll. Look, it's right in my signature. Highlighted groups and all. Also, you could just bookmark the ward page, if it's that big of a hang up for you.. And @ everyone, I already said trading is an issue that needs to be looked at, but it is the only real issue here as far as I can see. Also @tjekan Even if things can't die of sickness anymore, things can still be ddos'd into not being able to be accessed. they could still shut down hatcheries or even DC itself for a few days if they had the resources
  22. They still can't do it if you fog it. I have literally had no problems since I've started fogging things 24/7 so I see no problems with sickness. Literally the only problem that I can understand being a problem is with trading- and not even just sickness with trading, the fact that you can hatch people's eggs that are in trades or make their hatchlings grow.
  23. And this is where the API and the hatcheries need to be changed- nobody but you should be able to add your scroll anywhere- but again if I'm properly monitoring my eggs and not unfogging them or adding them anywhere before 4 days, a personal attack cannot happen. Also the ward page shows all your eggs unfogged, if you really want to see them unfogged. I'd like it if hatchlings could be there too, but I'm not gonna complain. Things only take 6 to 7 days to grow from egg to adult anyway. You can look at in unfogged when it's an adult, or you can freeze it.
  24. You say this like it's not a trend to play terrible games on youtube. People unironically like that sort of garbage. Anyway, on topic.. I still don't get what the thing is people have against fogging. I have more of an issue with having to click-on eggs and hatchlings individually to see how much time they have left. That sort of thing should just be listed all on one page somewhere. The ward menu at least lists the time for all eggs, but not hatchlings. But, you want a solution for sickness, fogging is the solution. Maybe ward should be able to work on hatchlings though. I'm not sure why it can't Really what I would do is -fog/unfog all button -a page showing all times for growing things in one spot -make ward usable on hatchlings -protect items in trades from sickness (I would say make items in trades unable to receive views, but I've been told that messes up neglecteds) I do not support a stunt, I do not support removing the ability to kill altogether. Maybe making it so it takes a few hours for things to die, not a few minutes, but no to 25 hours.
  25. You have to be responsible for your own things. It's not fun, but this is how the game is now, and it is very easy to avoid. I can't help it if you don't want to adapt and use the tools available to you to prevent it. And yes, you should save all the time. Save early, save often. You only have your self to blame if something unexpected happens. I said earlier that something should be done to protect eggs in trades. But I think that is the only thing that should be done with sickness. Not anything else.