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  1. I got Tales of the Abyss for Christmas last year, but I've finally got enough time to play it for hours straight. (Btw, to any who care, I've made a lineage project for the Tales series, and it needs some help getting started...)
  2. 'So clever, whatever, I'm done with these endeavors Alone I'll walk the winding way (here I stay) It's over, no longer, I feel it growing stronger I live to die another day, until I fade away Why give up? Why give in? It's not enough, it never is So I will go on until the end We've become, desolate It's not enough, it never is But I will go on until the end' 'Until the End' - Breaking Benjamin
  3. I was thinking about starting a lineage using dragons by grouping them into 13 different element catagories (though not including every single dragon), while also including roman numerals in the name per generation. Would that in any way infringe on the Fifth Element lineage? (by the way, I want to call the lineage Order of the XIII)
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    04/01/10 - MAYHEM

    Yay, new release. But I'm scroll locked as well. Ah well.